Janet Contreras: The Letter

By now, many of you have heard about the letter that went viral that was written by fellow Arizonan, Janet Contreras. Yesterday, Glenn Beck read her letter on the air. The public response to her letter ultimately crashed the servers at Glenn’s site. In order to help Janet’s letter get national exposure we are posting it here. Incidentally, Janet was interviewed this afternoon by Glenn from the Phoenix Fox 10 studios.

An Open Letter to Our Nation’s Leadership

I am Janet Contreras, a concerned, home-grown American citizen. I am 53, and I have been a registered Democrat all of my adult life. Before the last Presidential election, I registered Republican because I no longer feel the Democratic Party represents my views or works to pursue issues important to me. I now no longer feel the Republican Party represents my views or works to pursue issues important to me. The fact is I no longer feel any political party or representative in Washington represents my views or works to pursue issues important to me.

There must be someone, please tell me who you are. Please stand up and tell me you are there and are willing to fight for our Constitution as it was written. Please do it now.

You might ask yourselves what my views and issues are that I would feel so horribly disenfranchised by both major political parties. What kind of nut job am I? Will you please tell me? These are briefly my views and issues for which I seek representation:

* Illegal Immigration-I want you to stop coddling illegal immigrants and secure our borders. Close the underground tunnels. Stop the violence and trafficking in drugs and people. No amnesty, not again. Been there, done that, no resolution. P.S. I am not a racist. This not to be confused with legal immigration.

* TARP Bill-I want it repealed and no further funding supplied to it. We told you “NO!” but you did it anyway. I want the remaining unfunded 95% repealed. Freeze! Repeal!

* Czars-I want the circumvention of our checks and balances stopped immediately. Fire the Czars. No more Czars. Government officials answer to the process not the President. Stop trampling on our Constitution and honor it.

* Cap & Trade-the debate on global warming is NOT over, there IS more to say.

* Universal Health Care-I will not be rushed into another expensive decision. Don’t you dare pass this in the middle of the night and then go on break. Slow down!

* Growing Government Control-I want states rights and sovereignty fully restored. I want less government in my life, not more. Shrink it down. Please mind your own business; you have enough to do with your REAL obligations. Let’s start there.

* ACORN-I do not want ACORN or its affiliates in charge of our 2010 census. I want them investigated. I also do not want mandatory escrow fees contributed to them on every real estate deal that closes. Stop all funding to ACORN and its affiliates pending impartial audit and investigation. I do not trust them with the taking of the census or with taxpayer money. Face up to the allegations against them and get it resolved before the taxpayers get any further involved with them. It walks like a duck and talks like a duck-hello… stop protecting political buddies. You work for the people. Investigate.

* Redistribution of Wealth-No. If I work for it, it is mine. I have always worked for people with more money than I have because they gave me jobs. That is the only redistribution of wealth I support. I never got a job from a poor person. Why do want me to hate my employers? What do your have against shareholders making a profit?

* Charitable Contributions-although I never got a job from a poor person, I have helped many in need. Charity belongs in our local communities where we know our needs best and can use local talent and resources. Butt out, please. We want to do this ourselves.

* Corporate Bail Outs-knock it off! Sink or swim like the rest of us. If there are hard times ahead, we will be better off just getting to it and letting the strong survive. Quick and painful, like ripping off a band aid. We will pull together. Great things happen in America under great hardship. Give us a chance to innovate. We cannot disappoint you more than you have disappointed us.

* Transparency and Accountability-how about it? No really, let’s have it. Let’s say we give the “buzz” words a rest and have some straight, honest talk. Please stop trying to manipulate and appease me with cleaver wording. I am not the idiot you obviously take me for. Stop sneaking around meeting in back rooms making deals with your friends. It will only be a prelude to your criminal investigation. Stop hiding things from me.

* Unprecedented Quick Spending-stop it, now. Take a breath. Listen to “The People.”

Let’s just slow down and get some more input from some “non-politicians” on the subject. Stop making everything an emergency. Stop speed reading our bills into law.

I am not an activist. I am not a community organizer. Nor am I a terrorist, a militant nor a violent person. I am a mother and grandmother. I am a working woman. I am busy, busy, busy and tired, tired, tired. I thought we elected competent people to take care of the business of government so that we could work, raise our families, pay our bills, have a little recreation, complain about taxes, endure our hardships, pursue our personal goals, cut our lawns and wash our cars on weekends, and be responsible, contributing members of society and teach our children to be the same, all the while living in the home of the free and land of the brave.

I entrusted you with upholding our Constitution and believed in the checks and balances to keep you from getting too far off course. What happened? You are very far off course. Do you really think that I find humor in hiring a speed reader to unintelligibly ramble through a bill you signed into law without knowing what it contained? I do not! It is a mockery of the responsibility I have entrusted to you. It is a slap in the face! I am not laughing-the arrogance!

Why is it that I feel as if you would not trust me to make a single decision about my own life and how I would live it, but you expect that I should trust you with the debt that you have laid on all of us and our children? We did not want that TARP bill. We said “NO!” We would repeal it if we could. I am not sure that we still cannot. There is such urgency and recklessness in all the recent spending. From my perspective, it seems that you have all gone insane.

I also know that I am far from alone in these feelings. Do you honestly feel that your current pursuits have merit to patriotic Americans? We want it to stop. We want to put the brakes on everything that is being rushed by us and forced upon us. We want our voice back!

You have forced us to put our lives on hold to straighten out the mess you are making. We will have to give up our vacations, our time spent with our children, any relaxation time we may have had and money we cannot afford to spend on you to bring our concerns to Washington.

– Janet Contreras
June 17, 2009

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  1. Iris Lynch says

    Can we start (taking our country back) with something each of us can do without anyone else’s help? When completing the Census, remember that in the Constitution it says it is for ‘enumeration’ therefore ONLY COMPLETE THE NUMBERS ASKED FOR, nothing else. You will be threatened, but nothing else will happen. You see in the 10th amendment it clearly states that whatever is not specific Fed power then belongs to the states or the people. SO I SAY, PLEASE EXERT THE POWER YOU HAVE.

  2. Janet Contreras says

    Iris, please bear in mind that the only thing you can do alone that will truly make a difference is vote. I cannot speak to the civil disobedience to which you refer regarding the census. Let your conscience be your guide. Our numbers in Washington represent those votes, that is why they need to be overwhelming. I know there will be many who cannot go. I told them that in my letter. I also told them that those who could not march would still vote them out of office. Joining the 912 project will put you in touch with your congressional district members who feel as you do about the path the government is taking. There are updates on your local government and law makers. It is also a place where all of us band together in the numbers we are going to require to enact REAL change. I hope you can understand my sentiment. God Bless you for your support.

  3. shane laughlin says

    everyone here agrees with one another the only thing i would like to know is when is everyone going to get together and do something about it. we need someone who is in a position to reach everyone and organize the movement.

  4. Janet Contreras says

    Please go to the 912 project and join. All 435 congressional districts can be organized and represented from there. That is the central location where all of us can work together. Then get everyone you know who shares our views to join too. Even if you are the only one in your district when you join–don’t worry, we are coming. 9-12-09 is the huge march on Washington. We need to organize now. Please do it now.

  5. Janet Contreras says

    When you join the 912 project, you will be placed in a group with others from your congressional district. There you will find information about your local representatives and current legislation. The districts will then band together for big events, like the march on Washington on 9-12-09. From your districts, you will be able to help the coalition of all districts to help select candidates who will represent us. I cannot stress enough the importance for all of you to join and be in one central place where our numbers can really do the most good. It will take all of us to win this fight. Will you do it now? Please get everyone you know to join.

  6. Diane O'Brien says

    Dear Janet,

    Thanks SO much for your inspiring letter.! FYI, I just visited the 912 project website and am scratching my head as to how to join. I’m not even sure if I got the correct website because right near the top on their home page was listed something about “skinny=bad, chubby=live longer”. Not sure how that pertains to the principles of the 912 group…;-D If you’re active with that group they may want to rethink their main page and make it much clearer how to join. When I clicked on the box below “Be a part of this very special interest group” it sent me to another website called intensedebate.com. I didn’t sign up in case I wasn’t linking from the actual 912 project site you’re recommending, and bet many others will be hesitant to join with the way the home page is laid out now. We need to see a clear, simple message (is the group planning to march on Washington on Sept.12, for instance? That should be front and center if they are!) We’re with you all the way, Janet, and thanks again for making your voice heard!

  7. Janet Contreras says

    go to Join912.org

  8. Iris Lynch says


    I agree with your project regarding voting and by the way, I have put great energy and lots of my money into getting the representation we needed, but we couldn’t get those who were satisfied with their food stamps, medicare etc., to look beyond their immediate needs. BUT NOW, while we have lots of time before the next elections, why not take some action? That is what the first tea party was. ACTION HEROES. They had done the petitions, the flyers, the books, the letters, for years, etc., just as we have done. I have put in 11 years doing it. Some of my efforts are still noted on Google. There comes a time when ACTION is necessary and the action I am suggesting is passive aggressive. It is a ‘not doing something’ something! Do we want to wait, like they have in Iran, until we are so frustrated that there are killings in the streets? I don’t. If you think that encouraging the masses to adhere to the Constitution is illegal, we are surely lost. When a United States Representatives says that she will do this, I am not worried about my safety. But, IF they want to put my 76 year old fanny in the clinger, it may become one of the safest places to be yet and I will smile for the cameras.

  9. Janet is right. We need to fire them and that is why FireCongress.org was established, to Kick Them All Out. Please visit the site for details.

  10. Iris Lynch says

    Who is saying Janet is wrong? It is possible to do MORE than one thing toward a goal. Sometimes, things have already been tried. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we do not try them again using different tactics. It DOES require researching what was done before and HOW it was done, so the same tactics are either refined or enhanced.

    Year in and year out new people come aboard and everything is new and to be discovered and marveled at. Naturally, it is vital to have new people so we can go forward. It would be helpful for the new people to find out what has been done prior to their getting on board simply so we don’t need to repeat tactics that didn’t work. And that doesn’t mean they won’t work, but there needs to be some assessment. No one should go into ‘battle’ without studying the enemy, his tactics and what battles have been fought, won or tied and WHY.

    It is invigorating when new people get excited about the concepts that they may not have considered before. Janet’s letter definitely gives us the emotion, the energy and the time she took to put into the words that made sense to all of us. And it is wonderful that her letter was taken up by Glenn Beck and made into a rallying cry. I happen to know a great writer, Rick Oltman, who has written very inspiring and knowledgeable articles originally for FAIR and now for CAPS, who is a walking history book on the anti-illegal immigration movement and who was almost the single most important man in getting Prop 200 on the ballot many years ago. There are a hundred others of no fame who have done great things and then there is our own Russell Pearce, the Tom Tancredos, the Pat Buchanans, the Ann Coulters, the Bay Buchanans and the many others who never achieved nor perhaps never wanted any fame or office who have dedicated years..far longer than I personally have. Many of the people I know who have been involved in the anti-illegal immigration movement have done so for up to 20 years. SO WHAT? 10 years from now, those of you who are just getting on board will be making room for others who are just getting the ‘message’ and thinking that no one else got it until they came along.

    When I first came to Arizona 10 years ago, the very word ‘conservative’ got the same reaction as saying F–K in public. We have come a long way and we have also managed to make the anti-illegal alien movement something that is now understood in every state in the nation. When my husband and I first used to go to DC to see Senators and Reps, they would close the doors in our face…that has changed. Each year there was a little more respect. Then Tancredo got his Immigration Caucus up to over 100 Reps! Now we have Obama and things have changed in the other direction. Many of us saw what was coming 15 years ago. Still, it is time for some new and revised thinking which means it is important for the new people to find out what has been done and how well it worked.

    This is not, nor ever should be a case of who is RIGHT. This has got to be a case of what worked, didn’t work, can be added to, altered and given a new face. If this is an ego trip for anyone, I would ask them to reconsider and take up the guitar, because they are going to be disappointed.

  11. Janet Contreras says

    Iris, we need you most of all, your experience, your ideas. As the author of the letter, I want to thank you for all of your kind support. Many have asked, what next? What can I do to help? We are organizing to make things happen. We do very much all need each other to succeed. Please make sure that all of you and anyone you know who shares our views have:

    1. Signed the petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/8/an-open-letter-to-our-nations-leadership

    2. Joined the 912 project: http://site.the912coalition.org/

    We are not terrorists. We are not hiding. We can not fulfill our objectives by operating in numerous small cells. We need to centralize so our numbers are truly known. I suspect they are far greater than the signatures currently on the petition. Please act quickly. There is so much to do before the march on Washington on 9-12-09, the 2010 elections and the 2012 elections. Time is of the essence! Patriots unite!

  12. Press Mink says

    I hear that you are from Arizona. Please, Please run against Mitchell next year for congressman. We need your common sense in Washington. To all others find a candidate like Janet and vote for them next year. We can turn this country around in just 18 months from now.
    Act now and support ” Common Sense” candidates!

  13. Janet Contreras says

    Once you have joined the 912 project, please add me to your friends list. I would love to talk to you.

  14. You know, the organizers of the 9/12 Project just should have gone for the full exploitation of a national tragedy and called it the “9/11 Project”. Although, it does make sence that the people want America to go back to 9/12 too – you know, living in fear, full of undirected rage, crying and desperate for someone, anyone to give them a lifeline, no matter how ill-concieved it is. Yeah, I guess it does make sense.


    “8. It is not un-American for me to
    disagree with authority or to
    share my personal opinion.”

    I’m curious – how much giggling was done while writing this particular statement. Because I remember from 9/12/01 to 1/20/09, where the conservative movement didn’t especially espouse that particular virtue.

  15. Janet Contreras says

    Klute, you bring up some very interesting discussion. The conservative movement has lost its voice for quite some time. You may have been misinformed or just formed your own ideas about what the 9/12 project and its name means. It is about the unity of Americans on 9/12, when our differences took a back seat to our common goals and the love of our country. It is also about princples and values that, if restored, would promote solutions to many of our current problems. Without honesty and integrity, what is point of us even talking to each other?

  16. Robert Webster says

    Janet Contreras, is a Hero.

    She has been able to put into words what so many of us have not. I have for months been trying to collect my thoughts and feelings, and put them into words.

    I am 61 years old and have been a registered independent all my life. I have seen our elected officials from both parties start out with good intentions, and get caught up in the Washington power trip and totally forget about why they were elected to office.

    Like Janet Contreras has stated, we elect them to do what “we the people” wish them to do. As we can plainly see that has not been the case for many years, and now Washington is out of control in everything they do.

    I hope that millions of Americans see your video and listen to what this woman has to say. I do know that Americans are slowly starting to wake up, and I say, Enough is Enough!

    It is time for “we the people” to take back care and control of our Country and our Constitution! It’s also time for all American people to put parties aside, stop the fighting between right & left, and do what is best for America!

    If none of our current elected officials have the guts to stand up and do what is right, then we need to vote them out of office, impeach them or charge them with Treason!

    For to long we sat silent and watched as our country has been run into the ground, jobs sent out of the country, industry lost to other countries so that the rich get richer and Americans loose everything they have worked for all their lives.

    All elected officials took an Oath of Office as did I when I entered the Army back in 1968, unlike our elected Officials, I am still honoring the Oath I took:

    I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.

    It’s to bad that all of the domestic enemies seem to be in Washington DC.

    Thank you,

    Robert B Webster
    Phoenix, Arizona

  17. Janet,

    “Without honesty and integrity, what is point of us even talking to each other?”

    And that is my point. Using #8 as an example, is anyone on the conservative side going to acknowledge that us on the progressive side were told by conservatives that we were un-American, that we were traitors, were told keep our mouths shut, that if we didn’t like it here we could go live in Iraq?

    You ask us to go forward together, but part of going forward together is acknowledging past misdeeds, lest current hypocrisy cloud everything.

    I know where the 9/12 Project name comes from, I saw the Crying Beck’s little show. “Unity” meant that one side of the country was supposed to shut up while the other got to do everything it was supposed to – this is not going to happen again.

    The election of Barack Obama was a wide-scale rejection of the conservative movement. We tried it your way from 1994-2006. What did it get us? Supluses to deficits, two wars that have sacrificed our blood and treasure, divsion.

    Understand – Barack Obama won with the largest majoriry vote since 1988. This may pain you. You may not like it. By all means, choose rational dissent – no one on the left is stopping you. But understand that “Unity” will never again mean the left is timid or afraid to fight for what it believes in.

  18. Sorry, Barack Obama had the largest win since 1984, not 1988.

  19. Janet Contreras says

    What is #8? I do not know to what you refer.

  20. Value #8 or principle #8 or whatever… The 9/12 Project’s enshrinement of dissent, now that the conservative movement is doing the dissent.

  21. Janet Contreras says

    Okay, bring me up to speed with your view on how and under what circumstances you feel this right was not afforded to you and from whom?

  22. 1. I never said anything about my 1st Amendment rights being denied to me.

    2. From the AZ 9/12 page:

    “8. It is not un-American for me to disagree with authority or to share my personal opinion.”

    3. From the San Diego Tribune, July 18th, 2008:

    “Ramona man who drove toward protesters is charged

    By J. Harry Jones / San Diego Union-Tribune

    A Ramona man who drove his pickup toward a group of anti-war protesters last month has been charged with misdemeanor reckless driving.

    Keith Alan Davis, 55, was sent a letter Thursday ordering him to appear in court July 31. Davis could face up to six months in jail if convicted. Such cases, however, usually don’t result in jail time.

    Davis said he was only expressing his First Amendment right of self expression when he drove slowly onto the shoulder of state Route 67 near the intersection of Dye Road in Ramona June 29 and displayed his middle finger to each person protesting. He said he felt the protesters were “un-American.””

    An extreme example? Maybe. It’s one of first I could find when I googled “anti-war protesters un-American”.

    Perhaps you’d like to do the research yourself?

  23. I’m just curious – what is the Arizona 9/12 project’s ties to the John Birch Society? Looking at the website, from the posting of that ridiculously ill-informed Tom Paine “impersonator” (and impersonator I put in quotes because he doesn’t even attempt to understand what Tom Paine stood for), to the links to various other right wing groups, I find it strange that this is being presented as a project open to all.

  24. I hope that Janet reads each and everyone of these comments! Most of them are showing support, for some, if not all of what she has said and the others she needs to get used to reading, because she will see a lot of them. She has just started something that I believe, and hope, will spread faster than a wild fire. We all need to realize that pointing fingers and passing the buck is exactly what EVERY politician wants. If we don’t notice what they are doing, then how do we stop them? I think many of us who are fed up with the way OUR country is being ran don’t know where or how to start doing some thing about it. We as a whole, Reps and Dems, who are looking for a way to do something really need to write our own letters? Get something started that the people in Washington just can’t ignore. Make each and everyone of them responsiable for what they have done and make sure that the future politicians understand that WE run the country, not them!

  25. God bless Janet Contreras!

  26. geneal_1 says

    I am republican, my wife is democrat. We both agreed with her and were very impressed with her heartfelt honesty. I disagree with St. John earlier. This gutsy lady sees a more honest government and republic

  27. Janet Contreras says

    I want to thank everyone for their comments, from both sides. I am glad that the views expressed by me and shared by such a multitude of others have sparked such stimulating debate over the issues. I do have hope for a more honest government and republic. We have to stand together and stay awake. Does it anger me that we have to watch every move they make? A little bit. I was busy working and paying bills and taxes and trying to live. We pay them to do the job, don’t we? Who among us would not be fired for such dereliction of duty? They should expect no less.

  28. Interesting letter… I’m glad you sent it to me. I’m also glad you like politics as well as I do. I know you do. We just see things different. That’s ok.
    Where was this letter first published? You didn’t tell me. It’s always good to know the origin of a document even if the name of the author is made up. Do you believe this letter is coming from an independent woman named Janet Contreras? This letter probably was published and distributed by Fox News, am I right? I think so for it is the view of the opposition party, not really the views of an independent person. An independent person would sound more or less like this: “The Republican Party and the Democratic Party are the two heads of the same monster…” It is true that there are differences on style and policies of the two parties, but that is because each party, at a time, represents different sectors of the capitalist class in the USA. Bush, for example, represent the oil industry, and Obama, I think, represents the Financial Sector (Wall Street) So, Capitalist do fight each other, but more often they eat at the same table.
    We can still analyze the content of the so called “open letter”. First of all, “Mrs. Contreras” does not present one single solution to the problems we are facing in our nation. The people behind that letter are not interested in finding solutions to the problems: they are in the business of political entertainments. Let’s see, remember: follow the money when ever you want to analyze any political issues. By the way, it’s not that I’m pretending to have solution to all the problems; I’m just recognizing that the problems are way more complex than what Mrs. Contreras sees.
    “One, illegal immigration. I want you to stop coddling illegal immigrants and secure our borders. Close the underground tunnels. Stop the violence and the trafficking in drugs and people. No amnesty, not again. Been there, done that, no resolution. P.S., I’m not a racist. This isn’t to be confused with legal immigration.”
    Secure our borders — I definitely agree with that, but that’s just one aspect of the illegal immigration problem.
    Plug this question on Google search:
    a) Who benefits from the illegal immigrant?
    b) Are illegal immigrants taking of bringing wealth to the country?
    c) Who benefit if illegal immigrant became legal?
    d) What would happen if there is not more immigrant at all?
    e) Why some countries are getting more Visas than others?
    f) Does Mrs. Contreras prefer Irish immigrant over Canadian immigrants?
    g) What about Mexican Immigrant?
    See, the moment any politician touches the immigration issue he or she makes few friends (hardcore nationalist) and lots of powerful enemies because illegal immigrants benefit vast sector of the USA economy. Including housing industry which we all are praying it can stand up finally, and not to mention agriculture industry. Imagine all those illegal workers not doing their jobs for one just one day: a catastrophe. Some politicians may talk in bad terms about illegal immigrants because they don’t have the right to vote so they can’t defend themselves. They might say that illegal immigrants are the cause of all problems in America including the death of JFK, but no one does anything to change the situation. In my opinion this issue must be addressed gradually keeping in mind that what we want in the end is to guarantee the continue growth of the nation. I think the illegal immigration situation is going to stay the way it is now for a while no matter what party is in the White House. That is because the opposite of illegal immigrants is the working class of the United States and none of the two political parties are fighting for the working class in USA.
    “Close the underground tunnels” The letter says — Which political party is proposing not to close underground tunnels at the USA/ Mexico border? I ask.
    “Stop the violence and the trafficking in drugs” The letter also says — the police and law enforcement agencies are doing all they can to stop drug trafficking; many times they even got killed enforcing the law, but the people of United States keep demanding illegal drugs more than any other country in the world. Why? I do not know.
    “Two, the TARP bill, I want it repealed and I want no further funding supplied to it. We told you no, but you did it anyway. I want the remaining unfunded 95% repealed. Freeze, repeal.”
    Mrs. Contreras doesn’t say why? At the end of the letter she refers to TARP again. I think that’s the real purpose for the so called “Open letter”
    What is TARP?
    Who benefits from implementation of a program like TARP?
    TARP is a relief program implemented by Congress to help home owners who are struggling with their mortgages. I don’t have a solid opinion about this issue yet, but I wish I qualify for some relief programs. I think, maybe the program should include more Home Owners. I don’t think we can see benefits from this program yet. I guess it’s still being implemented.
    How did the housing problem start?
    Who fault is it?
    I heard the housing problem starts when financial institutions sold mortgage accounts as securities to Wall Street investors. Most of those mortgages had variable rates. Once Mortgage accounts became Securities they fall into the rules of the Wall Street market. As a consequence of particular market situations, the interest rate of those Mortgages went up and Home Owners were not able to pay their mortgages. When Home Owners started loosing their homes the whole housing industry collapsed because there were too many houses available for the market. This together with other economic blunders like the war in Iraq weak the economy to the point that unemployment rate started to rise rapidly, and general prices of all good destabilized (prices too high, and/or too low) As a result the whole economy of United States collapsed. The political consequence of the financial crisis made possible that a black man, Barack Obama, was elected president of United States for the first time. Now, remember that not every one looses money in this economy. Exxon Mobil, for example, is an oil companies that made and continue making millions and millions of dollars during this economic crisis.
    I found this Q&A website about TARP:
    “ …Four, cap and trade. The debate on global warming is not over. There is more to say.”
    Mrs. Contreras didn’t elaborate…so forget about this one.
    “….Five, universal healthcare. I will not be rushed into another expensive decision. Don’t you dare try to pass this in the middle of the night and then go on break. Slow down!”
    She didn’t elaborate here either, but I’m glad elected officials are talking more about health care. We all should have a health care plan. We all know it’s not possible because some big companies from the Health care sector are twisting arms in Washington to prevent that from happening.
    “….Six, growing government control. I want states rights and sovereignty fully restored. I want less government in my life, not more. Shrink it down. Mind your own business. You have enough to take care of with your real obligations. Why don’t you start there?“
    She is not specific here either, but I know where she is coming from with this story: there are two major philosophies that define the role of government in the USA: One says that government should not, or should have limited role in the economy, that the law of supply and demand will balance the market. This theory says the market should be left alone to regulate by itself. The other view is that government should interfere because if the market is left alone it might set off towards self destruction. President Reagan, for example, claimed that “the government is the problem” President Clinton, I was told, deregulated rules established during the Roosevelt’s era that keep Mortgage Accounts separated from Wall Street market. Experts say this is why the housing industry was eaten out by the ups and downs of Wall Street. So it was not the poor by being irresponsible buyer who knocked out the housing industry. It was Wall Street. Bush administration even wanted to roll over the Social Security funds to Wall Street. Imagine! Reagan and the two Bushes reduced the government participation on watching business affairs but at the same time increasing government’s expenses to the point of almost dismantling the Federal Government. Why? Because they hate it. It doesn’t go alone with their philosophy of government; they think is in their way. The only part of the Federal government they love is the military. That’s why they always increase military expenses, Obama, on the other hands, believes in government intervention, I think. Obama is planning to invest government’s money in local projects and local program to regenerate local economies so they can create more jobs. Once the economy begins to moves a bit forward he hopes investors pull out their money from under their mattresses and begin to invest in the system. This ultimately would move the economy towards real economic growth. I think that’s what their plan is. They are using the same formula was used to get the country out of the Great Depression. Is it going to work this time? No one knows. I do hope so. I’m not Rush Limbaugh who said he wishes Obama fails. What a guy! http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_011609/content/01125113.guest.html
    a) Government should interfere in what?
    b) Government should not interfere in what?
    Let’s see:
    Should the government regulate Wall Street?
    Should the government regulate mass media? How many channels for one corp.?
    Should the government regulate Prices?
    Should the government regulate interest rate?
    Should the government print money as it wishes?
    Should the government interfere in a woman’s decision to have an abortion?
    Should the government interfere in two lesbian’s decision to get marry?
    Should the government interfere in a man’s decision to own a fire arm?
    Should the government interfere in my right to hire illegal aliens?
    Should the government interfere in my decision to smoke marijuana?
    Should the government interfere in a man’s decision to have sex with a minor?
    Should the government interfere in a man’s decision to travel to Cuba?
    Should the government interfere in the education of children? How much?
    Should the government interfere in the health care of all citizens? How much?
    Should the government collect taxes? How much?
    As you can see the role of the government is another point of controversy, and people usually call on the government to interfere in our lives to impose their own point of views on others.
    What this letter is referring to, I think, is the demand some Capitalist usually makes to keep the government out of their business. This way they can make as much profits as they can even if by doing so they eliminate other capitalists and increase unemployment rate. Usually those who call on the government to back off are those who are not part of the current administration. Once another sector of the whole capitalist class is back in control of the government the others capitalist begin complaining about government’s intervention in business affairs.
    So what is the function of the government? The government is there to prevent capitalists from killing each other. It’s like a boxing match: the two fighters are beating up each other, but the referee does not let one to kill the other. In the end one is declared winner, but both are supposed to make lots of money.
    What about workers, and peasants, how does the government relate to workers? The government has to have them available for when capitalist need them.
    …”Seven, ACORN.”
    I think some Republican are in rage with ACORN for they’re saying ACORN organization is in favor the Democrat party. I think this is not big deal because Obama would have won with ACORN help or with out it anyway. If the Republican had won ACORN issue would not be important for them. Mrs. Contreras: Obama won the election. He was not selected to be president like Bush was. He is the president of United States. Get use to it. Don’t worry about ACORN.
    … “Eight, redistribution of wealth. No, no, no. I work for my money. It is mine. I have always worked for people with more money than I have because they gave me jobs. That is the only redistribution of wealth that I will support. I never got a job from a poor person. Why do you want me to hate my employers? Why what do you have against shareholders making a profit?” says Mrs. Contreras.
    There we go again with the redistribution thing. This is Sean Hanity favorite topic. I wonder if he helped to edit that letter. I’m not Obama’s spoke person, but as I understand during the campaign Obama was promoting the idea of increasing taxes to those who make more than 100 thousand a year, I think. Or maybe it was 200 thousand. I don’t remember the exact figure, but he says that those who make less than that would not get their taxes increased. If Mrs. Contreras makes that amount a year she has the right to complain, but the vast majority of worker in the USA make way less than 100 thousand dollars a year. There are millions of people making 30 thousand dollar a year or less. There are executives at Wall Street and else where making 80, 60, 40 millions dollars in bonuses only, not including their salaries. Shouldn’t those people pay more taxes than those who make 30 thousand dollar a year? I mean 1 dollar is more for the one who has only 10 dollars total than 20 dollars is for the one who has 100 dollars. One might say “the less taxes you charge to the rich people the more money they have available investing back in the economy” Yes that’s sounds nice, but then how come they are not doing so? Why are we being hit with high unemployment rate? Capitalists are investing their money in foreign countries where labor is cheaper than here. Then they expect us to buy the products they made elsewhere, but we are unable to do so because the production of those goods did not generate employment here. And because we don’t have jobs we don’t have money to buy any goods. But because we “need” the goods we pay with credit cards….and that’s the beginning of another story.
    Mrs. Contreras is afraid of redistribution of wealth maybe because she is thinking that an elected president of the United States of America might be implementing a communist system in the USA. She is thinking that Obama is going to take one house out of those who have two houses and give it to the poor. She might be thinking that Obama is going to take all rich people to jail and confiscate all their wealth to redistribute them among the poor people. There are two well known fear factors people at Fox News use constantly in politics: one is Communism, the other one is Terrorism. Communism, I think is over used. Mrs. Contreras should use Terrorism instead.
    “Why do you want me to hate my employers? “ Says Mrs. Contreras.
    I haven’t seen any Democrats, or Republican leader calling on people to hate employers. What people usually complain is that every day more people are getting poorer while few people become extraordinarily richer and richer. For Mrs. Contreras to understand those complains she has to visualize the economic system as a whole, not just her relationship between her and her employer. I’m glad Mrs. Contreras is able to love her employer. Nevertheless, I know that if Mrs. Contreras sees that she works harder than other co-worker, but she is getting less money, I’m sure she is going to hate her employer. Also, ff she got layoff because her company is not producing enough money to pay her salary she would hate her employer for sending her to be part of unemployment population instead of other co-worker.

    “what do you have against shareholders making a profit?” Asks Mrs. Contreras.
    Well for that I’ve got to say it’s a natural human thing. People tend to have a good sense of fairness when they are the victim of unfair treatment. Some people in Wall Street are making millions and millions of dollars trading what workers are producing every day making just enough money to survive. I think it’s not fair. I think the gap between poor and rich is getting so wide that the whole economic system might collapse to the point of political unrest. Uh, don’t worry; that happens all the time in Latin America; you would get used to it. Although, here it might be harder, since there are so many people with guns.

    Let’s see what else Mrs. Contreras says:
    “I have always worked for people with more money than I have because they gave me jobs. That is the only redistribution of wealth that I will support…”
    I’m happy Miss Contreras got jobs. Others are not so lucky. Let’s see what unemployment rate is right now…that’s the advantage of the internet: we can check out figures before talking BS.
    “The White House says double-digit unemployment is coming sooner than previously acknowledged.
    White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says the president expects the nation will reach 10 per cent unemployment within the next few months.
    In an interview with Bloomberg last week, President Barack Obama said he expected the nation to reach 10 percent unemployment sometime this year.
    The current unemployment rate reached a 25-year high of 9.4 percent in May.”
    That means there will be 35 million people with out a job, and right now there are 32.9 million people with out a job. Rich people don’t’ have a job for every one of us. So those who don’t have a job are supported by those who have a job. The fewer jobs are out there for the poor people the less people are able to buy the product the rich people produce at their industries and companies. Rich people are out there because there are lots of poor people here, but if we all, the poor people, became so poor the rich people, and all of us together with the nation will break apart. Unless the rich people have already a plan to move out to mars and leave us here, it’s best for all of us to come up with a solution to the financial crisis we are experiencing right now. I would not count on Mrs. Contreras to support another way to manage the economy for the “only redistribution of wealth Mrs. Contreras supports” is the one we already have in place for years. I’m afraid, this redistribution of wealth is the one making more pore people every day. Of course, except for Exxon Mobil, the company of former Secretary of State, Miss Rise, and Mr. Bush, that made 40 Billion dollars profits in 2007.
    Halliburton, the company of former vice President Dick Cheney is also doing well. This company supplies gas and other materials to the military in the war of Iraq and Afghanistan. Its profits jump from 7.5 millions in 2005 to 22576 millions profits in 2007. According to Fortune magazine
    How much were we paying for a gallon of gas in 2007? Do I have to remember that?

    “Nine, charitable contributions. Although I never got a job from a poor person, I have helped many in need. Charity belongs in our local communities, where we know our needs best and can use our local talent and our local resources. Butt out, please. We want to do it ourselves.” says Mrs. Contreras.
    What a noble thing to do: give charity to the poor!!
    Charity doesn’t help Mrs. Contreras! What really help is for the rich people to invest in the production of goods. That way the local economy regenerate more jobs for people so they can support themselves with out the need for your charity.
    Where does the government get money from?
    From Taxes it charges to people who have jobs. If there are fewer jobs for the people, there are more people who need charities, and because there is less jobs there is less money for charities as well. But if there are more jobs there is less need for charities and there is more money that can be used for something else instead of charity, school for example, so more people are educated; so then they can later regenerate more taxes from their well paid jobs…
    What can local governments do if they don’t have money to pay local government employees?
    How local government is going to hire policemen firefighters, school teachers if they don’t have money to pay?
    Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I like to dream that one day there would be no need for charities: a day in which we all have a job and love our employer. I think the only way this could happen is if only if we all are the employees and the employers… I know, I might be called communist for saying that.
    Where are the rich people from?
    How did they accumulate their wealth?
    Are rich people rich because they worked harder?
    Are rich people equipped with better brain than poor people?

    “Eleven, transparency and accountability. How about it? No, really, how about it? Let’s have it. Let’s say we give the buzzwords a rest and have some straight honest talk. Please try please stop manipulating and trying to appease me with clever wording. I am not the idiot you obviously take me for. Stop sneaking around and meeting in back rooms making deals with your friends. It will only be a prelude to your criminal investigation. Stop hiding things from me.” Says Mrs. Contreras.
    I agree with Miss Contreras here. Let’s open an investigation of any alleged criminal acts committed by any government official; no matter who they are, and make them pay for their crimes. No matter if the alleged crime was committed by this or previous administration. Some people would like to reopen the investigation on the 9/11 terrorist attacks for they think the Bush administration knew more than it pretended in that case. People allege the Bush administration broke the law by purposely lying to congress about Iraq to take the country into war against that country. People allege that former vice president Dick Cheney ordered the name of a CIA agent to be reveled which is a criminal act against the mother land. He allegedly did so to punish the spouse of this secret agent for not saying publicly that the war in Iraq was justified. People allege that lawyers of the previous administration ordered prisoners of war to be tortured at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. This is a crime in our criminal System, and international law as well. People also are saying that members of the Democratic Party knew about tortured prisoners and choose to ignore the crime at the time. That is not going to happen for the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party are the two heads of the same monster.
    Well, I’m tired. Honesty, I think this so called Open Letter was not produced by a so called independent person for it contains the topics of the opposition party: the Republican Party.

  29. Martin, you had this to say. “First of all, “Mrs. Contreras” does not present one single solution to the problems we are facing in our nation.” For some reason I decided to read all of your post and guess what, you didn’t answer any of the questions either and no I don’t have the answers to them eigher. Yes I watch Fox news and no I didn’t vote for Obama. That doesn’t mean that I have to agree with everything he says and stand for. You know that, because if John would have won all the dem’s would be upset and not likeing him and blaming him for everything. I don’t care who did what or started what or when. Lets do what Obama said and work together to get them fixed. Not by putting our children and grand children into debt. I was always told if you don’t have the money in the bank to buy something then do with out, more than likely it was an want instead of a need. Do we NEED all these things that Obama is pushing for? I don’t think so. If the only way to help the economy then do so responsibly. Line item veto! He talked about cutting the fat out of the bills, then shut up and do it, don’t just talk about it. If Either side wants some thing stupid then veto the whole thing and make them do it over. At my job, thank god I still have one, if I make a mistake, I have to do it over until I get it right. Sorry for the rant. Just sayin!

  30. Janet,
    You are top notch and well spoken. Thank you so much for your letter. Keep on doing what your doing because it pushes people to think. You are a true patriot.
    As I write this, my first inclination is to be angry at the people and posts that are trying to discredit you. It makes me sad when people can be apparently enraged about a fellow American who loves her country, and wants the best for her family. When did bashing someone for their love of their country, and desire to take it back, become OK. It’s this very lack of understanding for others opinions that has caused us to be in the predicament we are in. To me it boils down to one thing, Freedom. The Freedom to choose what I want and when I want. The Freedom to work a job and raise a family. The Freedom to worship my Lord and Savior. The Freedom to eat a burger at a greasy diner if I choose. The Freedom to say what I want, with out fear of the consequences. The Freedom to read, listen and watch what I want. The Freedom to vote. The Freedom to Live. So when I see in a matter of months how quickly these Freedoms can be taken away, It makes me very uneasy. When my right to choose my own doctor is in jeopardy I get worried. When I see bill’s being introduced to take away the freedom of speech on the radio, I cringe. When the New’s is more interested in pushing an Ideal, then telling the truth, I Fear. I clearly do not understand why America continues to sleep when there personal Freedoms are being removed right under their noses. Wake up people! Janet’s letter is not about Party lines, but about a Free America. It’s about your right’s and Freedoms that were earned and fought for by Americans. Americans who gave their lives so you could have an opinion. Those same freedoms are quickly becoming history. Turn off American Idol, put down your IPODS, and stop texting long enough to open your eyes. Take the time to talk to your neighbors and say hello for once. Spend a night thinking for yourself, without the TV on. Do something nice for somebody unexpectedly. Go eat a greasy cheeseburger with extra onions, and a huge side of fry’s. Then ask yourself how important is it to you to be Free.
    Janet thank you for standing up for my freedoms. Your courage is appreciated. I pray that what makes this country great will be realized by all Americans before its too late. “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”

  31. Ken West says

    We trusted in Democrats and they let us down. We trusted in Republicans, they also let us down. We trusted in the dollar, it is failing us. We trusted in the Presidents and everyone of them let us down. Your letter Janet shows that we need something or someone better to trust in, but who or what? Oh God, who can help us? God, What should we do. God, is there anyone who we can really trust? God, is there a better way? God, show us the way. God, send us a leader. GOD, please help us. Please Lord.


    America, This is God! Put me back in your schools, put me back in your public places, put me back in your Government, let me find the leaders you need, let me back in your businesses, and I will clean up the mess that you all have made.


  32. If we want REAL CHANGE in Washington, why do we keep sending the same old, tired warhorses to represent us? I say we vote “non-encumbent” and flush the entire lot. Only condition would be that the newly elected must pass legislation to begin “term limits” for ALL elected officials. We only give our President two terms. Why not the rest of the elected? They are supposed to represent us, THE PEOPLE. It is clear they are following a different agenda. If you cannot see that, you are a victim of smooth talk and a silver tongue.

  33. I want to respond to all those who are arguing whether or not she is a Democrat or Republican.

    Did you not read the letter?

    SHE NO LONGER CARES. As the rest of you should no longer care. It doesn’t matter – both parties have disappointed us.

    If anyone throws around labels or stereotypes based on political party, you should be ashamed.

  34. She is a lying sack of ****. She was never a dem and all you morons simply buying in: “Yup, yup, that’s a GREAT letter”. What fools!

    Some of you almost have it right: be suspicious of both parties and start your own. We have the party of the enormously rich and the party of the totally over-the-top-corporate class rich people. Neither party offer us ANYTHING. Fools!

  35. For someone who likes transparency can you stop calling my cell phone with a restricted number for your rally. By the way many of the things that you believe in are contrasting such as no government interference with states, but you want them to defend the state borders. I am all for cracking down on illegal immigration, but your logic is misguided! All for one and one for all. That’s right we are each American but not Americans.

  36. Janet LaFlesch says

    I was born in the 4th District (not called 4th District then) 60-years ago.

    The big question is: What does Ed Pastor do? What has he ever done except vote in lock-step with the Democratic party. We need some new blood in this district–go Janet!

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  38. We….All of us have different opinions don’t care what party you belong to. My wife came here illegally


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