JD Hayworth for US Senate?

RasPolThis should come as no surprise and I’m willing to bet it’s fueling many a behind-the-scenes discussion on the US Senate race here in Arizona.

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, JD. Hayworth is within two percentage points of John McCain and JD isn’t even running, yet.

One person who could control the dynamics of the US Senate race is former Minuteman, Chris Simcox who is currently polling at four percent. If Simcox were to bow out, and JD decides to get in the race, McCain would be in big trouble. (I’ve been saying for months that John McCain was vulnerable!)

If you listen to JD’s show (at KFYI-550) on a daily basis, you’ll know that JD has been coy lately over his intentions. But I’m willing to bet that he’s going to get real serious in a hurry after seeing these results. We can also assume that Simcox has already being approached and asked to bow out.

This could be the next big shakeup here in Arizona but don’t be surprised to see two other high profile races see a shakeup in the weeks ahead.


  1. This is a great information string. Except you have forgotten one thing. The only person with enough signatures to be on the ballot and challenge John McCain is me.

    http://www.deakinvsmccain.com or http://www.jimdeakin.com

    I have more signatures than money. So what. How long are we going to allow our elections to be purchased by the highest bidder. How many more elections does George Soros control? I say enough.

    I will win this election. Our Government works for us, we do not work for George Soros, the Federal Reserve, AIG, Goldman Sachs, or the United Nations.

    We are Americans. We are the best because we are FREE. Freedom is a gift from God, not a benefit of Government.

    Jim Deakin
    The Candidate for US Senate

  2. So DeeDee you expect us to believe an entire state “turned blue” because one of their seven congressmen took a hard line on illegal immigration? Like many other states, Colorado went blue over dissatisfaction with the Bush Administration’s mishandling the War on Terror and the economic weakness. You’re overly simplistic arguments carry little weight.

  3. I go out of town and something great like this happen, i need to go out of town more. Go JD you can beat McShame!

  4. Please don’t run JD! It’s not your time

  5. JD has my vote if he runs. I do like John McCain but the immigration issue is very important to me. I dont think another amnesty is the answer( it didnt work last time it just made illegal immigration more attractive)and I dont think people from Mexico should have any more access to America than anyone else in the world.JD is more conservative than McCain historically. I would rather see McCain in congress. JD in the Senate.

  6. Time for the BigMac to go. He has been in the Senate for far too long. Before taking the VP job, only Joe Biden has been in the senate longer. We need a new face with fresh view. Bye-bye John.

  7. JD……consider a run you will make it and we need you very badly………

  8. he whitney says

    John McCain should fold his tent, and leave.

    Hayworth is a confirmed conservative and his record will stand against McCain’s.

    McCain is a progressive, corporate rino, and his support, and sponsorship of, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, proves he’s not in touch with the Arizona taxpayer/voter. He votes regularly to augment the military/industrial cartel that controls US foreign policy.

    McCain never had a civilian job.
    He was born into a military family, in a military hospital. He was raised on military bases and surrounding communities. He went to the US Naval Academy, and while achieving little success in school, went on to pilots training in the Navy.

    His being accepted into pilots training proves his “connections”(his dad was an admiral) were more important than his abilities(school success).

    He was shot sown in Viet Nam and spent time in a Vietnamese prison, as a POW.

    He retired from the Navy and, like so many others, moved to Arizona and as a “carpetbagger”, sought and won election to congress.

    He, when the opportunity evolved, ran for, and won, election to the senate where he has served much too long.

    McCain voted for the trillions of dollars of money eventually printed by Obama, to bail out his corproate cronies.

    McCain thinks money comes monthly in the mailbox !

    His lack of real experience in life should exclude him from public office. His suckling, lifelong at the government teat, has mislead him into believing the government is the mother of us all.

    Hayworth will defeat McCain, and it will not be close.

    It makes my heart ache to read that Palin actually supports McCain after he damned her with faint praise post his loss to Obama.

  9. Well…., things may change for Senator McCain now since his wife came out against the Marriage Amendment in California. I saw JD in Phoenix at a Republican meeting and there were a great deal of individuals who cheered him on, but his supporters need to learn to have a little more respect, when Senator McCain is speaking before a group. After all he is a seating Senator, whether they agree with him or not. Enthusiam is great, but this was just a bit much. I still was impressed with JD. He is conserative, bright, a great speaker and seems to have “fire in the belly.

  10. McCain is a democrat who is posing as a republican.

  11. Where can someone contribute to the JD Hayworth campaign? I’m a conservative Republican and am tired of the McCain shenanigans. Let’s not forget in 2000 that he contemplated switching parties so the Dem’s would have a majority in the US Senate. I think this is a real anti-incumbent year and JD winning the primary would keep the seat Republican. The Dem’s will fight hard against McCain – don’t be fooled.

  12. I live in Missouri and am a Conservative it was tough to vote for McCain in the general election because obviously he is not a conservative. I am so disappointed that Sarah Palin would come and stump for him for re-election. I think it will hurt her credibitlty as a “say what you mean and mean what you say person” and emailed her the same. I have sent two emails to McCain thanking him for his service and asking him to retire as it is time. We supported Scott Brown financially and will support JD Hayworth to once he commits, in addition to Kirk, and Rubio. I believe in pro life and am not happy about Brown’s position on this one issue however, Roe vs. Wade dictated the law of the land it is highly unlikely this law will get changed.

  13. Carole McDonald says

    JD Hayworth could win handily if he were to run. We are so disgusted with the McCain-progressive agenda here in AZ.
    Every election cycle he runs straight back to the middle, but we all know he will not help us with our immigration woes.
    Now he very cunningly wooed Palin to his corner and with her the TEA Party.
    In AZ, Independents cannot vote in the Primary, so if he consents to run he will need all of them to re-register as dems or reps. And really stress this. we need McCain OUT ! !
    RUN JD WE NEED YOU ! ! !

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