JD Hayworth Leaves KFYI

You have to live in a cave if you haven’t heard by now that conservative talk show host and former congressman JD Hayworth suddenly announced that this evening’s show would be his last with KFYI.

Hayworth, who is one of the biggest named conservatives in Arizona, also signaled that he would be moving back into public service.

For several months, pol watchers have been speculating whether Senator John McCain would finally meet his match in a Republican Primary. This appears to be right around the corner now without Arizona’s most famous conservative spokesman officially announcing the beginning of a campaign.

Should JD make it official, his entry in the race will reflect the mood of voters across the country as a rising insurgency with the distinct feel of a conservative populism.

Hayworth’s possible challenge to McCain will likely pose a political dilemma to Alaska’s former Governor Sarah Palin who is scheduled to stump here in Arizona for McCain in March. Palin’s Facebook and the Twitter world is buzzing with comments and tweets from supporters begging her to reconsider her support for McCain. Here is a sample:

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  1. Republican Lady says

    JD is the man!

  2. And you think JD is the answer to crookedness and tomfoolery that is Washington politics? You are naive, foolish, or simply uninformed.

    Please for just a minute…stop pointing the finger to McCain and speak of your candidate. Speak of his record, please speak of his record. Speak of his ethics, please speak of his ethics. Speak of his spotless campaign filings, please speak of those.

    Then speak to us about your moral high ground with this candidate.

  3. honest abe says

    Ann, These folks are a waste of our time. Let them post to each other, I’ve asked most of my friends to leave this blog, they have. Let these folks have it.

  4. Blue Meanie says

    McCain/Fine, McAmnesty – one unconstitutional the other attacked by everyone in the country. Yet McCain kept pushing. We can’t speak of his ethics, he doesn’t have any. He always moves to the right for the election and then takes a hard left. Talk about “Tom Foolery.” I hope he looses and goes away. He is the Republican Kennedy. It took his death to save us all from Obamacare. These guys get so entrenched and have so much money, they keep buying elections. It would be sad if death takes McCain so Arizona can get back on track. Far better for him to retire gracefully.

  5. Abe and Ann, This is the 10% crowd. I know they think they have this huge, populist following. They are the fundamentalists of the Republican party. I come here when life is boring and I need a good laugh.

  6. Antifederalist says

    So, McLame bashing Scalia, Roberts, and Alito on the Sunday morning programs, eh? THAT ought to endear McLame with the base! McLame and Brewer should make the same wise decision: go quietly into the night.

  7. Wow,

    I just realized that on this and other sites it is the same J.D. Trolls spouting off the same drivel and hurling insults.
    Great way to campaign… Hope everyone has fun eating each other alive instead of making small gains on the larger issues we all agree on.

  8. J.D. Troll says

    Wow – whatever it takes to get rid of McCain! He is a democrat 5 out of 6 years. Getting him out is a large gain and until it’s done this party will not come together.

    A seated Senator that carries his own State by less then 10% in a presidential election needs to go. He is a little Napoleon that, along with his zombies, thinks we should all bow to him. They forget he works for us!

    Are message to him is, Your Fired! We want someone to represent us. The Kennedy analogy is right on! I don’t want him to die, just go away.

  9. John,
    Get real. Have you heard McCain’s ads against J.D.? McCain is the master at destroying Republicans. He would be President if he had gone after Obama with the same force.

  10. Six more years of MCcain is Six more years of the same old politics, putting illegal aliens rights before the Arizona Citizens Rights. Here’s a look at mccains bills….


  11. DeAnn: What does McCains tactics have to do with anything? I am talking about the right as a whole and Just because one guy does it doesn’t mean we should all go scorched earth and burn each other. I am sure most of us have the same agenda and want the same outcomes at the end of the day, therefor i see now reason to beat the hell out of each other on message boards.

  12. This blog is about McCain. The reason things have spun out of control is because of his despicable behavior. Now people seem to want everyone to just shut up and support McCain.

  13. John McCain obviously navigates the world to a tune of different drummmer than most ….as he has experienced life through the lens of helplessness and that of power he struggles for a balance …What some may as interpret as waivering or inconsistence I believe Senator McCain struggles for his principles

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