Janet Napolitano – Secretary of Homeland Security

Photo courtesy of PolitickerAZ and Rob TornoeWell, it’s official. Governor Janet “51-foot Latter” Napolitano has been tapped by the incoming Obama Administration to serve as Secretary of Homeland Security.

Although her office will neither confirm nor deny accepting the position, it’s pretty much a sure thing that she will be leaving the State of Arizona.

This sets up a political shifting here in Arizona as Sonoran Alliance has frequently gesticulated.

Expect Secretary of State Jan Brewer to ready her transition and the Arizona Legislature to map out a bold legislative agenda.

(Cartoon courtesy of Rob Tornoe/PolitickerAZ.)


  1. Well, J-No is going to leave JB in a lurch…either cut services or raise taxes to fix the budget, which will potentially make her vulnerable with all the other GOP 2010 Gov. wannabees.

  2. Duke the Dog says

    Woooo Hoooo!!!

    Al Melvin, warm up that chevy, old J-No is going to need that ride to the airport after all!

  3. Great now we will have photo radar on every highway and street in the country. Redflex of Australia will make billions.

    The Cameras should be down on the border facing out.

    not on our streets taking pictures of us LOL

  4. Good for Arizona, bad for America

  5. Yes, GREAT for Arizona, and simultaneously VERY bad for Arizona and America. Time to polish up your Spanish and be sure your front door is bolted. Crime has increased substantially in Tucson over the last year and murders now total 72. TAKE CARE.

  6. Antifederalist says

    JUST heard this on Laura Ingraham. Ingraham quipped that she had done so well in stopping illegal immigration in AZ that she got tapped to be DHS head.

  7. Best news of the election season!!!

  8. Just wanted to confirm a 10:00 AM U-Haul rental pick-up for a Janet Napolitano on Monday, December 8th?

    Tim Bee for Secretary of State!

  9. if her years of failing to secure the Mexico-AZ border are any indication, then she should do a real bang-up job securing the whole country

  10. You should know (remember)that approximately half of the undocumented immigrants here are VISA overstays–those who came in legally but didn’t leave and the federal government didn’t have a effective system in place to deal with the problem.

    What would you like to be done by the Arizona government to secure the AZ/Mexico border? Is your concern mainly terrorists? undocumented immigrants? drug smuggling? Or all three?

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