It’s Too Late for Representative Daniel Patterson

For months, Sonoran Alliance has demanded ethics hearings into the behavior of Southern Arizona Democrat State Representative Daniel Patterson.

For months, no one in the Legislature has had the guts to hold hearings.

Last week, Democrats finally accepted the reality that Daniel Patterson is dangerous to their party and began calling for his resignation.

This may be a first for Sonoran Alliance and Democrats to agree on.

But it may be too late for Daniel Patterson.

Insider sources have revealed that Daniel Patterson will be indicted this week (probably Thursday) on several charges including domestic violence.

So again, we DEMAND that Daniel Patterson resign from the legislature and prepare to face the impending criminal legal case building against him.

Time’s up for Daniel Patterson and perhaps the courts will finally punish him and force him to own up to his anger problem.


  1. truconcerv says

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! /sarcasm

    A smile to my face – a good day is getting better.

    • Conservative American says

      The above poste “truconserv” is a Marxist posing as a Conservative.

    • Conservative American says

      ”truconserv says:
      March 3, 2012 at 6:00 am”

      “Marx wanted the citizens to be armed …”

      “Trains that run on time …”

      “Milk to be fresh …”

      • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

        Con Am, please stop trolling this website making personal attacks on people and dominating the conversation with off-topic drivel.

        –Which brings me to my point: Patterson is a weasel who should resign immediately, and I’m surprised that the Democrats have enough sense to call for his resignation. I think Jim Kelley probably nailed the true reason.

        SA is dead on in calling for his resignation. The Republicans should be the party of the highest standards. We should learn from our mistakes and not have a Bundgaard incident again. We have another opportunity though: Sheriff Joe Arapaio is guilty of several layers of slime and corruption. Why do we line up behind him like sheeple? We shouldn’t let Arpaio carry our banner.

        • Conservative American says

          When you pay the bills for running SA, MCC, THEN you can call the shots. Until then, Shane calls the shots. Have a complaint? File it with Shane. He is the ultimate and unquestionable authority regarding what shall and what shall not appear at SA.

          Have a nice day, MCC! 🙂

        • No, no, no….please, do not encourage ConAm to quit posting!

          He’s right, this is Shane’s site and he makes that call.

          Clearly, as the GOP’s Director of Communications, he’s keenly aware of the value social media and blogs play and that people do take away much from what they read from regular, everyday people.

          So, it’s good exposing people to Conservatives like ConAm, don’t you think? I mean, there’s been so much hubub about right wing talk radio, it’s good to come on here and see ConAm confirm what many are starting to perceive.

          Now, I’m not saying he’s good for Conservatives or the GOP, but any person who’s on the fence and considering going I or, God help us, D, well, one read of ConAm and…..

          No, I say….hell no….do not censor ConAm.

          If anything, he needs to post more!

          • Conservative American says

            Why that’s quite generous, Rob, coming from someone who supports homosexual “marriage”!

  2. Dan Patteron and I agree on very little politically. I think his ethics problems are in how he raised and spent his campaign money and how the unions stuff the ballot box for him.

    This so called domestic violence is hogwash and twaddle. Private matters ( granted caused by Mr Pattersons poor choice in women) spilled out to the press by vindictive women blackmailing Patterson for money.

    I want him gone by ballots or the right reason, but the Democrat Party will never cough up how he got elected becausthey use the same methods and misspend their campaign coffers in the same way. So they atack his character insted of his politics. Plus Dan PAtterson knows where some bodies are buried in the Pima Democratic Party and they have to smear him to make any thing he says look like spoiled grapes.

    Sorry SA, but that is the truth.

    • truconserv says

      If he’s arrested, then it is likely that probable cause exists that he committed a crime. That’s a slight bit higher than “hogwash.”

      While it’s not mandatory that he resign just because he’s been charged, it does impact his ability to represent his district. So, if charged, I suspect he will step down.

      Even if the charges are “hogwash” this is an undoing of his creation. We conservatives have nothing to do with it and nothing to feel sorry about.

      If he goes, I’m happy.

      • Conservative American says

        The above poster, “truconserv” had this to say about Karl Marx, the father of Communism and the author of the “Manifesto of the Communist Party”:

        truconserv says:
        March 3, 2012 at 6:00 am”

        “Marx wanted the citizens to be armed …”

        “Trains that run on time …”

        “Milk to be fresh …”

        This is what Karl Marx unleashed upon the world:

        “BACKGROUND: 100 million deaths under communism”

        “Washington – The planners of the victims of communism memorial dedicated Tuesday in Washington based the figure of an estimated 100 million political deaths under communism on the book by French scholars, ‘The Black book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression,’ published by Harvard University.”

        “The 1997 book, hailed by US reviewers as a groundbreaking documentary work, put the death tolls at 65 million in China; 20 million in the Soviet Union; 2 million in North Korea; 2 million in Cambodia; 1.7 million in Africa; 1.5 million in Afghanistan; 1 million in Vietnam; 1 million in the communist states of Eastern Europe; and 150,000 in Latin America.”

        “truconserv” is a “True Marxist”.

  3. Mike Triggs says

    At least the Democrats in the House expressed their outrage. When Senator Scott Bundgaard slapped around his girlfriend Russell Pearce was quick to defend bad behavior.

    • And most other Republicans remained silent on Bundgaard’s behavior and eventual refusal to face the questions from the Ethics Committee. SA never said anything about the history that was revealed about Bundgaard.

      Only Ron Gould spoke against Bundgaard’s lack of ethics, but not one Republican would file a complaint; that had to be done by a Democrat.

      And who “forced” Bundgaard to “own up and face his anger problem?” Hear he even cheated on attending the diversion program he was sent to after copping a plea to his charges.

      BTW, Bundgaard just updated his SB for State Senate Facebook page and still claims to be a “government official”. Would think that he’s had plenty of time to change his status since his abrupt resignation Jan. 6.

  4. SA, I agree that Daniel Patterson is probably poison for the Democrats, but what do you think names like Babeau, Brock, and Bundgaard do for the Republicans? Other than bring lots of publicity, mostly of the negative type.

    • The problem, Beverly, is that as long as people like Bundgaard make the right noises, any bad behavior can be forgiven – there were still people, here at SA even, who were defending him even as he was fleeing the state capitol in order to avoid testifying in his own defense.

      Why? Because Bundgaard’s personal life didn’t matter, just so long as he duitifully lined up and voted the way the state party wanted him to vote. It’s the same reason why Glenn Spencer was allowed to testify the other day – unless Sylvia Allen shoots someone dead on the floor of the senate, she can call as many of her anti-Semitic buddies to the public record that she wants.

      • Veritas Vincit says

        Bernie… amazing how you jump from a wife-beater (two of them now, one on each side of the isle) to Spencer and Allen which is totally unrelated.

        Here’s a website for your education Bernie

        I challenge everyone reading this thread to pay a visit to the Aztlan website, its been in operation since the late 90’s and has millions of subscribers. Talk about Anti-Semitic? Find out for yourself.

  5. RE-Run Wendy says

    Jim Kelly? I’m surprised you’re back from Texas! Well, not really. Like Wendy, any open office.

    But what you do not know, is that Daniel has a very short temper and is quite physical about his anger. That’s why he self-medicates with Mary Jane. Those from the area know Daniel’s demons, and its about time the Dems did the right thing and gave him the boot.

    If Scotty had to go – so does Daniel.

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