Janet Napolitano Will Be Back

Mark Kimball has an interesting post on his Tucson Citizen blog. During an interview with the editorial board, Napolitano said she would retain her central Phoenix condominium and Arizona voter registration. When asked if she would run for office in Arizona again, she would not rule it out.

Speculation has been growing among GOP insiders that Napolitano will not run against John McCain in 2010 but rather Jon Kyl in 2012. The Citizen editoral apparently did not ask her about a challenge against Kyl. Instead, the editorial board was more interested in steering the questioning toward another run for Governor which is permitted in the Arizona Constitution only after a four year gap between two consecutive terms.

Sonoran Alliance can imagine the Governor thinking to herself, “Been there, done that” which makes a run for US Senate far more likely than a return run as Governor.

Mark our words, Napolitano will run against Kyl in 2012.


  1. This makes sense. After all, it’s fairly common for department heads to resign before the end of a term. That’ll be the race that breaks all Arizona fundraising records for sure.

  2. Duke the Dog says

    By the time ol’ 51 foot ladder Napalitono is done with her four years as the Secretary of DHS, she won’t be able to run for dog catcher.

    That’s if she makes it four years.

  3. Sounds logical, Duke, but by then it will sound odd to hear the English language spoken here.

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