Janet Contreras Launches ¡No Mas Ed Pastor! Moneybomb!

It’s time to help our incredible Republican candidate out in central Phoenix!

Janet Contreras just launched a MoneyBomb via the website ¡No Mas Ed Pastor! (www.NoMasEdPastor.com)

Janet Contreras is the conservative choice in CD-4. You may recall the letter she wrote that was read by Glenn Beck on his television program in 2009. Janet, the “Citizen Candidate,” in this race, is taking on a longtime incumbent who has consistently voted for more taxes, more spending and bigger government. Ed Pastor voted for TARP, the bailouts and ObamaCare. Janet will work to reverse as much of this as possible and restore our Republic.

Please visit and donate to her effort to unseat big government liberal, Ed Pastor, in the race for Congressional District 4.

Be sure to tell your friends about Janet Contreras and send them to the website. Money raised will be used to go up on radio during this final week leading up to the election.

To read more about Janet Contreras, visit her website at Vote4Janet.com.


  1. Janet,

    You are in America, speak English! We passed an English only law for a reason, you don’t get special treatment because you are a Republican Hispanic.

  2. Excellent campaign Janet! A slogan has to make sense in the first three seconds and yours is a bombshell. You’ve got the dems on the run in CD4 – this ought to seal the deal.

  3. Hey! Who’s the Miss Prissy up there?

    On ne peut pas parler des autres langues ici, si on est Republican?

  4. So CD-4 is now in play???

    Will there be nay DEMs left in AZ come next week?????????

  5. Well, the zombies are voting, and no matter what they voted while alive, now that they are dead, they are Democrats, so there could well be Dems still in office thanks to that eternally (D) devoted constituency.

  6. No Se Puede! What happened Janet? Where did all your money go? Maybe using Spanish instead of English is killing your base. Why don’t you write another letter to Beck?

  7. Marcus Kelley says

    Hey, Lisa,
    Janet uses ONE line of Spanish and you attack her on it? It’s also done tongue-in-cheek. Some of us have a sense of humor. Also, note it’s not Republicans objecting to the use of Spanish, it’s YOU, a Leftist.

    If anything, Janet’s support base has been GROWING. Meanwhile the communist Ed Pastor is polling in the low 40’s with 40% of Dems undecided & 5% defecting! For a multi-term incumbent a week out from election day, that’s PATHETIC!

    Oh, and the first letter to Glenn said it all, honey. Can’t improve much on perfection.

  8. N o guts, no glory says

    No more Pastor! Lisa, are you happy now? 😉
    🙂 😉 🙂 🙂

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