JD Hayworth formally launches US Senate campaign February 15

JD Hayworth for US Senate

For Immediate Release: Monday, February 8, 2010

PHOENIX, ARIZONA.  FEBRUARY 8, 2010. Conservative J.D. Hayworth will formally launch his Republican primary challenge to 24-year incumbent John McCain from his new campaign headquarters in north Phoenix at 10am on February 15th.

The headquarters is located at 3129 E. Cactus Rd. Suite 31, Phoenix, Arizona 85028.

A new website — www.jdforsenate.com — has debuted in support of the announcement.  More information about Hayworth and his challenge to the moderate McCain will be added to the site throughout the week.

Additional details about the three-day announcement tour will be released in the next several days.

Since leaving his radio talk show to pursue this conservative challenge, Hayworth has already garnered endorsements, donations and grassroots enthusiasm across the state and country.

Vulnerable to the more conservative Hayworth on taxes, social issues and illegal immigration, McCain has resorted to attacking Hayworth on spending, despite Hayworth having a better lifetime rating from Citizens Against Government Waste.

McCain also voted for the $850 billion bailout of the big banks which included $150 billion in pork, proposed a $300 billion bailout for mortgage lenders and, according to the Heritage Foundation, sponsored an amnest bill in 2007 that would have cost taxpayers $2.6 trillion over the long-term.


  1. why are you saying “since leaving his radio talk show to pursue this conservative challenge”? you don’t think that the fec and fcc complaints had something to do with that blowhard conservative stepping down? McCain is our true conservative.

  2. It wouldn’t be fair of us to discuss mccain’s spending, etc. without including JD! in on this one: his support of Bush’s big-government polices included: favoring the sarbanes-oxley Act, the “bridge to nowhere” and a medicare drug benefit that created more than 7 trillion in unfunded liabilities. JD is a one-trick pony.

  3. Hayworth will probably just tax us like crazy to pay off his legal bills from his involvement with that convicted henchman, and with any leftover, he’ll buy himself a nice bottle of booze. jd ’10! no thank you.

    • Daniel = Alyissa = Nick = (Same IP)
      RepublicanSOS = old F-4 guy = Roger (Same IP)
      stephen Kohust = Pseudo DeAnn = Oberserve = honest abe (Same IP)

      Come on you guys, just use your name!

  4. RepublicanSOS says

    Can you spell fear? M-C-C-A-I-N.

  5. I know all you McCain supporters say your not being paid but boy do those posts sure sound like campaing talking points.

  6. Shane, check your stats, I bet “Daniel,” “Alyssa” and “Nick” are all the same person posting from the same IP address. One person tried to post about 10 comments on my website IC Arizona this morning attacking JD Hayworth, trying to use several different fake names, but they were all coming from the same IP address. I don’t bother approving the comments when it’s so transparently fake.

  7. Eric, I think it is kinda funny you are worried about some of the posts??? What is your deal, does the truth hurt to hear? Are you friends with JD?? B/C for some of us here in AZ, we care enough about our state to care about the yahoo who is running against McCain-

  8. Stephen Kohut says

    John McCain = Arlan Specter. At least Arlan was honest enough to finally switch parties. McCain’s getting on his conservative costume for 6 months every 6 years has gotten just a little old. He must think we have Alzheimers and can’t remember his pro amnesty, pro cap and tax, pro limiting our first amendment right stances. We’ll have to get McCain out in the primary and put the stake through that RINO’s heart.

  9. Go JD Go!!
    I have voted for McCain for last 24 years. I will never vote for him anymore! He is NOT a conservative! His bail-out vote or amnesty scam alone does it for me. Time for change!!
    Go JD Go!! You will win!!!

  10. Iris Lynch says

    The conservative Republicans who do not necessarily spend a lot of time blogging, i. .e those who go OUT to political meetings, lunches and dinners are ALL enthusiastic about JD. Perhaps it would be clever for the next pollster to poll potential Republican primary voters and skip the others who have no vote..just a lot of SAY.

  11. I’ve gone back and forth with who to support in this senate race. I have finally make up my mind, I will be supporting JD in this race.

    Not because I believe that Senator McCain is a evil or bad person that Rob Hanney makes him out to be but because I believe that it is time for a change.

    Senator McCain had his turn in the Senate along with the others of his age. What have we gotten? More debt that my children will have to pay off, a larger and more blotted government, an invasion on borders, and the loss of freedoms.

    Those in DC have forgotten that they are there to protect our freedoms and that their power is limited by the constitution.

    The only time they remember us is when it is election time. So I vote for change!

    I vote for JD

  12. Pragmatic Conservative says

    Which Candidate can get the middle of the road Indepedent vote they need for a strongly contested general election? It is unthinkable we would shoot ourselves in the foot and allow a Democrat to be elected Senator. Can you just imagine the TV adds the service workers union will now be allowed to run against JD?

  13. old F-4 guy says

    McCain has damaged this state almost as much as he damaged the planes he tried to fly. I don’t want to diminish his commitment to defending this country, but we retired the
    F-4’s a long time ago. They were good in their day but now belong to a bygone era and and so does McCain. Likewise, he needs to be retired.

    Most people I know did not vote for him, rather they voted against his opponent. JD is finally someone we can vote FOR.

  14. Angela, I am not worried about the posts because they are straight talking points. JD is not a perfect candidate, there is no such thing as a perfect candidate, but he is a vast improvement over John McCain. There are parts of the country where a Republican who votes with his party 75% of the time is acceptable, but Arizona is not one of the places. John McCain opposes conservatism almost as much as he supports it and for that reason alone he should be voted out. We need a conservative who stands by his principles. Now I am not comparing JD to Barry Goldwater, but you know Mr. Conservative himself brought home money through “earmarks”. For John McCain to grand stand on earmarks and pork barrel spending, but then sponsor McCain-Kennedy with an estimated cost of $2.6 trillion is not standing on conservative principles. Plain and simple John McCain is not a conservative and Arizonans deserve better.

  15. Hmmm, a conservative who stands by his principals…not sure which McCain you watch, but the one I watch on TV and read about is the one who is standing up to this crazy president and using his voice to stand up to him and voice his feelings on the president being so misguided in terms of economy and security…two things that are very, very important to my husband and myself as we are raising young children. I believe we are more then blessed to be represented by John McCain.

  16. McCain doesn’t represent Arizona. He represents himself and always has. You McCain supporters like polls so much. What do you think about the one showing most Arizonans think he is out of touch?

  17. Stephen Kohut says


    McCain is about as spineless as they come. For all the chest thumping he has tried to do as THE MAN put in charge of fighting healthcare he did not, repeat did not, do a fraction of what could have been done to derail healthcare and delay any vote. If you doubt that then google Sen. Gregg’s “Minority Rights” memo date 12/1/09 and read it.

    McCain is for McCain. That’s it. He could care less about conservative values. He could care less about the people of this state. That is his seat and he acts like hereditary nobility. I don’t watch what McCain does on TV. I watch what he does. What legislation he supports nd helps pass. What legislation he EFFECTIVELY opposes. I pay no attention to his lips. I pay attention to his deeds and his deed stink. You could swap out Napolitano for McCain in the Senate and not see a wit of difference.

  18. stephen Kohust says

    I know McCain will beat JD but that’s ok, at least JD tried.

  19. Stephen Kohut says


    Looks like we got people playing games posting using other peoples names again and the one using mine can’t even type. I knew RINO’s were slow but even I do better than that doing hunt and peck on the keyboard.

  20. honest abe says

    DSW, I wrote to you weeks ago when someone starting using my name, honest abe. You never responded. Now,you want everyone to use their name? Next time, take care of the problem.

  21. DSW:
    I wish you could tell us if the person stealing identities is on McCain’s payroll. If so, I think that is newsworthy. Even if they aren’t it is dirty politics and should stop. At some point their IP should be blocked.

  22. JD i will be there with my boots on!

  23. McCain is standing up to Obama I’ll give you that, but it’s his obligation seeing as it’s his fault he’s president. Had McCain fought half as hard against Obama as he is against JD he would be president today.

  24. honest abe,

    You are correct, there has been some “identity theft” going on at Sonoran Alliance. I’m trying to head it off by checking IP addresses. Hopefully, everyone will get the message that they need to use their real pseudonym and not use multiple identities or those of other commenters.

  25. honest abe and DSW , there you go again…i always get a kick out of you all being so concerned about what everyone is saying…is a blog not about just a place for us to voice our personal opinion and facts that may have gotten us to our own decision. and if people like me have to read points about ip addresses, keep that to yourselves, it is a waste of my time, I enjoy what everyone has to say and why…not about your constant concern over ip addresses.,,let us read! and respond in a normal debate type format

  26. I will not vote for John McCain. Him and his ilk have done great harm to the cause of conservatism by attempting to transform the Republican Party into a 2nd progressive party. Even if a Dem wins that seat, and Hayworth would still be heavily favored, it would be addition by subtraction. Ask a Pennsylvanian that was duped by George Bush & Rick Santorum to keep Arlen Specter around.

  27. Angela,
    Get real. It is not cool to have someone take your name and say ridiculous things you wouldn’t say. It is dishonest and childish. We need to know who is doing this. If it happens to be McCain’s paid staff, it should be made known.

  28. Aerospace jobs flying out of the state while McCain and Kyle did nothing. It is definetly time to remove both of them.

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