James Disputes Voter Registration/Fundraising Claims

If you’re a Republican State Committeeman, by now, you’ve received a letter by Republican State Chairman candidate, Lisa James, disputing claims on her ability to register voters. In addition, State Committeemen are also hearing conflicts over fundraising by the State party over the last two years.

Here is an excerpt from the letter and a few visual aids as to James’ claim:

You’ve no doubt heard conflicting reports on the issues of voter registration and fundraising from the current AZ GOP. There is no debate when examining the real numbers of voter registration and fundraising for the AZ GOP. I would like to take this opportunity to give you the information as attained through the Secretary of State’s Web site, so you can determine for yourself if we can do better at registering Republicans and strengthening our finances.

During the 2006 cycle, when I served as Arizona Victory Director, the Republican Party registered 32,158 MORE Republicans than Democrats. During the 2008 Pullen Chairmanship, nearly 70,000 more Democrats registered than did Republicans. In fact, 8 out of 10 people who registered to vote this cycle decided against being a Republican. I’ve included a graph below with information attained through the Secretary of State’s office.

James continues:

In terms of fundraising, you’ll see that from 2002 through 2006 we steadily increased fundraising through the Party. I am proud to say that in 2006, when I was director of the Victory campaign, the AZ GOP raised more money than at any other election cycle on record (See the graph below).

Again, these numbers have been attained through the Secretary of State’s Web site and the Web site of the Federal Election Commission. The justification for the decline in fundraising for the Party during this time has been that Arizona’s money was directed elsewhere. Yet we had candidates who raised record amounts of money for their races (former State Senate President Tim Bee in his campaign for Congressional District 8). The economy has also been blamed, but in fact, during this same time period Democrats raised record amounts of money. In addition, there are no limits on how much money the Arizona Republican Party can raise for our state account. This means our potential to raise money to help our Party is unlimited and we should not only meet, but exceed, fundraising goals every year.

James’ letter than revisits the 2008 Election Cycle and hits back on the party’s failure to mount an early ballot campaign:

Two of the most important functions of the State Party are to register voters and raise money to support all of our Republican candidates. In 2010 we have all of our statewide constitutional offices on the ballot as well as a US Senate race, Congressional Races (and our best opportunity to take back CD1) and all 90 legislative seats. The 2008 election was the first time in memory that the AZ GOP could not fund a statewide early ballot mail piece to support our slate of candidates, nor could it fund an aggressive voter registration program. We lost 50% of the statewide seats on the ballot—not a good record for a red state.

The race for GOP State Chairman is now less than a week away. Boths sides are continuing to hit each other on registration and fundraising issues. Both have also called into question the other’s dedication to conservative causes such as the sanctity of life although Arizona Right to Life’s PAC has noted both candidates are equivalent on this position. Both campaigns have said little publically on the issue of immigration/amnesty and this may signal a hesitancy to bring that issue into play in this race. Regardless, expect this race to heat up even more in the remaining days.

You may read Lisa James’ entire letter by clicking here.


  1. With all of those great statistics, why aren’t we getting a couple more important pieces of information?

    We lost Republican legislators in 2006 and gained them in 2008. Plus, our 2008 legislators are more conservative than the 2006 legislators.

    We lost 2 US House seats in 2006. In 2008, we only lost one more (with an incumbent Republican under indictment and no funding from the national party organizations).

    Money is important, but it is not as critical as sticking with Republican principles which generates grassroots support.

  2. Funny that she has not disputed, or repudiated, or vowed to not utilize the services of, Nathan Sproul. Curious.

  3. Iris Lynch says

    Another omission is that in the greater scheme of things, our top Republicans, power-wise (pres and candidate for pres) were not the best role models in this world for Republicanism which was something of a downer for either joining or sending money. AND STILL, when it came to PREFERENCE(ala voting) the numbers prove the choice was CONSERVATISM…Vote for Randy

  4. The reason the Republicans were able to pick up seats in 2008 compared to 2006 is two things – good candidates and clean elections funded them, not the Party.

    Apparently, someone else has done some research on the numbers. Here is a good site to check out – http://www.heyjill.com.

  5. Are we to make the giant leap of faith that “serving as Arizona Victory Director” somehow means you are to be credited with all AZ GOP fundraising? Hardly!

    There are a lot of Republican clubs that raised money in the 2008 cycle. You don’t see those Chairmen claiming credit for AZ GOP fundraising.

    Let’s judge Lisa’s effectiveness by what she has done specifically for the AZ GOP. In her term as LD-8 1st Vice Chair–those results are exactly zilch. Lisa raised no funds registered no Republicans. This is another significant record which James has chosen not to address.

    I’m sure Lisa James is a very nice person. Just quit trying to beat up on our Chairman who is doing an excellent job already. What happened to all the “Lisa James is taking the high road” talk? That certainly evaporated quickly.

  6. Tracy,
    Give me a break…Lisa is not running an underhanded campaign. All she is doing is running on the issues, just as any candidate would do. If you think Randy is doing a good job, then you should support and vote for him by saying positives things. Putting Lisa down shows you are taking the low road.

  7. Give ME a break!!

    Nathan Sproul tried to knife many Republicans in the back.

    The chickens are coming home to roost for Nathan. He, and his benefactor are tied to Liss. There is a price to pay now and the bill has come due.

    Say what you will about Randy’s term but the bill has come due for Nathan’s antics and Lisa seems to be on his side.

    Randy may not be perfect but he ain’t Nathan. I’m surprised and disappointed by the high level support afforded to the Sproulies.

    Payback is a female dog.

  8. Oh, and by the way, maybe Lisa can explain the laundering of money thru Pima County GOP by the sour grapes anti-Pullen crowd.

    Throw that into the mix and I think the bar chart will be very different.

    Really laughable that this is the best they can throw at the PCs. The choice is obvious and the James Gang’s Funk #49 is not playing well.

    Let’s have a discussion of the laundered money thru Pima GOP.

  9. Goodyear GOP says

    Laundered is the wrong word, as it would be illegal and what they did wasn’t illegal. They simply sent the money to a different part of the same party.

    Look, Lisa tried the low road two years ago and lost a close race. This time, Pullen starts with the advantage so you KNOW that the James gang will get even dirtier to try and win. I fear for our party and that those people will put us through over the next week.

    Then on Saturday, I’ll have to try and keep my lunch down while she stands up there and talks about how she “loves” this party that she is willing to destroy to lead. No thanks lady!

  10. Once again, I am disgusted when the powers that be work against our party to dry up its fundraising, then use fundraising numbers as an argument for their choice. We get it, if Kyl and McCain don’t get their way, they’ll work against the Arizona Republican Party. We get it. That is how they feel about us and about our Party. We get it.

    I for one, will take less money for a Chairman who cares about our Party, the grassroots, our principles, and victory. I’ll vote for Pullen every time against the hand-picked puppets that McCain/Kyl and the rest try to foist on us.

  11. Got the mail on Saturday. Sorry Lisa, I’m still not voting for you.

  12. I reread the post and I’m confused. The title is that James disputes Voter Registration claims, but the only claim I’ve seen from Pullen is that more than 100,000 Republicans were registered. Nowhere did I see that disputed. Frankly, there wasn’t much dispute of Pullen’s fundraising numbers either. In fact, using the Bee campaign’s fundraising numbers to illustrate success only supported Pullen’s points regarding the record dollars raised and how they went to lots of places, not just the State Party.

    Did the Democrats raise more and register more? Sure they did, as they did all over the nation. But I don’t see Lisa James campaigning against Mike Duncan in his efforts to win re-election as RNC Chairman. It seems like we did better in Arizona than other states did, and we were one of what, like a half dozen states to gain seats in the Legislature? If Pullen can do more with less, and he can do that with our Congressional delegation actively working against him, then he’s a stud and we’re lucky to have him.

    Now imagine how many races we all could have won if McCain, Kyl, Flake, and yes, you Lisa James, wasn’t working against our State Party, trying to starve us out.

    James isn’t “disputing” anything. She’s just spinning madly, hoping we’ll fall for it. I voted for Pullen two years ago but liked Lisa then. I will vote for Pullen again on Saturday, but I’ve lost my respect/admiration for James and her crew.

  13. Curly Sue,

    Thanks for the link to my blog. I promise it will be a lot more exciting when I write about my shopping trips to the mall.

    But to your point about Clean Elections, I wonder how many other organizations (such as PACs) played in the election of the new Rs or tight races through independent expenditures or volunterism.

    Here in LD20, we lost an R seat and Mr. Dial was one of the hardest campaigners I’ve ever met. LD 20 also had an advantage of 10,000 registered Rs over the Ds (and to prove Ms. James’ point, it was a decrease from 2006 when we had a 14,000 lead). What happened??? I thought LD 20 was a safe district!

  14. Oh, and to clarify because some people don’t seem to “get it” – LD 20 registered 2000 new Republican voters while the Democrats registered 7000. That’s how the lead decreased and that’s how it affects races such as Mr. Dial’s.

  15. All this talk about Clean Elections seems to ignore that Clean Elections wasn’t a new thing in 2008 and it was no more or less a factor than before. Trying to give Clean Elections credit in an effort to deny credit to Pullen is silly.

  16. Saddlemaker says

    You folks sure don’t remember Reagan’s 11th Commandment. I certainly hope you don’t represent Chairman Pullens position on Senator Kyl and McCain. That would be an embarrassment to the Republican party.

  17. Home Town Girl says

    The only thing I hear from the Pullen crowd is excuses, excuses, excuses, or blatant lies intended to discredit the opponent because they know they have nothing better to offer. “So and so” cut us off, that’s why we have no money! Well that so-and-so is still in office or was re-elected by the very party he hopes to lead. What are ya’ gonna do about that this term, Mr. Chairman? Muddle through again? But, what about the little guy…those donors dried up too. What is wrong with them?

    Or… he registered lots of voters. But not nearly as many as the Dems and not nearly enough to keep up if the GOP is going to sustain a majority. But by then, there will be a new enemy to blame in order to evade and avoid responsibility.

    Or…but we gained seats in the legislature. Yep, in spite of his inability to produce and provide the support needed. The Realtor PAC saved the day. And clean-elections. And candidates that worked much harder than they should have had to. And the Marriage Amendment. And McCain. Yes, McCain.

    So, make wild eyed claims about Lisa James, try to tie her to people and events in hopes of stirring the pot, (regardless of the current relevance) and diminish her efforts and good work that has produced better results than anything Pullen has come close to. And, of course when all else fails…get personal. The sure sign of a dirty and desperate fighter.

    At the same time complain that the “James Gang” is a low down dirty crowd, they will lie, cheat, and do anything to win. But, then what else can be expected when your guy is a total and complete failure and you know it?

  18. Thanks Home Town Girl for your vitriolic contribution. Nice to see a shining example of the “unity” that Lisa James’ supporters will be bringing to the Party.

    Unless they lose of course, at which point in time they will all go home and do NOTHING to help the party for another two years.

  19. Home Town Girl says

    Well Pundit, to quote President Reagan…”There you go again….”

    You just proved my point. Post all kinds of wild claims with no substance about James, all designed to discredit her and paint her as unfit and you would call that being diligent but put the truth out in the open about Pullen and it is called vitriolic. Just the kind of garbage that was feared Pullen would bring to the party and use as his strength. And he has. And he will continue to do the same all the while destroying our party in this state!

    A quick switcheroo to suit your purpose, sort of like saying Pullen deserves to be re-elected when in fact, he does not! HERE IS THE PLAIN TRUTH…If he is re-elected and performs at the same level, we WILL lose the majority in voter registration and lose both the state legislative majority and more Congressional seats. Can you say Gov. Goddard? What is there to suggest he will do any better?

    Hey folks, if you are a state committeeman and are considering voting for Pullen…take a hard look at his record and how discourse is treated. The concern that his divisive past practices would be carried into his chairmanship was a real fear. Well, it was justified. He has alienated and divided and in so doing failed at the very things for which a chairman is needed.

  20. The simple fact is this: In a year where we had Arizona’s senior Senator at the top to the ticket Pullen was UNABLE to raise money and was UNABLE to maintain a Republican lead in new voter registration.

    The AZ GOP may have registered new voters but the point is that it was 65,000 LESS newly registered voters than the Democrats. When in 2006 the AZ GOP was able to register 32,000 MORE Republicans than Democrats and it wasn’t a presidential year with a hometown Republican at the top of the ballot.

    We gave Pullen the opportunity to lead and advance the party 2 years ago, and with a presidential election he couldn’t even produce results. He hasn’t stepped up to the plate. Now, it’s time for new leadership.

  21. The James gang loves to say that Pullen had no part in our Legislative successes. They credit the Realtors, Clean Elections, etc. All groups that were around in 2006 by the way. Yet in 2006, with Lisa James LEADING Victory 2006, as she loves to brag about, James and her Victory program LOST SEATS, failing to turn out Republicans in spite of being well-funded, and still with the assistance of the Realtors, Clean Elections, etc. Its worth repeating here: James Lost Seats.

    In 2008, Pullen Won Seats. Now you can claim that he had nothing to do with it, but if that was really the case, we wouldn’t see so many legislators supporting him. Especially note the number of new legislators who obviously give Pullen and his team at least some of the credit. Antenori, Gowan, Seel, Stevens, Melvin, Montenegro, Quelland, etc.

    Somebody or maybe a few somebodys on this blog want to convince us that these races were all won “in spite of Pullen”. The fact is that the candidates who ran the races are backing Pullen, not James.

    Results matter in politics, at least to those who are serious about winning. Pullen won his races, James lost her races. Add to that the fact that Pullen surrounds himself with political talent that also wins races while James surrounds herself with the Nathan Sprouls of this world, and the choice is clear.

    If you want Republicans to win in 2010, vote for the only proven winner in the race: Randy Pullen!

  22. Sherlock Homie says

    Steve Pierce, who took out Tom O’Halleran, is not supporting Pullen. Pierce is about as conservative as they come. He’s endorsed Lisa James. So I wouldn’t try to characterize this chairmanship race as being the moderates against the conservatives.

  23. Saddlemaker says

    What, if any, Republican candidates were elected from a district in which the Democratrs outnumbered the Republicans in voter advantage?

  24. Saddlemaker says

    Conversely, what districts were Democrats elected in that had a Republican voter advantage?

  25. Mr. Conservative says

    We have a Dem in one of our house seats in LD20 now… Randy said he was “surprised” that this happened. I was not, nor were many of the PC’s in LD20… We’ve been warned for the last couple of years this could happen ( Rep. McComish was one who voiced concern that this could happen ).

  26. Mr. Konopnicki was elected in LD 5, a district that had an advantage of 800 Democratic voters.

    In LD 23 and LD 25, Mr. Pratt and Mr. Stevens were elected in districts that had a 9,000 Democrat lead. Mr. Jones (LD 24) won in a district that had a 4,000 Democrat lead.

    In LD 11, Dr. Meyer (D) won in a district that had an advantage of 14,000 Republican voters and I’ve already written about LD 20.

    Mr. Konopnicki has endorsed Ms. James. Mr. Pratt and Mr. Stevens have endorsed Mr. Pullen. I do not know who Mr. Jones currently supports.

  27. True Conservative says

    Hey Jill is right. There were 4 Democrat districts in the rural parts of the state that elected a Republican. However, the better question is this: How many Republican legislators out-performed their voter registration margin vs. the democrats? Those numbers are startling. For example,Republicans outnumber Democrats in district 18 by 16%. Yet, Ash and Court won by less than 6%. That means they underperformed their registration advantage by over 10%. They aren’t alone. Just about every Republican is in the same boat. We’ve got to do something to turn our party around quickly before it is too late.

    If it wasn’t what happened with redistricting in 2002, Dems would already control the House.

  28. You missed some. Sylvia Allen won in a Dem district. David Stevens won in a Dem district as well. Both have endorsed Pullen. Any way you slice it, Pullen wins the legislative endorsement race by a mile. You can value that as you see fit, but for those on here who try to deny Pullen any credit whatsoever for legislative successes, those endorsements discredit that argument in rather absolute fashion. Face it folks, Pullen did some good stuff and won races. Lisa James doesn’t want to admit it, Nathan Sproul doesn’t want to admit it, and a few diehards on this site don’t want to admit it, but its true.

  29. Goodyear GOP says

    Focusing on the winners is important, but I also place value on folks who lost their race, like Altmann in LD11, Black in LD25, Zerull in LD26, etc. It would be very convenient for them to blame their party for their loss, but they don’t. In fact, they all support Randy Pullen.

    That’s pretty impressive from where I’m sitting.

  30. Pundit you have no idea what you are talking about.

    The fundraising in 2008 compared to the 3 previous election cycles is almost laughable. Since 2002 fundraising increased each year, including a peak in the 2006 non-presidential election cycle, and then took a nose dive in 2008.

    He even let go two of his hardest working employees because he couldn’t afford to pay them. The two guys who ran the phone banks and did their hardest to get people to help out during the election were just released after election with no warning.

    Randy claims that millions were raised in Arizona that went out of state to help McCain but he cannot take credit for raising that money, Pullen and the Arizona GOP had no involvement.

    Here are the numbers according to the FEC for you to look over. Facts speak for themselves!

    Dec. 2002 – 1,466,398

    Dec. 2004 – 2,610,480

    Dec. 2006 – 3,443,692

    Dec. 2008 – 994,233

    We can’t afford to sweak through another election cycle go by with limited staff, a lackluster voter registration program and no get-out-the-vote program. The 2010 election will be too important.

  31. Maricopa PC says

    Randy Pullen =’s Governor Goddard. Good one and it made me think.

    In all seriousness, we need to take a long hard look at the state of our party. This isn’t a game, this is reality. To re elect Randy Pullen means more of the same, and quite possibly a worse fundraising year then this year (where Presidential years should be at their all time high). If we don’t want to have an all out Republican slaughter in our mid year elections in 2010, then we need to consider a change in leadership toward Lisa James, who has had proven results as well as a fundraising track record.

    Lisa James can raise the funds necessary to fund our statewide elections in 2010. Lisa has the donor connections to make this happen. As evidenced by Pullen’s leadership, you don’t just gain the donor support necessary to raise funds just for being the Republican Party Chairman. People need to trust in your leadership and invest with you to lead the Republican Party in the right way. What we saw for 2008 was a major lack of trust. One of the only contributions that Pullen secured was MCSO, which he did so illegally, by not reporting the donors. Being chairman does not allow you to skirt the law.

    We simply cannot afford another 2 years under Pullen.

  32. Veritas Vincit says

    You don’t suppose that an unpopular war and an abisimal Republian record on federal spending and a President with historic popularity figures had anything to do with a drop off in registrations and fundraising??

  33. Goodyear GOP says

    MissAZGOP, your attack on me makes little sense as your entire post is on a different topic than mine. Moreover, your description of people being “let go without warning” is flat out dishonest. You could call Pascal and ask him yourself, but you already know you were lying here. State parties routinely ramp up leading up to Election Day then release staff right after. The folks at the GOP office knew what was coming months ahead of time, just like the folks at the DEM office knew. Frankly, just like anyone who has EVER worked for any State Party knew.

    I suppose Pullen could have spent us into debt like Matt Salmon did, but that would have been mismanagement. As has been said before, Pullen won his races. Did he do so with less money? Probably. But you can’t ignore (actually you almost certainly will ignore) the role that Lisa James and her supporters played in drying up fundraising in an attempt to bring Randy to his knees.

    Didn’t work for them then, and this dishonest line of attack won’t work for her now.

    Lisa will lose again, by more than four votes, in a clear rejection of this ugly, divisive, and dishonest type of campaigns.

  34. Goodyear GOP says

    Correction Miss, your attack on “Pundit” rather than me. Although I’m in agreement with Pundit on his/her point, so it matters little.

  35. Habit4ming says

    Is there a third candidate running per chance? Quite frankly, I’m not impressed with either of these candidates.

  36. If Lisa has all these great connections to donors then why (as you say) didn’t they donate for 2008? No sense electing Republicans to office if Lisa James isn’t the Chairman?! Or did Lisa and her “elites” direct them not to contribute while Pullen is Chairman? Either way, Lisa didn’t “put it away” after she lost the vote for Chair. And we’re supposed to believe she is the “unity” candidate? Yeah right. Where is the unity in taking support away from the Republican party because of who our Chairman is. There is no way in the world we should reward James with the State Chairman’s office. She didn’t care to raise funds for the party for the last two years. And worse, probably directed donors away from the Party for the last two years.

    Meanwhile, under Pullen’s leadership, we increased the conservative make-up of the legislature by some half-dozen seats. And with no help from Lisa James. I like Pullen’s results a lot better than James’ results. Pullen has my vote too.

  37. Casual Observer says

    Money was donated, just not to the AZGOP. It went to candidates directly or to other GOP venues. The trust in Pullen was shot and so are his chances of a rebound. Don’t be looking for any change in fundraising if he is re-elected.

    Lisa James does not control the minds of the many donors who held back or re-routed their contributions. That is an insult to the many hard working and generous folks who give what they can, when they can. The actions of Pullen and Pullen alone led to the debacle that was the past two years in his inability to maintain a staff, raise money, register voters, or support candidates.

  38. Lori R.,

    Lisa James does have great connections to donors, that is how she helped them get connected to the candidates themselves. Why would she push a donor to donate to the Republican Party when they didn’t want to begin with. You forget that the “Big Shots” in this town get to call the shots, they felt uneasy putting their money in the hands of Randy Pullen and would much rather donated directly to the candidate, which is precisely what they did. Can you blame them? No. Are the candidates who received those contributions complaining? No.

    Lisa is the “unity candidate”. She has a long list of endorsements (I suggest you check them out http://www.lisaforchairman.com/endorsements.htm) including the ones just released today; Treasurer Dean Martin and newly selected SOS Ken Bennett.

    Don’t you find it interesting that those individuals would not endorse the incumbent? They have the inside scoop as to what is going on they know what he is up to and the lack of leadership that is there with Pullen at the head of the Republican Party.

    You talk about rewarding – which is interesting. What did Randy do to be rewarded another term. All he did was prove he wasn’t up for the job the first time around!

  39. Casual Observer,
    You are right on the money!

  40. “Lisa James does have great connections to donors, that is how she helped them get connected to the candidates themselves.”

    Miss AZ, Since when did donors start needing connections in order to contribute to candidates? Or, are you looking to give more undue credit to non-participant Lisa?

    Pullen brought several anti-illegal immigration resolutions to the RNC which were passed. To say the least, James would not have provided this pro-active leadership for sovereign borders.

    She more likely would have done Kyl’s and McCain’s bidding on the 2007 amnesty fiasco. Which, by the way, Pullen had to overcome to do as well as we did in 2008.

  41. nightcrawler says

    Really apples and oranges being compared here. The anti-immigration crowd is for Randy primarily because of what he believes. It is an ideology. The pro-Lisa crowd is for the pragmatism of getting Republicans elected in the General elections. It is more of an operations skillset versus a grassroots connection. People will vote for many reasons, just step back and understand what motivates you.

    The bigger issue that isn’t being addressed here is that the Congressional delegation needs moderates, independents and conservative democrats to win in the general. The MCRC minions and “grassroot” tradionalists cannot deliver those. Instead they pound their chest about isolated state legislative victories and falsely assume that their ideology is the will of the majority of voters in the state.

  42. Lori,
    “Pullen brought several anti-illegal immigration resolutions to the RNC which were passed. ”

    I didn’t know Randy was an elected official or had plans to run for office? Since when is it the AZGOP Chairman’s responsibility to push public policy? Leave that to the elected officials.

    Hmm maybe that is why he lacked so badly in his ability to fundraise – his primary responsibility, becasue he was so focused in getting caught up in other things that he should of kept his nose out of.

    You speak of doing so well in 2008. How well did did he do in 2008 with his Mecum sidekick? Show us some fundraising numbers versus just talking about it. Please share the info with us that is on the SOS or Marciopa County website.

    Explain to us where you thought he did so well or has Pullen/Mecum just promised you that you can run for office in your district and that they will get you elected and therefore you are in awe with them?

  43. Moderates, independents and conservatives pass anti-illegal immigration ballot measures by 70% PLUS. Statewide.

    The congressional delegation would do well to appeal to the border “traditionalists.” Those who did in 2008 won (with one glaring exception, Schweikert).

  44. nightcrawler says


    Thank you for making my point. True, the ballot measure did pass.

    One issue does NOT make a candidate. This is a point lost on the majority of posters on this blog.

    Schweikert is a perfect example. He had all the credentials, education and experience to win. He was a strong, platform conservative. He raised a lot of money. He is a seasoned campaigner and very personable. He had a voter registration advantage. I voted for him and helped out. So why did he lose despite all this ?

    Ahhh..those pesky moderates, independents and conservative democrats. This situation will play itself out more and more as our demographics change.

    All of you are boasting about winning a family fist fight (MCRC elections) aboard the deck of the Titanic.

  45. MissAZGOP, James’ “long list” of endorsements is like 150 people, half of whom aren’t even State Committeemen. Not exactly a groundswell of support there. If long lists of endorsements is what makes a leader, then Pullen’s LONGER list of endorsements from State Representatives and LONGER list of endorsements from State Senators should tell you what you need to know. I hear he’s also got a bunch of LD and County chairs who have signed on.

    Maybe you want to pick a different criteria when choosing our next Chairman than one that so obviously favors Pullen?

  46. Casual Observer says

    TD, you are so off base! But, keep on trying. The Pullen base is good at delusion. The many ways to point it out is just too exhausting…time will tell, anyway.

  47. Nightcrawler, David Schwiekert was outspent at least 5 to 1 because of National Democrat money supporting Mitchell’s campaign. Also, Mitchell was running as an incumbent.

    The state party helped out, but financial support for congressional campaigns rests primarily with national Republican committees like the RNC and the Republican Congressional campaign committee. They were underfunded compared to the Democrats.

    I worked on Schwiekert’s campaign and was very disappointed that he lost.

    For those belittling the gains made in the state legislature, though, consider this. One Republican vote more or less in the US House of Representative will not make much difference now. The conservative Republican gains in the state legislature will have an enormous impact.

    I think Randy Pullen had his priorities right and did a great job for the Arizona Republican Party in a very difficult year for Republicans.

    Yes, John McCain helped, but he didn’t win by as big a margin as the misleadingly worded referendum to gut the employer sanctions laws lost by. Candidates who made calls opposing that referendum were helped in their elections. Jeff Dial was a candidate who did NOT make those calls – and he narrowly lost.

  48. Hunter,
    While agree with most of your posts, the two key reasons Jeff Dial lost in LD 20 was because the Dems challenged one of their own candidates for a single shot and one of the Jeff’s primary rivals remained bitter at the end of primary and encouraged his people not to vote for Jeff. 11th hour calls on illegal immigration wasn’t factored in. If you ever saw Jeff’s illegal immigration piece from both the primary and the general, it was one of the mail pieces that I ever saw in a state leg election.

  49. It is real simple. Randy Pullen = a democrat in LD20, a democratic CC, a Democrat now turned Lifer, Harry Mitchell in CD5. You couldn’t even save 8? Come on, you had 2 years to find a solid replacement. You could’ve sent a worthy contender up there as soon as the Franks situation occurred. You lack foresight.

    Randy, you just don’t get it. And to have raised such a meager amount in 2008, a presidential election year. That is horrible. You deserve to be voted out!

  50. Veritas Vincit says

    Oh, there’s that poster who’s been in the purple-koolaid again… #1234567.

    The facts are, at the state and local levels the party made solid gains with a Pullen chairmanship.

    Fact is, Lisa James for the most part sat on the sidelines after her loss in 2006 – instead of coming alongside for the party.

    Facts are, nationally GOP fundraising was down. Just look at the McCain figures – and he was the top of the ticket! Arizona was simply part of a national trend.

    Who lost CD1; CD8; and CD5? Who lost the Governor’s Office to Janet?

    Those are huge losses for Arizona folks.

    Seriously, aside from a meger endorsement by Kyl, what true support came from the national party through Kyl’s efforts for Sydney Hay once she was the candidate? Nothing.

    As for the Mitchell seat? Seems Lisa’s pick for State Party Executive Director ran a pi** poor campaign over in CD5 … and she’s to be rewarded by directing our state party??????

    The koolaid is really flowing out there peeps.

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