Janet, say hello to your new legislature

Frank Antenori and David Gowan

     It may be days or weeks before Pima County has finished counting all the ballots but early indicators point to a victory by both Frank Antenori and David Gowan for the State House from District 30. The Arizona Democratic Party and their allies spend more than $175,000 in that race alone and look to have come up empty. That’s a crAZy amount of money.


  1. For all the money the Demwits and their allies spent in D30 and statewide, they actually lost seats. Just a bumbling display of buffoonery by the Dems. crAZy indeed.

    The governor is likely hoping Obama will help her “get out of Dodge” before some of her fiscal chickens come home to roost.

  2. kralmajales says

    It looks like Melvin lost by 38 votes or so as of today’s numbers….Am I right? Williams kept one of GOP spots in the 26th and Young Wright wins.

    I do think you are right that Janet will have the same or more conservative legislature than she started with. A bitter bitter disappointment to those of us who value the role of government in our state and its economic development.

  3. kralmajales says

    Although I must say that the Corporation Commission was a big big shock. A shut out! All Democrat. Has this happened in my lifetime? I am almost 40.

  4. Looks like Al won by 127 votes with 100% of the vote listed.

  5. Congratulations to the conservatives in Southern Arizona! Some conservatives actually run as conservatives and win!

  6. kralmajales says

    I think you are right Crank. I was looking at Pima County totals that had Cage by 34….didn’t include Pinal.

    Yep…I have to agree…the State legislature if there are no pick ups is a calamitous failure of the Democrat party. I don’t know how they could not win some seats in this year of all years.

    That said…Mitchell destroyed Schweikert, Kilpatrick destroyed Hay…and Giffords totally destroyed Bee. Bee was the miracle candidate too…the best you had.

    Shaddegg wins big big big. Bigger than I thought…but I thought he would win.

  7. Check that, looks like Melvin by 1,127.

  8. kralmajales says

    I didn’t say congrats to you before, so I should. Congrats. I am terribly disappointed.

    I think you have tougher and safer districts that will be less safe in the next redistricting, but I also think that you ran better candidates and had more energy behind them.

    I have to hand it to Al Melvin. He signs were big, red, and said CONSERVATIVE on them. HE did not shy away about who he was ever. He obviously worked a bit harder too.

    I do hope that he will listen to his constituents and not forget that our state cannot simply cut (in taxes and budget) its way out of this mess we are in.

  9. kralmajales says

    Oh…while 30 is a really safe district for you. Antenori and Gowan clearly worked their asses off and Paton appeals across parties. A good leader.

  10. Bald and balding guys are carrying the day says

    Congrats to all the winners.
    Now it is time to get to work…

  11. Tucosn Vice says

    Frank Antenori is a smart guy with great ideas for Arizona. I could not be happier with his election.

    Gowan has no understanding at all of the issues facing AZ. Antenori carried him at every forum. I would be more disappointed by his election but believe that another republican will challenge him for his seat next time around and probably get it.

    Al Melvin. Well, some people just enjoy the punishment. I hope he doesn’t spend all of our money building the fence, wall, Earth birm, moat and minefield that is supposed to protect us from illegal immigrants.

    Congrats to Antenori. He worked his tail off.

  12. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Janet may not deal with it; Jan Brewer might, and I believe she’ll do fine.

  13. If these two are the future face of the AZ Republican party, you guys are in for some mighty lean years. It will be interesting to watch from a distance the slow-motion self-destruction the AZ GOP is about to go through.

  14. don’t forget in some of these close races that there are potentially thousands of ballots yet to be counted. Hopefully that will get at least one of the corp commission seats to Stump. In 2006 there were more than 200,000 uncounted ballots on election night — hopefully the same in 2008.

  15. George of the Desert says


    Yes, the Corp Comm has been represented by a significant number of Democrats before.

    In the 1980s, Marcia Weeks and Renz Jennings dominated the then-three member panel. Dale Morgan was the lone GOPer.

    Before Morgan, there was another Dem on the Commission, but the name is escaping me.

    At any rate, having Dems on the Corp Comm is not unusual. I’m still holding our hope for Stump to win one seat. I can handle Sandra Kennedy – she’s a decent human being, but Sam Vagenas is not worthy of elected office. For that matter, Paul Newman is no prize, either.

  16. Wooden Teeth says

    A bunch of D’s on the ACC but with the Legislature and maybe Gov in R hands means there will be big battle for the right to make the state’s energy policy. Worth fighting over.

  17. Leadership says

    House Dem Leadership:

    Lujan, Sinema, Chad Campbell (yikes!)

    Senate Majority Leadership:

    Burn, C. Gray, Gorman

  18. Iris Lynch says

    When conservatives run as conservatives, they win. This happens in Arizona and in other states too. People live their lives as conservatives. If Mc Cain ran as a conservative, no one would have believed him. Sarah Palin will run next time as what she is…a conservative.

  19. You think McCain didn’t run as a conservative?

  20. Leadership, this is a post-election funny, right??

    Lujan, Sinema, Chad Campbell (yikes!)

    Lujan and Sinema are from the same district (LD15); Campbell (LD14 – next door to the LD15) is only on his second term.

    Why would the D’s pick 3 people from the same part of Maricopa County/Phoenix? They all live about 3 miles from each other!

    No one from Tucson on the team?

    I think you are being funny, L.

  21. Leadership says

    NO, unfortunately it’s true.
    Say it aint’s so! But it’s true.

    House R’s should have their lineup solidified today.

    This is the same team (Dems) that would have been implemented if they were able to take the majority.

    The Sinema selection is a joke – not a joke as in not real, but as in pathetic.

    Can you imagine how inept the Dems are going to be without JNap calling the shots for them up on the 9th floor? And then Burns as President in the Senate? Say hello to two years of Republican Rule baby.

    Look like Weiers will pull out Speaker once again, but Adams could still be a dark horse. Most of the freshmen will cide with Weiers, but if I were Adams I would be promising Chairmanships left and right.

    Rick Murphy for Chair of Health…??

  22. Leadership –

    so it is true???

    very wierd and if I must say, stupid!

  23. I’m assuming this is to put Sinema in the spotlight for a run for the govenorship?

  24. Sinema? ..to run for Governor? I don’t see that as a very bright move.

    Sanda Kennedy may be a nice person, depending on your definition of nice, but I’ve heard her speak. She didn’t strike me as being much smarter than a tube of toothpaste.

  25. I couldn’t imagine Murphy being bought off by Adams after all that Weiers has done for him, but with word out that Adams got elected Speaker, I’m going to be very interested to see where Murphy (and a few others) end up.

  26. Sinema will run for a state-wide position first. AG?

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