Fifteen additional grassroots Republican leaders have endorsed Lisa James.They come from all across the state willing to stand up for what they believe is the best chance for the future of the Party.

That a way, Lisa. Make us proud.

MCRC Treasurer Danny Mazza

Apache County Chairman Rick Nathan

Apache County 1st Vice Chair Michael Humphrey

Apache County Former Chairman Jack Husted

Apache County Former Chairman Myrna Udall

Apache County, Karen Glennon

Graham County 1st Vice Chair Keith Alexander

Pima County 1st Vice Chair Jim Kaucher

Pima County 2nd Vice Chair Barbara Bathen

Yavapai County Secretary Susan Cohen

Yuma County Chairman Robert Cannell

District 8 1st Vice Chair Tracy Munsil

District 8 2nd Vice Chair Chad Willems

District 8 Former 2nd Vice Chair Travis Junion

District 20 1st Vice Chair Brian Symes


  1. Thank you for sharing the Rockford files. Or does this make her a Maverick. A little play on your headline.

  2. You are quite witty!

  3. Clever pun!

    Is Lisa ever going to produce a list that has only State Committeemen on it? Or must she always pad her numbers with folks who can’t vote?

  4. The author of this post, LJD, makes it seem as if the SonaranAlliance has endorsed Lisa James. I consider SA the best blog in Arizona, especially in the area of fairness and accuracy, and this information certainly is newsworthy, however, the script at the top of the post sure sounds overly supportive of Lisa James.

    I suspect this is a reproduction of a press release, if so, in fairness, it should say so.


    Bob Haran,

  5. Hi Bob,

    It looks like there is an even split among the contributors. One posts for Lisa, one for Randy. AZInsider is, IMHO, a pro-Pullen poster.

    See ya’ Saturday!


    10 – Forced Republicans to work on reaching out to Democrats, now that there are so many more of them registered in Arizona.

    9 – Thought an early ballot program was for people that vote in the morning.

    8 – After promoting Bret Mecum to political director, the party went months at a time during the election year without a communications director. Message, Schmessage!

    7 – Barely raised enough money to keep the lights on, helping Arizona’s donors to keep more money in their pocket!

    6 – Helpfully provided the Obama campaign with talking points about how even Republicans in McCain’s home state don’t like him.

    5 – At the same time, rightfully took full credit for McCain carrying the state, considering McCain barely survived his last election with 76% of the vote.

    4 – Knows all kinds of crap about his candidates, and let them know it!

    3 – Invoked Rule 11 in CD-1, because primaries are just too important to be left to voters.

    2- The Party has been so busy working on Pullen’s re-election that they have not sent out a press release, or updated their website, since December 18th. And why should they? Its not like anything has happened in Arizona politics lately.

    And finally,

    1 – Managed to secure an illegal $100,000 donation to attack a Democrat for masturbating. That’ll teach him not to give in to those urges!

    On to 2010!!!!

  7. Does anyone know what this is all about?

  8. Bob –
    If you read SA regularly it would be clear to you that SA has far from endorsed Lisa. SA is giving equal play to each candidate.

    John –
    I don’t believe Randy, nor Lisa, assume to release the names of State Committeemen supporting their campaign. Campaign 101: Don’t show your cards to your opponent.

  9. Actually Gal, Lisa has released lots of names of the State Committeemen supporting her. In fact, she updates her website nearly everyday. There just aren’t those many of them.

  10. Wow, John, no need to be snippy 🙂

    My point is that neither Randy or Lisa will likely release a full list of those supporting them. It’s not in their best interest to.

  11. Todd, Sure. Horst Kraus recruited Haran to run on his slate for 2nd Vice Chair-D6. Sean Noble recruited 40 proxy votes from folks who to this day have never attended a Republican function of any kind. Kraus told Noble to put his proxy votes for Haran. Congressman John Shadegg showed up and endorsed Bob Haran for 2nd Vice Chair against two other conservative, competent, level headed candidates.

    There you have it. Your friends, in their outstanding judgment went to great effort to recruit and elect Haran to 2nd Vice Chair. Problem: Haran won’t march in lock step with the “arrogant” RINO faction of the district/party. Live with it.

  12. Todd:

    I clicked on the link you posted. After knowing of Haran’s hijinks for some years now, I think the article in the link sums up the collective opinion of Bob Haran very well.

    He is guilty, multiple times, of the very complaint he’s crying about now. I can’t tell you how many times he’s posted lengthy tirades, signed with any official title befitting him at the moment (many he bestows on himself).

    Bob Haran might also use his real name but he dreams up and relishes in the superpower that any little title gives him. He then wields his title like a shield, hiding behind an imaginary office door, desk and nameplate while finding extraordinary amounts of courage in an impotent and self-titled position of authority.

  13. Todd,

    Is the link you referenced to be considered an example of civil discourse by Lisa James supporters? Regardless of what you think of someone or their positions, the highly personal nature of the attacks and the huge quantities of venom with which they are laced are, in my opinion, WAY out of line to post for anyone who wants to be considered a decent human being.

    What Horst Krause and Tony GOPrano (Jeff Vath) have posted is reprehensible. They could have conveyed the same message in a much more decent way. Unfortunately, I noticed they tend to get carried away with some of their posts and are not always willing to set the record straight in cases where they have made mistaken assertions.

    Horst and Jeff use their real names (or publicly known psuedonyms), but they still post some things that are really mean and nasty.

    These are people who sometimes find it difficult to disagree agreeably.

  14. Facts that Lisa James does not publish:

    1. When she was an paid Party employee in 2006, we lost 9 Republican seats in the state and nationally (SeeingRedAZ–Jan. 22).

    2. She failed to register new Republican voters when that was her assignment in LD 8.

    3. She failed to register any new PCs also while an elected officer of LD 8.

    4. She alienates the grassroots workers in this state and will lose volunteers at party headquarters.

    5. She is clearly on the wrong side of the immigration issue based on her work for the Prop. 202 gang. Don’t forget the the votes on Prop. 200 were overwhelmingly in favor of legislation to protect our electoral process….and included Hispanic American voters at 67%.

    6. She supported a Democrat cum lately Republican in CD 6 who was the darling of the cheap labor crowd. This position was against a good conservative Republican who has worked long and hard for the Party for many years and eventually won the seat (so much for her political savvy!)

    I could go on but won’t because the Republic’s endorsement should be enough to turn off any self-respecting Republican from supporting her.

  15. gop gal, I think you meant to say “LD” 6.

    That is the race in which James supported Tony Bouie, 5 days a Republican against long time party worker, Carl Seel. Why? Because Bouie is dedicated to the Magruder cause of exploitable labor at the expense of American jobs, sovereignty and national security.

  16. Hello:

    This morning I got an email from Dist 27 Chairman Harold Hough stating that he has NOT endorsed either candidate for State Party Chair-see below.
    Friday, January 23, 2009 9:14 AM

    Fellow LD-27 State Committeemen, Tomorrow we will be making a major decision on the direction of our party by voting for a State Chairman. As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been mentioned as officially endorsing both candidates at one time or another. Let me clarify that. As all of you know from the December meeting, when we talked about the state chair campaign, I told you I had no intention of officially endorsing anyone since I have to work with the winner. That still stands. I have not given either side permission to use my name in an official endorsement (although I’m flattered that they both want me on their side). And, I will give my 100% support to whoever wins. Tomorrow, it’s up to you to make the decision based on where you want the party to go. We have two decent people who are running and we owe them a vote based on the issues, not whether or not I endorsed them. I trust to your judgement. See you tomorrow in Phoenix!

    Harold Hough
    Chairman, LD-27

  17. Wow! Harold Hough is a class act! I wish all chairmen were like that.

  18. It’s Politics 101, when an incumbent is running for re-election, that election is a referrendum on the incumbent. The fact that Pullen is struggling to gain enough endorsements to put him over the top is more than telling about his performance (or lack thereof) of the last two years.

    I for one am looking forward to the Arizona Republican Party being taken seriously again. A party that focuses on important things like voter registration and fundraising, even if they are tedious and dont garner much publicity.

    If Randy Pullen wants to run for political office and bash Republicans about immigration til the cows come home, by all means, have at it. If he wants to run against an elitist / squishy / country club / establishment RINO in a primary more power to him. He can show drawings of middle fingers and talk about masturbation all he wants.

    Just dont do it as Party Chairman.

  19. Can't Recall My Clever Pseudonym says

    AZRed is right on. If he squeeks out another victory he should be ashamed of himself for not winning over the tremendous number of people that voted against him last time. That is, if he’s not already ashamed enough about the masturbation ad. I guess all bets are off, then.

    And please, don’t let PC recruitment be the measure of effective leadership. Here’s why: I don’t think there’s a single qualified conservative in my precinct. But I’m not going to look that hard, because as a PC, I’d not recruit anyone else which would dilute my own vote and power. That’s the temptation.

  20. Susan Godfrey says

    Since reading Royce Flora’s post on Jan. 10th, I have been watching and reading with much interest and feel compelled to give another perspective on the eve of this very important election. I am a new PC in District 8 that was recruited by Lisa James last year. She has been an amazing mentor and has helped channel my new enthusiasm for AZ politics (I am not a native)into areas of interest where I am most passionate. Countless times thru out this past year I have witnessed her cultivating and igniting new interest, in women especially, that have amazing talent and treasure to offer to the future of our party. As a newly elected State Committeeman, I will proudly cast my vote for Lisa James tomorrow.

  21. The Arizona Republic and the New Times endorse Lisa James. Remember, both these publications always endorse the candidate on the Left.

    The conservative, platform Republican Randy Pullen gets our votes.

  22. RE: Post #17; Poster “LD20”

    LD20 Says:
    January 23rd, 2009 at 12:34 pm
    Wow! Harold Hough is a class act! I wish all chairmen were like that.

    This site also shows the following LD 20 folks endorsing Lisa James.

    Dist 20 Chairman Farrell Quinlan
    Dist 20 Second Vice Chair Anthony Miller
    Dist 20 Fourth Vice Chair Alesha Nicole Corey
    Dist 20 Secretary Heidi Quinlan

  23. Maricopa SC says


    I would politely disagree with you. The AZ Republic has also endorsed numerous conservatives.

    I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a newspaper play in a State party Chairman’s race. What this tells me is this:

    Both the AZ Republic and New Times would love to keep Randy Pullen, because it gives them much fodder and silly news stories. Essentially, Randy Pullen, and his antics make great news. Also, since both newspapers lean left, it ensures that the Democrat Party can grow stronger without the petty Republicans trying to stop them. The AZ Republican and PNT are just trying to help the Democrats with their editorials.

    A vote for the incumbant, Randy Pullen, is a vote for more of the same: More Democratic registrations and more Democrats in elected office.

    Randy Pullen is great for the Democratic Party, but very wrong for our Republican Party.

  24. Home Town Girl says

    Leadership is now a vice unless it is in favor of Pullen? Standing up for what is right is a bad thing?

    It is making sense now…
    There is always an angle regardless of the truth! If the Republic had endorsed Randy with the mantra of his supporters…”more legislative seats regardless of tons of Dem money”…they would be saying..”AHA, even the left leaning paper gets it!” But, that isn’t what happened. Not even close. The abysmal failure of the state party in the last two years is so well known that well, as they say even a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes. This one was a no brainer!

    There are LD, County, and elected officials endorsing both. Why is it only the James endorsements that are being called out?

    The SC’s are not stupid. They too will see the twisted angles and desperate maneuvers of a self-promoting power hungry few, doing all they can to hold on to power. Party be damned, platform be lost, …it is all about them!

  25. Maricopa SC,

    The Republic and New Times ENDORSED Lisa James. What do you mean they would love to keep Randy? They WANT Lisa James.

    Can your brain process the English language?

    Home Town Girl,

    What is so hard to understand about liberals (the media) not wanting a conservative (Randy Pullen) to lead the part?

    OBVIOUSLY, liberals prefer liberals and not conservatives when there is a choice. The liberal media is clear in their choice of who they want.

  26. Home Town Girl, are you writing about the Congressional Delegation. They trashed the Republican Party in 2006 and were narrowly defeated by a guy who managed to get GAINS in the legislature when Republicans were losing all across the country.

    What got Republicans to the polls? Was it McCain (or Palin) or the Marriage Amendment? Maybe, but the vote against the “GUT Employer Sanctions” initiative was stronger than the vote in favor of the other two. (Check out the Sec of State web site and see for yourself.)

    By restoring the Republican brand and bringing it more in alignment with what Republican (and most independent) voters want instead of what the Chamber of Commerce wants, Randy Pullen has built up the Republican Party and has protected the party platform.

    Has he made mistakes – even some big ones? Sure. Anyone who tries to do anything is bound to make some mistakes. Has he lost 7 legislative seats and 2 Congressional seats and had a statewide candidate (for a single position) getting blown away with only about 35% of the vote? I don’t think so.

    I’ll take Randy Pullen any day over the disastrous people who were before him and who are actively seeking to replace him.

  27. Home Town Girl says

    Hunter, thanks for wasting no time to prove my point.

  28. Maricopa SC says

    Observe- Perhaps you should use your brain and think of the big picture! You clearly did not read my post. The AZ Republic and New Times know that their endorsement could potentially hurt the challenger. Randy Pullen makes great news. And let’s face it, with all of the Gannett lay offs, and job losses in the news industry, they need as many papers to sell, and people to click through on their sites as possible.

    Can you think of any other time that the papers would weigh in? No!

    Once again- “I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a newspaper play in a State party Chairman’s race. What this tells me is this:

    Both the AZ Republic and New Times would love to keep Randy Pullen, because it gives them much fodder and silly news stories. Essentially, Randy Pullen, and his antics make great news. Also, since both newspapers lean left, it ensures that the Democrat Party can grow stronger without the petty Republicans trying to stop them. The AZ Republican and PNT are just trying to help the Democrats with their editorials.

  29. No Maricopa, the Republic and the New Times endorse Lisa James because they her politics better when compared to Chairman Pullen.

    You are telling us they tried “reverse psychology.” Give me a break!

    Then New Times and The Arizona Republic endorse Lisa James because they always endorse the candidate on the Left!

  30. Home Town Girl says

    Taken from the article:

    “Arizona Republicans have fielded a minority of the state’s congressional delegation for the first time in a generation.

    In the only serious statewide contest, the race for Corporation Commission, they got thumped by Democrats, who got two of three seats.

    Democrats now identify Arizona as a future purple state. Is this a trend Republicans really want to see continue?

  31. Well, this is all moot. I wouldn’t think of beating a dead horse here. But the thought is very tempting …

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