Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security

Hat tip to EspressoPundit for catching this one!

According to the latest issue of ABA Journal, in an article titled, “The Lawyers Who May Run America,” Governor Janet Napolitano is on the short list for the position of Secretary of Homeland Security.

Here is what appears on the ABA Journal website:

Janet Napolitano
Currently: Governor of Arizona
Law School: Virginia (1983)

Napolitano got her first career boost when President Clinton made her U.S. attorney for the District of Arizona. It came after Napolitano helped represent Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas hearings. Napolitano went on to become Arizona attorney general. As governor of McCain’s home state, Napolitano endorsed Obama a few weeks before the Arizona primary and was rewarded with a featured speech at the Democratic convention.

Though it’s known she would love to become U.S. attorney general, many feel she would bring a different vibe to the Department of Homeland Security. As governor of a border state, she’s pushed for immigration reforms that would include a path to citizenship for those already here illegally; but she was also the first governor to deploy National Guard troops along the Mexico border, an idea later adopted by the Bush administration.

Governor Janet “51-foot Ladder” Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security? Unfortunately, this is what you get with an Obama Administration.

At the State level this shifts the political chessboard as Secretary of State Jan Brewer will be bumped to the position of Governor. LD-4 Senator Jack Harper, who led the effort to uncover what happened with the 2004 vote in LD-20, meanwhile has his eyes on the Secretary of State seat.

With Janet Napolitano at the helm of Homeland Security, we can only imagine an army of underlings who will question America’s role in September 11th and blame American for causing the attacks.


  1. I can tell you this – no one on the left has forgotten Jack Harper’s poisonous and unconstitutional primary election proposal.

    The full fire of the left’s rhetorical and electoral guns will be turned on Jack Harper. We are not going to let someone who sees the Constitutions of the state of Arizona and the USA as media-bait to administer the laws of the land.

    Not. Going. To. Happen.

  2. I would like to see who would come out against Harper. I can’t imagine there are GOPers who would let him skate into the race without a contest.

  3. America will never get control of illegal immigrations, because every time we have any laws, immigration laws like I.C.E. doing what they are suppose to do, we have silly politicians, illegal immigrants and all their advocates always interfering, our politicians are so soft on illegal immigration in America, until there are no security in this country any more, American citizens are not safe!! Because America do not know who these people are that allow to live here with all their false documents.

    Our politician rather listen to the cry’s of illegal immigrants and all their advocates, just listen to all there sorry strategies, and excuses,loopholes, that allows them to just ignore all the wrongdoings of illegal immigrants in America! this is so much until now workplace raids are suppose to be so un-American according to Nancy Pelosi, all of sudden this is hurting them and their families, if they are caught and deported, this is separating them from their now made American children. none of these politicians gives a darn about this, this is the very reason they make these automatic American children!

    Illegal immigrants have more privilege in America then American citizens. They have a way of using their children in America to get anything they want, and being so our birthright laws are so wide open to them they take advantage of it, millions of them make sure they get across the borders while they are pregnant, getting to the nearest hospital in America, giving birth to make sure their babies are granted an automatic citizenship,and being so they know that birthright law is there, what do they do? they just keep having babies by the millions, they are allow to have as many babies born in America as they want!!! this is their tickets, tokens, anchors, to help their race to become the over populated race in America at a fast pace, this also help them keep their feet on the soil of America, it helps them to cry and holler and scream about being separated from their American children!! this trick is being so ignored! This birthright law needs to be closed to all illegal immigrants, no illegal immigrant children should be granted any American citizenship at all!

    All their American made children are now over crowding our schools and colleges, they are first in line to all this, while American citizens are second in line to our schools, colleges, employment. American citizens are to kiss illegal immigrants butts and not say anything about their wrongdoings in America, we are suppose to be so voiceless and are to just except their Hispanic race of becoming the over populated race in America, THE PROBLEM IS HOW THEY ARE BECOMING THE OVER POPULATED RACE IN AMERICA, BY UNDERMINING OUR AMERICAN LAWS, HAVING ANCHOR BABIES IN AMERICA BY THE MILLIONS,HAVING BABIES BY AMERICAN CITIZENS, MARRYING AMERICAN CITIZENS, GETTING AMNESTY BY THE MILLIONS WHEN EVER OUR WEAK POLITICIANS SEE FIT!

    All this is saying is that illegal immigrants and all their advocates are running America for their own purposes, they are pushing to change our American constitution, our laws, rules, and regulations for their own purposes,they are being so allow to just spit and walk all over American citizens in their own country,
    American citizens are not allow to say anything about their wrongdoings,we are not allow to protect our selves from illegal immigrants in our own country they can do just about anything to an American citizen and get away with it. like using false social security numbers, some American citizens social security numbers, false identity to get employment in America, if we say any thing about this big double standard, we Americans are suddenly A RACIST!! we are called every thing bad in the book! Being so American citizens are right about illegal immigrants in reality, illegal immigrants and all their advocates will find ways to stop you and ridicule American citizens in some kind of way to spear illegal immigrants, and save them from deportation, they want them to be able to stay in America,regardless of all their illegal statuses, regardless of all their wrongdoings.

    Every time some law finds a way to catch illegal immigrants and deport them, illegal immigrants and all their advocates find a way to interfere with our immigration laws, they don’t want E-verify programs, they want to stop workplace raids, they don’t want any law to ask these people of their statuses!! It doesn’t matter what it is,when it comes to illegal immigrants in America, Americans are the one who are always wrong. Our own politicians buy into this bull..

    No comprehensive immigration reform is going to get America out of this mess of the invasion of illegal immigration! America need strict rules and regulations when it comes to illegal immigration in America, American need lawmakers in congress who are strong and not afraid to say no to illegal immigrants, who will enforce our immigration laws America already have on the books, who will allow I.C.E. to do their duties, who will force the federal government to do his duties,who will allow the E-verify program, and make it mandatory to all American employment, who penalize American employers who hire illegal immigrants, who will force workplace raids, not stop them, and just make sure illegal immigrants are not separated from their families, their families should know of the arrest as soon as possible, also will force all governors in all states to stop having their own personal sanctuary states for illegal immigrants, who will stop our birthright law from being taking of advantage of by illegal immigrants,by stop granting their children American citizenship now,this is making instant American citizens out of them without an amnesty, American law makers need to stop buying into illegal immigrants crap, stop pushing their wrongdoings in America, they need to stop letting compassion get in the way of our laws when it comes to illegal immigrants in America. Yes we Americans are not stupid, we do know that America is a country of immigrants, and of course we as American do know that America is also a country of laws,our American law makers just needs to enforce our laws, not stop them! and stop making up excuses for illegal immigrants and their families!!!

    If these law makers are so blind, or just are ignoring what illegal immigrants our doing to America, and the citizens of America, this means they are not doing their duty as our suppose to be law makers, perhaps us American citizen needs to request an impeachment of these weak lawmakers who are just giving Mexico America in SILVER PLATTER! AND JUST FORCING ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS TO ENDURE IN SECOND MEXICO FOR ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS PURPOSE! AMERICAN CITIZENS WILL BE DROWNING IN A NEW MEXICO! IT IS LOOKING LIKE MEXICO ALREADY WHERE ARE THE AMERICAN CITIZENS? YOU CAN NOT SEE US ANY MORE!!

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