It’s Your Temperament, Stupid!

Senator John McCain

True to his nature, Senator John McCain, let loose on another glimpse of the man we we could expect to lead the free world if elected President.

Yesterday, Arizona’s aging senator responded to a question from a 17-year old in New Hampshire by calling the teen a “little jerk.”

Fox News reported that McCain explained his comment he schluffed it off as trying to be humorous. While that might be sophomoric in that audience, I’m seeing a pattern of verbal gaffs that question his temperament and credibility to lead this country and deal effectively with other world leaders.

Someone should tell the senior senator that if he’s running for President, he should behave presidential and not like someone auditioning for an MTV reality show.


  1. To be clear, I’m not a McCain fan. But it was said in good fun and taken in good fun. Anyone who watches it can see that. With all there is to be critical of McCain about, does Sonoran Alliance really have to go for the cheap shot when it is bordering on intellectual dishonesty to represent his comments as nasty, negative, or related to temperment? Nah… Plus, he’s done for, so anything else is just piling on by now.

    On the plus side, he’s done for!

  2. I agree with John; I saw it yesterday and it was clearly dry humor following a question about his age asked by a kid. In context, it was nothing worth mentioning.

  3. If you are running for Student Council, this gets a pass; if you are running for leader of the western world, this gets the critique it deserves.

    John, you aren’t ‘cute’ any more.

  4. Using this logic you will now defend Keith Olbermann’s attack on the comment that followed the “jerk” comment — “you’re drafted”. Olbermann, of course, can’t see that it is a joke and takes the wild ride to “prove” that not only is McCain all of the things you have mentioned (the poor lad who suggested he had Alzheimers like Reagan, might have had his feeling hurt), he is also part of a Republican conspiracy to resume the draft. Keep up the fine work! Hillary and Obama thank you.

  5. Pamela Wright says

    This is a new low even for you guys…McCain was obviously making a joke. Everyone there laughed. It was FUNNY!

    He was the clear winner last night in the debate. He showed conviction, leadership and patriotism.

    President McCain is sounding like a possibility after all.

  6. Pamela,

    President McCain??? Let’s see here. No money. No staff. The base of the party despises you. You are now fighting Mike Huckabee for fourth place.

    I guess you’re right. President McCain is sounding like a possibility.

  7. Gosh Pamela, I defended the joke, but the jokester as President? Yikes, I think not.

  8. Pamela Wright says

    Go ahead and ridicule. I’m curious where John Kerry was the week of Labor Day 2003. I guarantee you that no one thought he would win the nomination.

    There is still a lot of fight left in the “little jerk.” See, that was a joke. I’m sure Senator (President) McCain would think it was funny.

  9. Even if Senator McJerk did win the primary, he would become the “Bob Dole” of the 2008 election cycle.

  10. After you peel back all of his talk about ‘honor’ and take a cool look at his past behavior, please remember that his first wife waited for him and stood by him during and after his being prisoner, whereas the minute she became a prisoner (of a wheelchair), he sought greener $$$ pastures.

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