Jack Harris, What Happened? -Follow up.

Monday I posted a piece designed to highlight the problems that I see with Jack Harris and the double standard applied by the media and other Liberals. In my effort to go after Jack I referenced a certain, sleazy website that criticized him and other top PPD management. This was a mistake on my part because the site criticized Phoenix police officers in general as well. Please do not interpret my comments about Jack Harris or the raid being a general criticism of our police officers, they were meant to highlight the problems that I see with PPD’s management. I should have been more careful to point that out.


Personal note to Ann: The vast majority of law enforcement officers that I have ever worked with are honest, hard working people who work under extraordinary circumstances. They put their lives on the line of us every second that they are on duty—and sometimes when they are off duty. Please accept my apology.


  1. Accepted and appreciated.

  2. This is one of the dangers of the internet. no harm no foul. As for someone who deals with the public all day- people like that “SkyHawk”, who I am sure is the author of that site. just read his viritrol. All Phoenix Police and their families deserve a life of suffering and pain? They all deserve to die?

    A good 10% of the population is crazy. seriously, crazy.

    gotta watch for it when your doing stuff on the net because the crazies have the net too.

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