James Kelley: Why I Support Jeff Flake

By James Kelley

Today, after months of deliberation and having private conversations with both Congressman Jeff Flake and his primary opponent Wil Cardon, I officially endorsed Jeff Flake.

Mr. Cardon’s supporters have been perplexed and have voiced their concern about my support of Congressman Flake. Let me tell how I came to my conclusions.

I believe Jeff Flake to be an experienced, capable and knowledgeable legislator. I believe him to be a champion of the Arizona taxpayer and that in his deliberations in Congress he has held our best interests in the forefront of his voting behavior. I believe he is the best person to fill Senator Kyl’s seat. I admire his support of the McCain – Kyl 10 point border security plan and his tireless efforts against earmark legislation. Jeff Flake has the best world view and grasp of our very precarious geo-political issues, particularly concerning China, Iran, the Middle East and Afghanistan and Pakistan. This dangerous world needs a deliberate person like Jeff Flake. This is no time for rookies who have no idea and would defer to others for his opinions and information. Jeff Flake has been on the front line as has his family and he has a personal stake in successful outcomes for our nation.

Mr. Cardon is a fine person and a successful businessman. He has embarked on political and financial folly with his campaign for the US Senate. In my opinion he has wasted 4.2 million dollars of his own money and wasted the resources that Jeff Flake and the rest of the state needs for GOTV efforts to defeat the socialist progressive agendas of the Democrats. Mr. Cardon would have proven his love for country, state and community by using his vast resources to help the often ignored and forgotten down ticket candidates that are fighting the good fight at the local levels. It is at the local levels that the street by street, hand to hand political combat occurs and the local machines that most affect the national races. If we do not have conservative people at county offices, school boards, city councils, we lose. $ Do you have any idea what 4.2 million dollars could do at the local level to wrench out the entrenched progressive socialists? Mr. Cardon does not; his quest for personal aggrandizement overwhelmed his normal and usual fiscal practicality.

So there it is. Please support and vote for Jeff Flake for US Senate.

James Kelley is a candidate for Supervisor in Pima County


  1. Mr. Kelley just won my vote!

  2. Jim needs your financial support in a tough supervisorial race in Pima County. Please contact him to find out how to donate.

  3. AZDryheat says

    How about the obvious: Wil Cardon is a complete hypocrite. Runs hard on immigration then gets caught hiring “undocumented workers.”

  4. LEO IN TSN says

    Just like ants after a rain, the McCainiacs are out & scurrying around to cover up McFlake’s outrageously false mud-slinging campaign. I thank Mr. Kelly for exposing himself to US in Baja AZ while votes are still in play.

    Funny that Mr. Kelly would specifically describe McFlake as holding “our best interests in the forefront of his voting activity” when I know many who don’t think that cap & tax, amnesty for 40 – 50 million illegal aliens plus families & friends, gays in the military, gay marriage and etc. are in our best interests. Then Mr. Kelly cites the infamous “10-point Plan” from the campaign days when McAmnesty was walking the desert south of Phoenix hand-in-hand with his buddy Sheriff Ego Baboon, pretending to be a conservative by bleating to the cameras “build the danged fence.” The 10-point plan, along with the danged fence, are still in the same vault as the obamao birth certificate, college records, social security records and the rest.

    Nope, we can’t survive another McAmnesty-Mckyl-McFlake-McKelly style big government politician raising our taxes and debt ceiling, locally or nationally. We need conservative patriots who will vote for the interests and future of US.

    God bless America.

  5. Leo, I totally agree with you. Jeff Flake has betrayed each and every one of us with his “voting activity”, and yes the false claims here of support for Kelly by these sycofants because he supported Flakey. Please, please tell me how Flake gets the money to pay for his LIBERAL SOCIAL PROGRAMS? Oh from taxes, that fiscal rebel, that fiscal sham, that lying snake. I will always remember he was not even Representing us when he did not show up to vote on the Cap n Trade bill, Oh that is right his daughter was in a beauty contest, a beauty contest that had no function that Friday, but the Liar used that as an excuse not to do his job. But this year he introduced his own cap and trad bill, trying to have it both ways. No Jeffy boy McFlake will never get my vote.

    James you are lucky I can not vote for you, but I will campain agaisnt you for betraying us the way Flaky has done along with MCNasty/Kyl, the trio of lies.

  6. Is this real? James Kelly states that Wil Cardon is wrong to run for office and instead, should have given his money to the ‘James Kelly for Supervisor’ campaign. Like a 99%er, Kelly is blasting Wil Cardon for not giving his millions to the “down ticket” little man. Clearly, he thinks his audience is stupid. I don’t trust Jeff Flake who has been groomed to lie and obfuscate issues during his time in DC. It would be a mark of sanity to stop asserting that being against earmarks is a virtue; it’s not. Anyone old enough to drive knows that earmarks didn’t create the disaster we call federal government today. Also, Wil Cardon did not hire 150 illegal aliens as Jeff Flake announced. However, the fact that Jeff Flake supports comprehensive immigration reform and now says it’s a “dead end” means he’ll say anything to get elected. If he made it to the Senate, I’m sure Jeff Flake would support amnesty despite the devastation it would unleash on our economy and culture.

  7. I am not so sure why earmarks get such a bad rap as I am of the opinion that nearly every cent should be earmarked. Giving any President the ability to spend billions wherever and on whomever he wants doesn’t strike me as being fiscally conservative.

    Let’s take the ‘bridge to nowhere’ as an example. That was a lousy earmark and we knew exactly who put it there. He paid a price, albeit not a tough enough one.

    The problem is on the issue of earmarks, Cardon is against them as well. [:-(

  8. There is a lot of talk about ‘amnesty’ for those who enter our Country illegally. What legislation did Rep. Flake co-sponsor that y’all think equated to an amnesty bill?

  9. Lets face it. His name says it all. ‘FLAKE’.. He voted for “the Dream Act, Cap and Trade , against “Do Ask don’t tell”, is his son in the military?. I don’t know about you all, but Senator Kyle didnot do the people of Arizona any favors. so it stands to reason why they think it appropriate to put the “FLAKE” in that position. We Arizona voters are tired of these pseudo Politicans. We need new blood in that position.

  10. Suan says Rep. Flake voted for the DREAM Act. To my knowledge, that is false.

    On December 8, 2010 the House held a vote on the DREAM Act, H.R. 5281. The Roll Call vote was #625. Rep Flake voted Nay. The final vote was 216 yeas, 198 nays and 20 did not vote.

    People are entitled to their opinions but they are not entitled to their own set of facts.

    Now if there is another vote on another bill that contained the DREAM Act I am not aware of, please post it as I would be interested to know.

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