JD Hayworth 2010 Releases First TV/Web Ad

Conservative Challenger Launches First TV/Web Ad Of Republican Primary Battle

PHOENIX, ARIZONA. FEBRUARY 17, 2010. Anyone attending events launching J.D. Hayworth’s conservative challenge to 24-year incumbent John McCain can tell the difference. Hayworth’s crowds are passionate, enthusiastic and full of Tea Party patriots. McCain’s crowds are subdued.

And that conservative enthusiasm is celebrated in the Hayworth campaign’s first advertisement – “Freedom’s Fire.”

McCain is vulnerable to the more conservative Hayworth on taxes, pro-life and pro-family issues as well as illegal immigration. Hayworth also has a better lifetime rating from Citizens Against Government Waste than the 28-year member of Congress.

McCain voted for the $850 billion bailout of the big banks which included $150 billion in pork, proposed a $300 billion bailout for mortgage lenders and, according to the Heritage Foundation, sponsored an amnesty bill that would have cost taxpayers $2.6 trillion over the long-term.

For more information or to donate to Hayworth’s campaign, please go to www.JDforSenate.com.


  1. JD Hayworth thinks that being in favor of spending at a level 1% than John McCain is something to trumpet.

    I won’t be impressed until Hayworth can tell us what government spending he is going to eliminate.

  2. The McCain campaign will not have to waste any resources on fact checking on this ad. There is nothing there to check.

    This is not a game. It is not a sport. This is a solid Republican seat held by a senior member of Congress who has lead many a fight for conservativism and now he must spend resources when he should not have to.

    Raise issues, raise the conservative flag, but don’t waste Republican resources by getting in a campaign for sport.

  3. This Senate race not a waste of Republican resources. It is a race about conservatism. It is about who can best represent our values and beliefs, and do so consistently.

    Sometimes when you have been in Washington a long time, you lose touch with the people who elected you. The people of Arizona remember the past votes of McCain… especially those that made us extremely angry. And we don’t forget.

    This is why this challenge is a very good thing. It is good for our party, and good for our state as well.

  4. Groan. An Ali/Frazier reference?

  5. Thane Eichenauer,

    The reason JD trumpets this is McCain ran an ad saying he is the who has a better record on spending and thats just not true… Now 1% might be small but just like every other ad McCain has had so far its not true

  6. McCain is a progresive,what is a progresive ?? A liberal thats gotten progresivly worse.We no longer need his lack of leadership. Arizona needs someone who will stand up to what is bankrupting this state and thats illegal imagration. In other words he favors bankrupting our state. Its real easy to understand, he just doesnt get it,because hes a bleeding heart liberal, pandering to all sides to stay in control where the power and money is.He is a pathetic leader and his Presidential campaign proved that.Please, help Fire this Man. Liberals only give a damn about themselves. Liberals dont belong in the Republican party, he should be true to his beleifs and run as a Democrat. Guttless leadership has led this country to where it is now, do we really need more of the same B.S. !!! He has done and will continue to do this state and our country a disservice. Get rid of this clown. Time to fire all who are involved and put in new people and if they dont do there job, fire them too.

  7. Somehow I have a feeling that we will not be seeing McCain at CPAC this week…

  8. John McCain’s best days are behind him. He has nothing more to add value to the US Senate and most people believe it’s time for him to come home. He can do this the easy way – by announcing retirement – or, he can do this the hard way by staying in the race and burning through millions of dollars trying to redefine himself as a “conservative.” We are entering a new era of politics in Arizona where younger more energetic candidates are coming into the political arena at all levels.

  9. Hey Travis:

    What fights has McCain “led for conservatism”?

    1. McCain/Feingold ?

    2. McCain/Kennedy?

    3. The “Gang of Fourteen” to sidetrack Conservative Federal Judicial appointments?

    4. “Cap n’Trade” legislation?

    5. Embryonic Stem Cell Research?

    Please specify!

    I’m all ears!

  10. Carlist,
    You are so pathetic. Embryonic Stem Cell. Yaeh, that will scare every nut job, of course.
    Come up with something tangible. McCain/Feingold is no longer an issue for the voters, except for the wackadudles from the Wackyderm Coalition.
    McCain/Kennedy as you term it is no longer an issue. The Hispanics that came here to do the work the Natural Born Citizen did not want to do are gone as a result of the recession. The few jobs left that don’t need doing can be amply filled by our own, the rest will stay at AHHHCS or early disability or post traumatic syndrome or whatever it’s called. Gawd bless the American form of Socialism.
    If you absolutely want to come down on the Senator, name something you could have done better and show proof.
    If you can’t, then stick with the typical under-performers of the Wackyderm Coalition and keep your trap shut.

  11. Republican Lady says

    Well, it’s interesting to see that the McCainites can only call names! It’s a fact, folks, McCain is a liberal. He should be running as an independent because he sure is not a Republican!He is a progressive just like Hillary, her husband and Obama! He believes in global warming for heavens sake! Everyone knows that’s a scam!Every time McCain goes across the aisle he gets in trouble!

  12. Stephen Kohut says


    Are you the offical spokesman for “Nudists for McRINO” or are you too busy giving character references for pedophiles that show up at Shangra La Ranch?

    You endorsement of McRINO certainly adds gravitas to his campaign. With backers like you who needs challengers.

  13. Carlist,

    Thanks for pointing out my misspelling…arg.

    To the point – McCain’s decades in the congress has produced a score you seem to accept that is only 1 point lower than a man who served only a fraction of the time.

    A legislator who actually does something will, by necessity, work with those he does not always agree with and make compromises to get things done – or at least mitigate the damage.

    The problem with going “tit-for-tat” on votes, issues, and quotes is that it is endless and useless when the differences are so minor. JD & McCain are both Republicans who would represent our state well. However, – and this is a BIG however, McCain has more experience, more clout, more support (on both sides of the aisle), more money, and more votes than JD.

    I am not in denial about the complaints about all the things you’ve listed, but I also know how one gets elected in this state. McCain is a great candidate, a great leader and worthy of our support. I intend to give it to him, without apology.

  14. Et tu, Fred Thompson.



    Why are you incapable of understanding this?

  15. To further re-enforce that, look at Espresso Pundit’s hitjob on Jesse Kelly the other day. Expect more of that as the situation develops.

  16. DonnaStylez says

    McCain’s crowds are subdued? I’ve been to a couple of McCain events lately and the crowds seem pretty fired up to me. I’d hardley call the small gatherings of supporters for Hayworth “crowds”.

  17. Donna – you will when they hit the voting booth.

  18. Horst:

    If McCain/Feingold was not a problem why did the G.O.P. complain about it from the top down.

    As a matter of fact, the party was doing handstands after the Supreme Court decison eviscarating a couple of weeks ago.

    Embryonic stell cell research might not rise high on your moral thermometer but it certainly displeases a considerable part of the poputlation which in turn is part of the Republican coalition and to whom McCain gives “lip service” when running for re-election.

    As to illegal departures, you can take yourself to any resort, restaurant, fast food establishment and Emergency Room to verify that a rather large contingent exists. As a matter of fact, we could shut down the hotel/tourist business tomorrow if emigration law was enforced!

    Travis: McCain brought up the issue of Hayworth’s spending and it turns out that at best the issue is a wash for the coming campaign.

    McCain did most of his damage with a White House, Senate and Congress under GOP control. He CAUSED the damage! Mitigation was unneccesary.

    I might also add that working “with” across the aisle is somewhat different than working “for” the other side.

    This, in order to be accepted by the Mainstream Media and liberal moneyed interests Mc Cain has done with a vengeance over the past quarter century!

    As a matter of fact, the major legislation which carries his name has been a detriment to both his party and country. That’s why he’s now being called to political account.

    Perhaps he should, after losing the primary, take the “Arlen Spector” path and regain a smidgeon of intellectual and political honesty!

    And Horst, there’s no need to worry. The pachyderms will trample the RINOs this August.

  19. Well Mole, if the embarrassing results of Hayworth’s money bomb are any indication…probably not.

  20. Stephen Kohut says

    McRINO no showed at the Pinal Lincoln Lunch today. There was one lonely gal trying to get signatures for him. She was not having a good day. Jim Deakin was there and he was well received and warmly welcomed by a good number of the PC’s.

  21. Robert Bartlett says

    Mc Cain’s sponsorship of a Bill requiring FDA approval of all Vitamins and Supplements should become a campaign issue.

    He has given the Special Interest Group definition a new meaning.

    It is now certain that the most important “Special Interest Group ” is a “Sitting Congressman or Senator ” (AKA INCUMBENT).

    Isn’t the Mc Cain Family rich enough? Or, is it that Mc Cain is constantly looking for another piece of politically significant legislation to make him historically significant ?? Where will his Libasry be located ??? That seems to be his only interest!

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