J.D. Hayworth Issues Statement on Health Care Bill

JD Hayworth for US Senate

For Immediate Release: Monday, March 22, 2010

“Arizonans across the state have spoken, and the overwhelming message is that you do not want the health care bill that was passed last night,” US Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth said today.

“Devoted to your concerns, I have already pledged to do everything in my power to repeal a federal health care takeover by signing the ‘Repeal It!’ Pledge issued by the Club for Growth. I urge my opponent to do so as well.”

“From the onset, I have opposed a federal health care takeover. On my radio program, I regularly spoke with Arizonans about the disastrous effects the proposed, and now passed, health care legislation could have on Arizonans. As a broadcaster, my role was simply to engage in dialogue. As a U.S. Senator, I will be duty bound to act. Had I been serving in the U.S. Senate in December when the Senate voted on this bill, I would have done everything in my power to stop it. Unlike my opponent, I would have demanded the bill be read in its entirety, even though it would have meant keeping the Senate in session over Christmas.”

“The health care bill is estimated to cost Arizona taxpayers $4 billion in unfunded mandates, while making $500 billion in cuts to Medicare and massive reductions in Veterans’ health care. Furthermore, the legislation creates an avalanche of new agencies, rules and regulations that will vastly expand federal power over the most intimate aspects of each of our lives. It also contains unsustainable, unconstitutional and unaffordable mandates on the states and on individuals alike, including an unprecedented requirement that citizens buy private insurance policies.”

“I support legal challenges to the health care bill’s enforcement as well as legislative efforts toward its repeal.”


  1. Hayworthless says

    J.D. wants to jump on the bandwagon of opposing health insurance reform. Well, you’re a little late to the party.

    Arizona would be better served by having a U.S. Senator that has been fighting for our rights and the rights of patients everywhere in D.C.

  2. Stephen Kohut says

    Which has never been Sen. McRINO. McRINO’s DC staff spent all of December, up to just before the 12/24 vote, telling people he wanted to improve the bill and pass HC reform. McRINO and the GOP Senate did squat to stop HC. Sen. Gregg laid out all the tools they had in the box and all they did was whine and do zip. Sen. McRINO the fighting hero on HC? Give me a break. More like the dog that rolled over and peed on himself.

    Here are the links to what the GOP didn’t do and what they could have done.



  3. AlmostFamous1 says

    Needle in a Hayworth… this guy definitely smokes crack… Apparently he is going to do something different than all the Republicans in the Senate and Congress just couldn’t think of? It’s time for AZ to put this loud talking toothless sloth bear down for good. Enough already.

  4. Wendy Blissman says

    JD must not remember McCain trying to mandate 72 hours from the time a bill was in final print till the vote. Remember the dems said it was another’ republican stalling tactic” McCain has been on the front of the battle against healthcare since day one, and if you do not remember, just go back in your search engine and read!

  5. Stephen Kohut says


    You must not read either. I suggest you read the links in my blog above. The MSM loves to show McRINO except he was uttterly inneffective in HC becuase he, and the GOP, did not use the tools outlined by Sen. Gregg. Prove me wrong with facts and citations from the Congressional Record showing where McRINO objected to calls for unanamous consent, where he made hard quorum calls, where he …. Answer? He did zip!

  6. MelissaRoondle says

    JD Hayworth is a joke! JD cannot compare to McCain, not by a longshot. JD lacks the integrity, the character, the courage and the tenacity to stand up against this government like McCain does. McCain’s powerful force is what I enjoy watching, I enjoy reading about, his passion for this Country is unmatched.

  7. Stephen Kohut says


    Sounds like you are just so hot and bothered for McRINO you just can’t help yourself. I didn’t know that there were real folks out there that got turned on by nasty, lying, back stabbing , arrogant old geezers. I guess the old saw that there is someone for everyone is true.

  8. The “consistent conservative” lost his district seat to Mitch McConnell who voted yes on health care reform. If Hayworth spent his energy wisely, perhaps he could have applied adequate pressure on Mitchell to vote no. He could have campaigned against the bill with full force in Mitch’s district. Instead, he’s wasting his energy on taking the senate seat for personal, political gain. He should have just held onto his seat in his district.

  9. I meant Harry Mitchell. JD should have focused his energy against Harry Mitchell not a fellow Republican. Harry Mitchell voted yes to health care reform. If JD hadn’t lost his congressional seat, the vote would have been a profound no. Instead, he’s trying to acquire a fellow Republican’s senate seat. If JD couldn’t hold onto his district’s seat, how can he hold onto the Senate seat?

  10. And what about McCain LOSING the election for the POTUS?

    If he’d won, we wouldn’t have tax CHeat Geitner as Treasury Secretary, Terrorist Lawyer Holder as Attorney General, First Spouse Hillary Clinton as Secretary of STate, and the ever charming Janet Napolitano as Homeland Insecurity Boss …and that’s just for STARTERS.

    McCain’s campaign was comotose until he produced Palin. Judging from his frequently stunned and usually frozen expressions, he was not expecting she would be such a firecracker – Palin showed up and got conservatives excited. Palin wanted to campaign in Michigan, but McCain was counting pennies … which evidently he has a few left over, so he had PLENTY of money to vy for Michigan. Palin was right, but she got snarled at for it.

    McCain LOST that election. With the GOP firmly split between McCain supporters and non-supporters, he was not a unifying candidate within the Party itself – and he KNEW it. He had no business running in the first place, and he lost. Blaming it on Palin is just sour grapes. America is going to pay a dear price for years and years for that narcissism.

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