Jack Harris, What Happened?

Facts about this incident are scanty but apparently Phoenix police raided a private residence this past Thursday or Friday thought to be in conjunction with an internal investigation. According to one report the police seized all of the computers, routers and modems in the residence. The warrant was reported to be missing the page that specified the reasons for the search and seizure. The residence is the home of a man who runs the blog: BadPhoenixCops.com, a blog that is hyper-critical of Phoenix police administration, especially the assistant city manager for public safety, Jack Harris.

I scanned through the blog, it’s generally an unsavory read, but it does bring up some noteworthy questions about the activities of the PPD’s upper management. I’m in no hurry to conclude that there has been any abuse of power by the police. The facts, once they all come to light, will eventually answer that question.

For the moment it is interesting to me that our state’s largest newspaper, the Arizona Republic, has so little interest in the story, despite the suspicious smell of retaliation. I predict that if the Republic ever gets around to covering the story it will be much different than their coverage of Sheriff Joe (unless the owner of the blog is an ILLEGAL immigrant.) The reason for this is that Jack Harris has been extremely helpful in creating a city environment where ILLEGALS know that they can live free of fear that our immigration laws will be enforced. When it comes to immigration laws Phoenix is an enforcement-free zone.

Note to Attorney General Terry Goddard: the raid may be worth investigating. Surely you could link it to Phoenix mayor, Phil Gordon. Take down Phil now and you’d have one less opponent in a future governor’s race.

Maybe the raid will merit an investigation by the Obama/Napolitano justice department? Not likely, unlike the sheriff, Janet left Arizona on good terms with Jack Harris.

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  1. That sight is a disgrace! The claims they make and the allegations charged are worse than any frat house bathroom wall. The level of liability is so high that I’m surprised SA would allow such a site to be named on here. Filthy gossip and smears.

    It is no secret my husband is a member of the PPD, I have no love lost for Jack Harris and think his hiring was a sham. I could go on about my personal feelings of several names mentioned on that site but…I won’t. I won’t contribute to the short sighted plan that results in painting anything with a badge as a fascist slob.

    My husband received a text message to watch the KPHO report on Harris and Snodgrass. It was from an officer he knows but rarely sees or speaks to, but who obviously knew what was up. What did that tell us? This whole thing smells like a disgruntled group of malcontents who think their right makes might and have been just as dishonest and disgraceful as those they highlight on that piece of feces site. My money is on the idea that they were using city resources, while on paid time, uncovering their little snippets of dirt and pasting them on a very public website. Private info made public for their personal use. Where does it stop once they feel compelled and entitled?

    Who is the goose and who is the gander?

  2. Mike Norton says

    Regardless of your opinion of the website, it’s inappropriate for something like this to happen. It is similar to the Thomas/Arpaio raid on the New Times.

    I, personally, don’t like the website and wish it didn’t exist. That said, there is some good being done by bringing to light the mismanagement of the PPD at the higher levels. Jack Harris and other high ups practice favoritism, ignore claims made that may make the PPD look bad and do a disservice to both the community and the 99% of officers who are good people and have their reputation soiled because Harris won’t reprimand the 1% of bad officers.

    Bottom line, if Jack Harris is replaced with a qualified candidate who is willing to reform the PPD internally (even if that means being honest about the fact that there are a handful of officers who cross the line from time to time) then there is no need for the site. If you read SA, I assume you at least have some belief in free markets… an honest police chief and a solid internal structure of the Phoenix Police Department eliminates the need for a website like badphoenixcops.com and I’d prefer to get rid of the website that way, not by violating someone’s civil rights.

  3. Jack Harris is double-dipping. You can’t call him ‘Chief’ Harris although he wears the hat because he had to give up the ‘chief’ title when his retirement kicked in. Frank made him ‘Public Safety Manager’ and paid him his salary with a raise. It is not uncommon for various city officials including the Mayor and city council members to call him ‘Chief’ Harris to this day – but we all know that he is really Public Safety Manager Harris at twice the price.

    This is not a secret, although, it took the Republic (Casey Newton wrote it) about a year to finally pony up and say it was so.

  4. Three genreations of my family are Phoenix PD. I grew up around nothing but Phoenix cops. I’ve known lterally hundreds of them . They are ALL liars, thieves and sexual perverts and their wives know it and like it. Their kids either get the hell away from them or become as evil as their parents. Cops lie for a living, they call it “testilying” in court and are trained at the academy on how to do it and get away with it.
    I have personally witnessed Phoenix cops commit hundreds of crimes, including cold blooded premeditated murder and never have any of them charged.
    They lie to grand juries to get innocent people indicted as part of their daily business. They force female prisoners to give them bj’s and joke about it with their friends.
    To Ann: you are lying and you know it. Your husband is a piece of crap and will spend eternity in hell for what he does to innocent people to fulfill his demented desire for power to make up for his small mind and lack of soul. Hopefully you will join him for supporting his evil.
    Cops commit suicide more often then almost any other occupation. Growing up around them its easy to understand why. Eventually thier conscience and God catches up to them.
    There will be no cops, no politicians, and very few government employees in heaven.
    To Ann again: God hates your husband and I hope he suffers as much as all the innocent people he has torured, framed and screwed with. If you don’t leave him and screw his friends to drive him nuts, I pray you suffer as much as he some day will. Go to hell where you belong you evil whore!

  5. Please, someone send us the actual “eviction notice.”

  6. I don’t live in Phoenix, but WOW! Do these clowns have anything better to do than use the city of Phoenix taxpayers money to raid their critic’s houses. I mean it’s not like Phoenix is the kidnapping capitol of the country — oh wait they are.

    They’ve now taken what was probably a very little read site and increased it’s readership exponentially.

    It never ceases to amaze me how tone deaf and silly government employees in a position of power can be.

  7. This entire thread is based on “supposedly” and “scant evidence”. I have no idea who runs that site, who the people involved are or the validity of the claim. I do know this, the ability to write the things that are on that site and expect to be seen as credible can only happen in the minds of people like “rush”, a person who is clearly disturbed.

    Rush, I am not only the wife but the daughter, sister, and cousin of Phx. Police Officers. I take no offense to your rantings as you must not have the love of Christ in your heart or you would not condemn someone you never met. We are all filthy rags in the eyes of the Lord until we know the saving power of Jesus. You need to receive love.

    I will reiterate, Jack Harris should have never been given the job he has. Snodgrass is a self-serving hypocrite who took advantage of the system as a PLEA officer and used his position to gain personal favor over the officers he was supposed to represent. Does that make ALL officers bad? Is PLEA corrupt?

    I have no idea who “Skyhawk” is but I bet they appreciate the knowledge that there is a trained and ready police force. I even bet if they are a politician or political wonk they appreciate the backing of PLEA, the FOP, and other groups. Hypocrite.

    Unfortunately, people being only human will make mistakes, some do not share the same values, others may engage in behavior that I would find disgusting. Are they bad or just different. Is it their free will to engage in behaviors that may condemn their eternal soul but are not illegal?

    Mark has a point, this site has been prostituted to bring greater attention to that site. Plain and simple, SA has been used to discredit honest law-abiding cops by allowing them to all be painted with the broad brush of suspicion fueled by rumor, gossip, and innuendo.

  8. Veritas Vincit says

    Enforcement Agents of the Municipal Corporation with no legal obligation to “Protect & Serve” Joe Public. Check the law.

    That said, once upon a time kids were taught to trust ‘Peace Officers’… my but how times have changed.

    Generally a recruit will start his career at one point, but after about 3 years the job and the ‘hard guy’ culture begins to change the man. Why do you suppose divorce is so common (and we won’t even discuss adultery or alcohol use).

    The system has changed and its reflected in the officers behind the ski-masks.

  9. Shut Up Ann says

    Hey Ann,

    You are entitled to freedom of speech just as this blogger is. That said, you should shut the hell up. I know who writes this site and I know who ownes it. I know how this information was acquired and, no, it was not done “using city resources” – unlike Jeffeory Hynes, Commander of Family Investigations Bureau, who is writing a book on leadership (HA-HA) while on the job. If your husband is one of the good officers in the Phoenix area – yes, the good ones are acknowledged – then you should be happy that this site is exposing the extreme, insane corruption in the PPD. Going by what I have read by you so far, I can only deduce that your husband is a FOJ – ‘Friend Of Jack’. I hope that someday, police officers raid your home, detain you while denying your basic right to counsel, and leave you feeling stripped of everything you’ve known to be true under the US Constitution.

    Also, ANN, being so connected by family to PPD, then you are all too aware of the crap that is going on … so, you either choose go out in the vast desert and stick your empty head in the sand, or you have been so entrenched in the abuse and malfeasance (I hope these words aren’t too big for you to understand) of the PPD that you don’t even recognize it when it’s right in front of your face, sleeping next to you in your bed, or sitting across the table from you at Thanksgiving dinner. Or, like Rush said, you like it – you like the power a badge gives your husband, you like the soap box you somehow think that bagde gives you to spew from, and, depsite being a Christian woman, you like looking down your nose at people and judging them. You have absolutely no right to use the word ‘hypocrite’ on anyone but yourself while looking at your reflection in a mirror. And if you think cops are so great – marrying one and praising the relatives who joined the force – why aren’t you one? Because, deep down inside, you know what is going on and you have your own reasons for believing what you do; and not one of those reasons is because the Phoenix Police Department is a shining example of everything good, clean, virtuous and honorable.

    One more thing, ANN – why don’t you talk with some of Connie Harris’s friends and ask them what they think of the PPD. I can tell you that they absolutely despise her husband, Jack, and know many stories about not only the abuse in the PPD, but also about the abuse in Jack’s home of which Connie is the victim.

    Now, with that off of my chest … let me say THANK YOU! to the Phoenix Police officers who want to make a difference, who want to do right with their badges and who do actually SERVE & PROTECT. I know several officers that proudly wear that badge and do right by it. Please keep on fighting for us as we will never stop supporting you and your efforts. You are good men and women, and you should be proud that you have not succombed to the corruption you are surrounded by.

    And finally, to Mike Norton … I, too, look forward to the day that a website such as this is not needed, especially as badly as it is need at this time in this city. I cannot and will not let go of the hope that, someday (soon), Jack Harris and his nefarious (sorry, Ann, another big word) henchmen will answer for everything they’ve done. Mark my words … a federal investigation is making its way south, and it has nothing to do with a lack of border control!

  10. I help run the site. We tell everyone and warn everyone that the Blog is not for the “faint-of-heart” and requires a “thick skin.”

    We wish the site didn’t exist either, but it needs to. We do own the URL goodphoenixcops.com but there is nothing to post. We do highlight great officers like Tim Hampton out of Maryvale, but we have yet to find a decent chief and there are only a couple of commanders (like Tim) who are worth their salt.

    Ann if you find the site so disgracful, then don’t read it, but we are free to publish what we want on public figures.

    Jack Harris is a complete “Jack Ass” and we love “shut up ann’s ” comments.

  11. WOW….rush is a certified NUT JOB!!!


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