Janet stuck in the mid 50’s, Munsil moves up 2 points.

     I didn’t know how to make it more positive. Here are the latest results from SurveyUSA. Most of my conservative friends will be mad at me for posting this but everyone said that Munsil would take Janet apart in the debates. Well? What happened?

Wednesday 10-18-06, 5:00 pm


  1. How many people actually watched the debate??

    (See my post under Janet and Public Schools)

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    He didn’t… He did fine, she did fine… He needed a home-run and didn’t get it. Wasn’t his fault, she is too experienced and competent to do anything silly…

    Immigration is/was her weak spot, yet no mailers yet, no tv ads, and nothing too strong on immigration…

    Good news in recent polls on Kyl though…! Let’s talk about that!

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