Jason LeVecke First to Admit

The East Valley Tribune is reporting that fast-food chain owner, Jason LeVecke, is the first to reveal he is one of the financial backers of the independent expenditure committee, Mesa Deserves Better. In an earlier post, SA helped break the story of the hit piece on Russell Pearce and a 28-year-old divorce filing that never went through.

With this revelation, it appears that Nathan Sproul’s committee has begun to do damage control before next week’s campaign financial reports reveal the entire list of donors. LeVecke owns Carl’s Jr’s and Pizza Patron across Phoenix.

Sonoran Alliance has also learned that Sproul’s “Mesa Deserves Better”¬† will drop more hit pieces on Pearce in an effort to further smear him with more frivolous charges.


  1. Renterjoe says

    There is one than one way to sink a cat like LeVecke.

    Stop using his stores and call the health department if you see a violation, even if it is a small one.

    The same with McDonalds

  2. Remember that PIZZA PATRON was the outfit that wanted to have customers pay in pesos. I haven’t bought from them since. This is where the rubber meets the road in terms of people believing that the almighty dollar is more valuable than the state of affairs in their own country. Truly sad.

  3. TheUsualSuspects says

    Do you guys hate brown people so much that you’re willing to overlook Pearce hanging out with a neoNazi? The New Times has the new flyer up.


    How bout the fact Pearce choked his wife? That doc was sworn to, notarized. She said he hit her “from time to time.” Nope, doesn’t bother you. How about Pearce saying the lawyer made it up, even though the lawyer doesn’t know Pearce from Adam, and is now a judge? Don’t care, do you?

    The reason you don’t care is because Pearce hates brown people, and you do too. If you really think that’s what the Republican Party is all about, you’re wrong, and Sproul really has your number.

    If Pearce was caught with a crack pipe and a $10 hooker, you’d claim he’d been set up.

    What a joke.

  4. If Lavecke and MacGruder are really honest businessmen, why are they so adamantly and vehemently opposed to a law that levels the playing field for all employers by requiring them to employ only legal residents? Methinks they dost protest too much.

  5. Leroy in CG says

    If you’re going to tell the story, keep the facts straight. LuAnne says the lawyer put that information in the filing without her knowledge, not Russell.

    If I’m not mistaken, the alleged events occurred in the same year that Senor Juan dumped his disabled wife who stood by him during his visit to Hanoi. Conservatives here do not continue to throw that around like it happened yesterday. Maybe we should all relive that sordid tail.

    Also, the Chairman of the Committee that is spreading this trash has had criminal investigations over his business practices from “sea to shining sea.”

    If I were Russell, I would spend the rest of my campaign money telling the story of those who are trying to destroy me.

    Of course, the difference is they don’t care what people think of them as long as the $$$$$$ keeps rolling in (on the backs of illegals paid sub-standard wages).

  6. Kralmajales says

    Yeah…on LuAnne…just to let you know, it is very very common for the abused to not tell the truth about the abuse because it might harm them in their relationship…and lead to further abuse. Not sure if this is the situation here, but it IS why GOP supported and passed policies to mandatorily arrest and prosecture individuals for domestic violence. The concern of those who care about family violence is that the victims must always go back home to the abuser.

  7. Employers oppeose the original sanction bill because its final construction ignored sound legal advice that would give good actors safe haven from false and malicious accusations. The bill makes employers guilty until proven innocent.

  8. Yeah, the news blackout from Espresso Pundit and here on the Neo-Nazi flier is obvious (emphatically NOT implying fraternity to JT Ready and his ilk here or at EP).

    Can and will Russell Pearce address this?

  9. We Hold These Truths says

    Maybe its time to picket some Carl’s Jr. restaurants.

  10. Uhh . . . Pizza Patron ALLOWS people to pay in pesos, it doesn’t “want to have people pay in pesos”.

    In fact, doing so probably costs them a little bit of profit in time and exchange rates, etc. I am a die hard conservative, anti-illegal as anyone I’ve ever met, and when the Pizza Patron/Peso issue blew up acouple years ago, I couldn’t understand it AT ALL.

    I’ve paid in US Dollars in several other countries, including Mexico and Canada, UK, and France. What is the problem if a store wants to take on the extra effort of accepting a foriegn currency.


    LaVecke is a certainly a disgusting human being, though. He presents himself as some sort of champion of freedom and liberty, but he is just cashing on the quasi-slave labor that illegals provide for him.

  11. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but then I realized that the people who take American dollars are catering to tourists, rather than illegals. It’s just one more baby step down the slippery slope we are on, now that we’ve abandoned the idea of assimilation.

    By the way, do you think these guys know the difference between a real peso and a counterfeit one? It may be fun to find out–and perfectly legal too, since no law enforcement agency would have jurisdiction over this. They may as well be accepting Monopoly money. Am I right?

  12. Kral,

    Even in the DeSimone case there has to be some corroborating evidence – cut lip, bruises, something – to demonstrate domestic violence. I have known the supposed victim for almost twenty years and have never seen her with a bruise of any type. I have seen her in small settings, at picnics, social events and political events and had the absolute pleasure to talk with her many times. Victims do not interact with the inner joy and warmth that she demonstrates at all times – unless you are attacking her family. This personal attack by the perpetrators of serial law violations in order to make more money is reprehensible and is to be condemned.

    As to Pearce hating brown people, all you have to do is look at his progeny to see that is another lie. Sproul and Associates, oops, the Lincoln Strategy Group, that includes Jessica Pacheco, have all gone to the Clinton school of politics. When will we have “suicides” in Wesley Bolin? That step is the only one left. Of course, we do have hundreds dead in the desert trying to get here to be used by these scum. But that is just another business cost, not a plotted and carried out “suicide” scene.

  13. just curious says

    I think SA should be applauding someone like Jason LeVecke for getting involved. Not many people in his position would commit so much time and energy to making Arizona a better place. He’s leading the Majority Rule initiative which unions and Napolitano hate. You may disagree with him on employer sanctions, but on 90% of the other issues, SA will agree with him.

  14. Well, OK, I guess I have to put the question back to you “just curious”, if he agrees with conservative thought 90% then why is he attacking Pearce–who, by the way, worked very closely with LeVecke to craft the bill in a way that honest businesspeople would not be punished if they complied with its terms–over the one issue he disagrees with 10%?

    That question goes both ways.

    And to attack the way he and Sproul (and other people who we will find out about very soon, heh, heh, can’t wait for the fallout from THAT finance report) have done instead of arguing about the Employer Sanctions Law, well, that speaks volumes.

  15. kralmajales says

    I do want to say that I have been arguing for months now that the employer sanctions law…and illegal immigration extremism…would turn your party inward against itself. I am not sure that a peace maker like Bruce Ash could bring you all together for this election.

  16. John Q, Tollman and all Pearce Apologists,
    If a witness were to come forward with “corroborating” evidence as to the abuse, would you then believe that Russell hit his wife? Please respond.

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