Janet Napolitano – Over the First Wall!

Janet “51-foot ladder” Napolitano has just been named as the Obama Administration’s nominee for Secretary of Homeland Security and part of Obama’s National Security Team.

Governor Napolitano will now face the Democrat-controlled Senate as part of the confirmation process. She can leave her 51-foot ladder here in Arizona as she should have an easy leap over the first wall to her next job.


  1. Tim Bee for SOS!

  2. Jordan Rose for SOS…brilliant and a true leader!

  3. Sen.-Elect Jonathan Paton for Secretary of State. A new voice for Arizona.

  4. Lifetime GOP says

    Laura Knaperek for SOS.

  5. cnnislegit says

    Janet, do us all a favor and leave sooner rather than later.

  6. Ya, choose her!! says
  7. I’m not going to comment about who should replace Jan Brewer as Secretary of State, I know Jan will choose a good replacement for herself. I’m just happy that Arizona will have a; good, common sense, pragmatic, conservative, governor who can work with the legislature for the best interest of the people of Arizona.

    God bless Jan Brewer.


  8. Bob,

    Great post. I feel the same way. Jan Brewer is a wonderful woman. She has great experience and knows most of the possisble SOS candidates personally. She will choose the right one.

  9. Make My Day says

    My question….Is Janet Napolitano going to Hold Steady on her position of ‘NO AMNESTY’ & the E-verify system we now have in place to check Illegal Immigration in AZ, or is she going to reverse herself for ‘Political Correctness & expediency’ at the National level, to satisfy her NEW Paymaster, Obama?

    To be…Or not to be? Whose line is she going to toe!!

  10. Big Cacti Daddy says

    Darn. I never got to meet Janet’s hubby?

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