I’ve Always Hated That Grant Woods

In addition to being one of the biggest RINOs and ultra-liberals in the State of Arizona, Grant Woods has always been a cancer in the Arizona Republican party. So it should come as no surprise that I have no problem publicly announcing how much I despise the guy.

Here’s a quote from the latest issue of Newsweek in which Grant Woods suggests driving a stake through the heart of JD Hayworth.

“The idea that a man like John McCain has to deal with a Bozo like J.?D. Hayworth is really offensive,” says former state attorney general Grant Woods. “To have just a caricature of the opportunistic, bombastic politician throwing grenades at him at this stage of his career is really a sad commentary. Someone needs to drive a wooden stake through this guy’s heart.”

Incidentally, I did a word search of the Newsweek article and found no reference to Grant Woods joking about the comment – contrary to how the Phoenix New Times reported on their blog – “Woods joked…”

And yes, maybe political newcomers may see this as one paid consultant beating on another paid consultant but the fact of the matter is that this battle between cultural conservatives and RINOs has been going on a long time here in Arizona and it will always be deep, personal and a battle for the soul of the party.


  1. Steve Calabrese says

    I generally object to the term “RINO” as being rude and having no place in political discourse, but I must reluctantly agree that Grant Woods is a thoughly replusive “typical politician” – he seems to always be willing to sell himself to the highest bidder, and he has an arrogant, offensive air about him. Another man who is solely out for himself, and whatever power he can obtain.

    Trying to have a civil discussion with him on an issue where you disagree with him serves no purpose other than to subject yourself to insults. However, as someone who is undecided between McCain and Hayworth (I originally supported McCain, but now I’m neutral. McCain’s just making too many missteps), the continued presence of Grant Woods in McCain’s entourage reminds me of why I doubt McCain’s judgment of late.

  2. A basic and typical protege of his master, John McCain!

  3. If Hayworth is actually considering Woods’ remarks as being anything other than a metaphorical joke, he must actually be a vampire! He’s afraid of wooden stakes! LOL!

  4. DSW, Hate is such a weak term to describe the contempt I have for Woods, but it is a good start. I think you could easily add the term arrogant bastard and a few other choice descriptors not proper for this blog.

    One thing is for certain Woods is a legend in his own mind.

  5. Polite Company Conservative…

  6. Diogidog says

    Oh, forgive me, Grant Woods is a Republican? Huh!

    Woods is a turncoat with brains
    like the inside of a goat’s
    stomach! This has-been, self-aggrandizing, political hack
    is nothing but an apparatchik for
    John McCheese. He is the Simplicity pattern for the McCheese entourage of Hellon and Verdone; who both walk timidly in Woods’ dark shadows.

    Like Woods, McCheese will be ignored by the majority of Conservatives throughout Arizona who are turned off and who will hopefully turn the old Coot out
    to pasture.

    Birds of a feather …

  7. It’s time to purge the Republican party of McCain’s failed leadership. If we are lucky, Woods and others of his ilk will get so frustrated they will come out of the closet and declare they are Democrats. I have to chuckle at McCain’s ads when they declare “character” matters. I’ve seen nothing but dirty smear tactics from him and his supporters. If we elect McCain to another term, we deserve what we will get,”the shaft.”

  8. Now don’t be hatin’. You are now free to call him “Buffy” from now on.

  9. he helps convict and then watches executions of heinous criminals.

    and you dare call him a RINO?

    you are pathetic moronic tea baggers

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