JD Hayworth for US Senate 2010 Campaign Website Debuts!

JD Hayworth for US Senate

In case you missed the debut of JD Hayworth’s official campaign website, we have the link right here (www.JDforSenate.com). The site went public yesterday and already, we’re being told the traffic is high.

You can also visit his Twitter page and Facebook fan page.


  1. Cactus Jack says

    J.D., you should be sure to include all the earmarks and tax increases you voted for, all the lobbyist money you took as well as the payments you made to family members while in Congress on your new website.

  2. Right Cactus Jack. JD – where do you have it listed that you were such a popular and wonderful congressman that the congressional staff once voted you the dumbest member of Congress? Didn’t see that on your new site!

    JD as in incumbent lost a bullet proof Republican district back in 2006. I wonder why?!?!?

  3. Speaking of ratings, here is how the American Conservative Union rated both JD Hayworth and John McCain:
    JD Hayworth vs John McCain - ACU Ratings

  4. Rob,

    Would you say that the same political environment and conditions that existed in 2006 also exist in 2010? Please tell me what you think the Independents in Arizona are going to do in 2010?

  5. MaskedTruthman says

    Has JD ever climbed into bed with a Democrat to give birth to an unconstitutional restriction on free speech?

  6. Cactus jack,

    Why doesn’t mccain list all his lobbyist cash over his career as well. Currently on his FEC report only 30% of his cash is individual contributions…

  7. alicia gegner says

    Everybody who knows the DC process from the inside knows that Reps are sometimes forced to sign off on bills that contain a laundry list of things. Nobody can be exempt from compromise, so you have to examine core-value issues. This is where JD shines, and McCain is corrosive.

    Look at McCain on when it comes to law & order- illegals are lawbreakers, but McCain cannot bring himself to oppose them with any clarity or vigor. Is it because the hospitality industry and growers want cheap, exploitable labor? We have created indentured servants and an underpaid, underclass. That is cruelty.
    The other side of the coin is that among the workers is a large number of people whose culture is criminally based. No matter how much we can wish it were not so, it just is.

    Phoenix is now the kidnapping capital of the U.S. – gee, how great is that!

    when it comes to 50 foot walls and 51 foot ladders, can you imgine how easy it would be to catch people dragging 51 foot ladders through the desert? no brainer.

    amnesty in the 80s brought millions of illegals into our country- today they compete for jobs in a nation suffering 10% unemployment and 17% real unemployment
    look waht has happened to our hospitals the ones that had to close and those that struggle to remain open with four hour ER waits. That is courtesy of McCain policy.

    this is not the McCain seat– and the people of AZ will decide who becomes the next Senator from Arizona. It should be JD. Fresh air for us. John needs a vacation.

  8. You gotta give McCain credit for balls. He supported TARP and has the nerve to talk about JD spending?

    Let me try to bottom line this so even McCain and his apostles can understand. Conservative are fed up with McCain and will not support him. The grassroots want him out. He wasn’t smart enough to retire himself so it’s up to us.

  9. What country would John McCain bomb?
    What country would John David Hayworth bomb?

    What difference is there?


  10. J.D. Hayworth’s website was done by a Maryland company and a Pennsylvania company.

    What, he’s too good to hire an Arizona firm?

  11. Antifederalist says

    McLame also has balls for trying to “close the gun show loophole” then buying a booth at the recent Crossroads of the West gun show. Lucky for the staff that the firearms on the fairgrounds were all rendered inoperable. 😉

    Hearing all those McLame ads on the radio makes me think of one thing: Henry Rollins’ song lyrics, “`cause you’re a liar! LIAR!” Time to say goodnight, McLame.

  12. J.D. Hayworth’s website was done by a Maryland company and a Pennsylvania company.

    Really? Well, whoever did Hayworth’s site also did Jonathan Paton’s.

    See for yourself.

  13. @alicia gegner, thanks for saying it first! If it were simply John McCain’s indifference to the negative impact of illegal immigration in Arizona, we would have reason enough to oppose suffering one more term with him. However, his political record is schizophrenic, his staff is either rude or unresponsive, and his 2010 campaign is far nastier and more vigorous against Hayworth than it ever was against Obama. Not only that, you have to wonder why his wife and daughter chose to brandish his base as “haters” in an election year. The McCains are all-over the map; let’s try to get down the aisle for once, all that crossing the aisle is dizzying.

  14. Foghorn Leghorn does not have much of a website. Any traffic to it will not be repeat traffic. The site is empty, just like Foghorn Leghorn.

  15. “J.D. Hayworth’s website was done by a Maryland company and a Pennsylvania company.”

    Well, I already knew that he wasn’t all that into the economy – but, really?! Not even supporting the LOCAL economy! Shame on JD.

    But, then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was because no one in AZ would even want to work with him/design his website.

  16. JD has a rocky road ahead of him, and I get the feeling it’s only going to get worse. He just not Senate material, and I think in the coming months, it will become even more apparent, if it isn’t already. I mean, he was voted as one of the biggest blowhards during his term in Congress… Not exactly the kind of man I want representing me..

  17. You post about JD a lot… I’m starting to think there’s some sort of monetary compensation going on here…

    I know JD’s default is to be a lawbreaker/shadester, but you’re supposed to notify your audience if you’re being paid to post things.

  18. Yeah, I agree with Tim Bauer… Why didn’t he use a local company? Someone should do a little investigative journalism…

    And on that note, I’d like to see posts that are a little more balanced. I already knew that JD LOVED talking about himself, but even if you are a fan of his, switch it up a bit. I’m SICK of hearing of that blowhard!

  19. Great question Drew? How much is JD or should I say Jason Rose paying you Shane?

  20. All these attacks just keep on proving that McCains people are scared as hell of JD. If you guys thought things were going to be so hard for him and he had no chance why would you guys be on here posting?

    None of these new people were on when it was only Simcox and Deakin in the race.

  21. You know, everyone accusing DSW of taking money/compensation for these Hayworth posts needs to check themselves lest they wreck themselves (as the saying goes). It’s a private blog, and DSW’s allowed to have an opinion and express his opinions how he sees fit.

    TonyGOPrano, is McCain paying you for the free publicity/support you’re giving him at Politico Mafioso (aka “Home of the Welshed Bet”)?

    As for me, I’m just thrilled to see this “Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus”-esque battle take place. Pass popcorn.

  22. Arizona Ranger says


    It is time to put an old and tired warhorse out to pasture-McCain needs to go! He has done Arizona much good service and has helped out country-but his time and attitude are over!

    JD has some “skeletons in his closet”, just like all of the rest of us do! But his core values, as well as his invaluable experience in Washinton, constitute the kind of Senator our state (as well as the country) desparately needs.

    The sunday rag contained a superb article on why we need a person to stop the continuing flood of illegals from Mexico. The drug cartels are taking over and that country is on the verge of chaos! Now do you want Mr Milktoast to stay in Washington or do you want someone with real “fire in his belly” to spearhead the badly needed “War on Illegals” that is long overdue. A really, really big problem is right on our doorstep. When the Mexican government loses control (in spite of 5 Billiion US Dollars in aid), just how massive will the exodus be out of that country? And just where might they want to go?

    We need someone with integrity, courage, experience, and guts to make some hard but necessary decisions at an extremely crucial turning point in our history.

    Now, more than ever, we need JD HAYWORT! Let us all get behind him, support him, and pray that he will be the type of leader our state and our country needs. The many challenges we face demand a man who can meet and solve them. I am convinced that JD is that man!

  23. All the smoke-blowing from McCain liberals about JDs web developer is juvenile. Snarl and bite, so typical of what we can expect from the McCain camp. These attacks are the same breed of commentary we saw coming from MSM and the Obama campaign…hmmm. There is no convincing anyone that another McCain term is good for Arizona…quite the opposite is true.

  24. Sorry Klute NOT A DIME. Nice try moron!

  25. Pingponglee says

    McCain has served us well for some time in congress,but in recent years he has reached across the aisle way too much and made too many concessions. Also, after 24 years, it’s time for someone else to go to the Senate.

    As for JD, say what you want,he was NEVER charged for any wrong doing re: the Abramov connection and he had to spend thousands of dollars to clear his name.
    True, he can be pushing the envelope too much at times but I believe that he has done more good than bad as a Congressman and he is a real conservative, not a rino and that’s what counts.
    I amd already fed up with the ad hominems, calling him a moron and other names is not a sign of intelligence and knowledge of the facts, so please stick to the issues, and keep the personal attacks off limits, please.

  26. “Sorry Klute NOT A DIME. Nice try moron!”

    That’s my point. You give McCain free ad time on your blog constantly (I’ll go so far as to say your so far up McCain’s ass you need to start paying property taxes). No one’s challenging your ethics – and yet you come on here, and suggesting Shane is getting paid, suggesting a quid pro quo.

    I think you owe DSW an apology.

  27. Pingponglee, You are right, JD had to spend HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, actually, he has not even spent it yet b/c he STILL has those legal bills over his head. His meetings at Abramoffs sports suites and dining at Signatures rest. are surely a sign that JD had no wrong doing. Thank you for clairifing that for us.

  28. Trivial comments are a sure sign of the evil hand of the loser Sid McCain being involved in the life of the poster.

    Of course that i just one man’s opinion.

    Sid is now sponsoring a bill which would prevent anyone from buying vitamins and other similar non prescription medications. Stuff that Grandma used successfully and are still being used in this ‘modern’ world.

    Looks like a payback to BIG PHARMA for their support of the McCain role in the Congress.

    For Sid ‘the loser’ remember he is responsible for the election of BO and his thugs. Sid could have won but he constantly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory . For example, he refused to campaign in Michigan. In fact he rebuked Palin for telling the press she wanted to go there and carry the message.

    And he is not a loyal person. He is a miserable man and probably haunted by his mix up with Keating, for supposedly calling his wife by a very inappropriate name, for crossing the aisle to be the Manchurian Candidate. He has regularly consorted with the opposition. Look for his name on bills with Lieberman, Kennedy, Feingold and other well known liberals.

    Crossing the aisle is only fun for the loser Sid. He has not represented Arizona’s wishes for several years. It might be a good thing if this cretin would risgn give the Governor a shot at appointing a real CONSERVATIVE and then Sid could give his ‘war chest’ to charity.

    Just one man’s opinion.

  29. running bear says

    This worthlesspolitician that has done nothing but sell out his state and country while being in washington is the problem in our country and why its in this mess.we need to vote him out and we do need to find another canidate besides hayworth to run against him.we dont need any career politicians we need common ordinary citizens that respect our country and Constitution.Can some body please run any body will do and we will support you as long as you run on true conservatism.Maverick he isn’t,sell out and flip flopper true liberal yes!

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  34. Mr. H. Arizona’s new law against illegals is great. I was going to San F. for a few days; now i’m boycotting them. We were going to Disneyland with the granddaughter and family but it is to close to L.A. so that’s off also. So now it’s off to Reno and Oregon to spend our cash. Grand Canyon this fall. What we need is to stop all immigration from anywhere; there are enough of us in U.S. now. Calif. my state is set to increase it’s pop. by 20mil. in 30 yrs. what a disaster that will be. One or 2 mill. more will even be to many. Not enough H2O,02,& land for more people. I wish we could stop people from moving here. The owners of most of the land in Calif. would like to see L.A. and San F. float away. Yeah to u and all legal Arizonan’s. Thank You Gary and family. Sutter, Calif.

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