Jan Brewer leaning towards eliminating speed cameras?

speed cameras

From a recent interview, after newly elected Pinal County Sheriff Babeau told Redflex Traffic Systems to take a hike:

“It’s everywhere from Costco to going to church… ‘get rid of that photo radar,'” Brewer told the Associated Press. “Everybody that I’ve spoken (with), other than two or three people, they don’t like it.”

We’re hoping she makes the right decision. We don’t know anyone who likes them either – except Governor Napolitano and some mistaken legislators – and we’re willing to bet the Republican legislators who caved on this regret their vote now (those who are left in office, interestingly many of the Republicans who voted for photo speed cameras lost reelection).


  1. Let’s have a conversation about criminalizing human behavior…

  2. Methinks that’s an interesting comment…. insomuch as EVERY law limits human behavior in some way; hence, every law criminalizes some aspect of human behavior.

    That’s right up there with “you can’t legislate morality,” which is also a canard; each and every law is based, in some fashion, on a moral code. If you would disagree with that statement, give me an example of a law that you do not believe involves a moral decision, and I’ll show you how it does.

  3. Methinks,

    thanks for asking.

    The issue isn’t about law following moral code. I have not problem with this at all.

    The issue is which human behaviors do we accept and which ones do we want to legislate? Furthermore, to what extent do we want to penalize human behavior? For example, do you think we should outlaw the use of the cell phone while driving? Should we outlaw hauling people in the back of pickups?

    You argue that ‘each and every law if based, in some fashion, on a moral code’. Which moral code would you enlist in support of legislating the above behaviors?

    We might all agree that cameras on highways are a nuisance. They aren’t really criminalizing behavior – they are enforcing laws about speeding. I find it interesting that many conservaives are all about making laws about human behavior but they are upset when measures are taken to enfore the same laws.

    I look forward to the discussion.

  4. Michelle Reagan LOVES photo radar. Then again, she was one of the Napolitano 8, so its not a surprise to see her loving most of what Nappy loves.

  5. Tru Dat,

    Why do we bother having laws about speeding if there is no enforcement?

    Just asking….

  6. I am actually doing a series of blogs on this issue –


  7. Sherlock Homie says

    It’s not about speeding, it’s not about safety, it’s about generating revenue. It’s a luxury tax. Hence the D’s loving it and the R’s tolerating it. Anything that enables the beast of government to grow and satiate itself is a problem. It’s also a very volatile source of revenue.

  8. Sherock,

    Then don’t speed and you won’t be paying the ‘luxury tax’. Powerball is voluntary taxation – don’t buy a ticket and save your money; drive the speed limit and you save your money.

    When the state ethic is ‘if it works, it must be right’ then don’t complain about the laws you will end up having these kinds of consequences.

  9. tru dat

    how do you know she is for photo radar. I heard an interview she gave where she railed against saying they were like acne popping up everywhere

  10. Like mushrooms!

  11. Veritas Vincit says

    By the numbers boys and girls…

    the RedFlex system uses “… Advanced Neural Network Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Engine for Real-Time Notification of Vehicles of Interest”

    So, Homeland Security gets to know about your travel habits and the local government gets to enhance their revenues on your wallet.

    Everybody wins (well, almost – you’re screwed) Here’s the corporate link for those who want proof:


    Read it and weep…

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