It’s Time to Recall Rep. Ben Arredondo in the Spirit of Consistency: Update: Who’s Next? Arredondo or Arpaio?

Watching the recall effort take place in legislative district 18 one is left wondering why other recalls are not taking place elsewhere across the state, especially in legislative district 17.

Pearce recaller and failed Democratic US Senate candidate, Randy Parraz, likes to cite public policy differences as the reason for recalling Russell Pearce but fails to mention any of the other State Senators or Representatives who also voted for these same pieces of legislation.

Mr. Parraz, why not seek recall efforts against any of the other legislators who voted for these same public policy proposals? And if your motive is to recall someone who you disagree with on public policy issues, why haven’t you made a practice of this during all the off-year elections since you cannot seem to win elections (including your own) during the regular election cycle.

Pearce recaller’s motives don’t make sense if this is only about disagreements on public policy.

That’s why Pearce recallers like to bring up the Fiesta Bowl scandal as another reason for recalling Senator Pearce. They argue that Pearce accepted in-kind donations from Fiesta Bowl representatives over several years and then voted on legislation that affected the Fiesta Bowl.

Hmmmm… I thought that’s how lobbying worked at the State Capitol, especially when it comes down to labor and teachers unions donating gobs and gobs of money to Democrats.

What Pearce recallers fail to mention and the hypocrisy is GLARING, is that Fiesta Bowl representatives also gave in-kind donations to other legislators. At the top of the list is Legislative District 17 State Representative, Ben Arredondo who actually voted a $6,450,000 MILLION subsidy to bring the Insight Bowl from Phoenix to Tempe. Maybe a little more clarification on the gifts to Arredondo from a third party is appropriate at this point. Here’s what the Arizona Republic wrote on May 13th:

Gifts to Arredondo 

Arredondo, a former teacher and coach, was running for Tempe City Council in 2001 when seven Fiesta Bowl employees made $875 in contributions to his campaign. Three years later, four employees made another $1,200 in contributions. 

At that time, the Fiesta Bowl was headquartered in Tempe and played its game in ASU’s Sun Devil Stadium. 

In 2005, the Fiesta Bowl was looking to move its sister game, the Insight Bowl, out of downtown Phoenix. Negotiations began with Tempe, which was looking to replace the Fiesta Bowl at Sun Devil Stadium since the Fiesta was moving to Glendale. One of the key negotiators was Arredondo, according to Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman. 

“It’s fair to say Ben Arredondo was intimately involved with ASU, Insight and the Fiesta Bowl,” Hallman said. “Ben Arredondo was continually involved in negotiations.” 

Hallman said Arredondo also was close to Husk, who, in addition to lobbying for the Fiesta Bowl, had been a paid consultant for Tempe. 

After reaching a memorandum of understanding in July 2005, the city the following year agreed to give the Fiesta Bowl a $6.45 million subsidy to host the Insight Bowl through 2013. The subsidy for each of the next two years is $850,000, while the final year’s payment is $900,000, according to the contract. 

In 2007, 2008 and 2009, the Fiesta Bowl said it provided Arredondo with expensive National Football League tickets, including 2009 Super Bowl tickets worth $4,000. In summer 2009, the bowl said, he called saying he wanted to go on a trip. The bowl paid all expenses for Arredondo and his wife, Ruthann, to travel to Minnesota to watch a college football game. 

“We paid for everything: the game, the hotel, the meals and the airfare,” Anthony Aguilar, the bowl’s director of community and corporate relations, told Fiesta Bowl investigators. 

Arredondo did not return calls to his house, where messages were left with his wife. Ruthann Arredondo declined to answer questions. 

On April 1, after the Fiesta Bowl investigative report had been released, Arredondo amended his financial disclosure forms for 2007, 2008 and 2009 to show he received a gift worth more than $500 from the Fiesta Bowl. The amended 2009 form indicates his wife also received a gift. The nature of the gifts was not disclosed.

Where am I going with all this? Here’s my point: The recall effort against Russell Pearce is NOT really about public policy. And it’s not even about the Fiesta Bowl in-kind donations.

The recall effort against Russell Pearce is about people who hate and don’t like Russell Pearce. It’s about working voters up into a rabid frenzy mob mentality to go after someone who you can later say, “We took down Russell Pearce!” If this was a regular election year, these frothing folks would not have anything to rally around because they’d be defending their own political turfs from an electorate that votes right of center. This is about Randy Parraz building a list of people to be exploited elsewhere against another Republican.

So my big question is why won’t the Parraz-led recallers be consistent and also recall Representative Ben Arredondo? The reality is they won’t because Arredondo votes the way they want him to vote.

My challenge is for them to stop being hypocrites and mount a recall effort against Ben Arredondo. And if they can’t find it in themselves to be intellectually honest and consistent, maybe its time for another group to form and recall Ben Arredondo.

UPDATE – November 9, 2011: 

The Recall election was a major success for Randy Parraz and crew. Election night, Parraz made the following statement to the Arizona Republic:

Parraz said he and his allies may go after other politicians whom he blames for poisoning Arizona’s political discourse, singling out Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was at Pearce’s side throughout the recall campaign.

“We’re looking at other people, like Sheriff Arpaio,” Parraz said. “If that’s the type of politics Sheriff Arpaio wants, we’ll see what happens in the new year.”

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…


  1. Shane, why do you direct your ire at the Latino Democrat Randy Parraz and not to any of the white Republicans who also led the recall effort? What about the Republican precinct committee people in Pearce’s own district who didn’t even elect him to represent them at the state party level? Is it more convenient for you to believe that the recall is the work of a bunch of wild eyed Mexican activists instead of the reality that Pearce’s own people have tired of his extreme ideologically driven agenda causing permanent damage to the state and city? What about the 60 CEO’s who wrote a letter mid-session telling Pearce to quit killing the economy? That letter wasn’t a pat on the back for a job well done!

    If you want to pursue a recall against Sen. Arredondo, knock yourself out. Last I checked he didn’t propose legislation to nullify federal laws, or birther bills, or try to cut $9 billion in federal Medicaid funds from our state budget, refuse to accept $60 million in federal funds for unemployment, call Scott Bundgaard a victim, lie about having paid for the Fiesta Bowl tickets, cut $187 million from K-12 education at the same time he increased funding for private prisons by $12 million or a host of other things Pearce has done in the last few months. Arredondo hasn’t turned into a complete shill for special interests or gone on national T.V. trashing our reputation to build support for his legislation. He hasn’t allowed out of state white supremacist groups to author legislation. I would think a true conservative website would be disturbed by a Senate President who holds a fundraiser hosted completely by lobbyists and uses state resources to plan it and provide security for it. I could go on and on.

    You see, the recall really IS about public policy – and about so much more than the Fiesta Bowl scandal. It’s about a legislator who is too extreme for our state, and too extreme for even the Republicans in his own district. It’s about a politician who is more focused on being an ideologue than a leader, and who focuses too much on one issue to the exclusion of other things that are more important. I don’t hate Russell Pearce. I’m sure he and I would agree on many things. I think his leadership has not been good for Arizona, that’s all. His personal attacks on the recall organizers are a little childish and unbecoming a Senate President, but we have not responded with personal attacks on Pearce nor will we.

    Chad Snow
    Chairman, Citizens for a Better Arizona

    • You’re right Chad. This whole recall effort was orchestrated by leftist caucasions taking advantage of Latinos for political gain. In reality, it was Democrats working behind the scene using the race card to manipulate Latinos.

  2. Nice false equivalency Shane.

    I can’t speak for anyone else involved in the Pearce recall effort, but I helped out not because of public policy differences, but because Pearce has abused and misused his office.

    He’s protected domestic abusers (Bundgaard) and people who violate the state’s already weak gun possession laws (Lori Klein et al), had political dissenters arrested while they were peacefully trying to meet with their senator, taken “gifts” from the Fiesta Bowl (which others also did, as noted by you, me, and many others) and then stonewalled ‘fessing up and paying up because he was Russell Pearce (where the others quickly and quietly made things right).

    There are plenty of electeds in AZ who I disagree with, but I’ve only helped to recall one of them.

  3. So Chad, do you hate or just dislike Russell Pearce?

    Shane, why do you direct your ire at the Latino Democrat Randy Parraz and not to any of the white Republicans who also led the recall effort?

    Wow, I did not expect you to inject race into this discussion? Are you trying to bait me?

    Is it more convenient for you to believe that the recall is the work of a bunch of wild eyed Mexican activists instead of the reality that Pearce’s own people have tired of his extreme ideologically driven agenda causing permanent damage to the state and city?

    Are you suggesting that Russell Pearce single-handedly caused permanent damage to Arizona? Would you please cite specific examples of “extreme ideological driven agenda” items? Would you consider the passage of SB 1070 extreme? If so, will you be targeting Governor Jan Brewer next?

    What about the 60 CEO’s who wrote a letter mid-session telling Pearce to quit killing the economy?

    For those unfamiliar with “the letter” here is the link including the name of every CEO who signed it. Nowhere in the letter does it state that these CEO’s believe that Senator Pearce is “killing” the economy. What the letter does state is that they agree with Pearce that the borders should be secured and that the immigration reform should be handled by the federal government. Unfortunately, CEO’s in the letter do admit that they have been intimidated by those advocating boycotts against Arizona. Congressman Raul Grijalva was most prominent in this effort. And when the letter mentions Governor Brewer, these same CEO’s make no mention of her signage of SB 1070. Again, I ask, will your next recall effort be against Congressman Raul Grijalva who urged the country to boycott Arizona?

    If you want to pursue a recall against Sen. Arredondo, knock yourself out. Last I checked he didn’t propose legislation to nullify federal laws, or birther bills, or try to cut $9 billion in federal Medicaid funds from our state budget, refuse to accept $60 million in federal funds for unemployment

    Now that you bring up Representative Arredondo, let’s review the bills he sponsored including prime sponsorship during the 2011 session:
    Arredondo Bills

    Now compare that to the bills that a majority of Republicans voted for during the session and its easy to see that Republicans in the legislature supported the so-called “extreme agenda.” Why won’t your group target other Republicans?

    call Scott Bundgaard a victim

    Never did. have you read the court documents? This brings up a good point. Maybe its time to go after Daniel Patterson and launch an ethics probe into his domestic violence situation.

    lie about having paid for the Fiesta Bowl tickets

    Show me where that is in the record.

    cut $187 million from K-12 education

    When will you finally admit that the money is never making it to the classroom and that the teachers union is not standing up for children by allowing the money to go where its needed. We spend over $8,000 per year per student. Are you telling me that $225,000 is actually making it to the classroom and into the hands of teachers. The truth is that we are WASTING money on our union-controlled education system only to get POOR RESULTS.

    at the same time he increased funding for private prisons by $12 million or a host of other things Pearce has done in the last few months.

    Are you blaming Arizona’s budget outcome exclusively on Senator Pearce? Seriously, do you think the readers of this blog are that stupid? I suggest that you take a look at the official Summary of Enacted – FY 2012 Budget and FY 2011 Budget Revisions before you assert that Pearce is responsible for the 2012 State Budget. Why aren’t you going after every Republican and the Governor for passing the budget? Why aren’t you arguing that every Republican who voted for it is also pursuing an extreme agenda? And while we’re having this conversation about the state budget, let’s not forget who set the State of Arizona up for failure: Janet Napolitano and a handful of Republicans who supported her extreme financial budget agenda. Do you suggest we borrow more money from elsewhere only to have the next generation pay for it?

    Arredondo hasn’t turned into a complete shill for special interests or gone on national T.V. trashing our reputation to build support for his legislation.

    No Arredondo is a legislative nobody who supported the more government agenda of the Democrats in the legislature. No Arredondo did not shill against the State of Arizona. Democrat Congressman Raul Grijalva was actually the one on television “trashing our reputation.”

    He hasn’t allowed out of state white supremacist groups to author legislation.

    Are you seriously insinuating that White supremecist groups are drafting our legislation? Seriously! This is absolutely absurd and a complete insult to the good people who work in Leg Cousel. (This was the moment you just killed any credibility you had left.)

    You see, the recall really IS about public policy – and about so much more than the Fiesta Bowl scandal. It’s about a legislator who is too extreme for our state

    There you go again, insinuating and insulting every legislator AND the Governor who voted/signed the legislation. Your problem is that you hate the public policy agenda of the Arizona Legislature and the Governor. And since you cannot win at the ballot box during a regular election year, you’re going to manipulate the electorate with some propaganda campaign and hope you can turn out enough people to make Russell Pearce a trophy on your wall.

    So again I ask, do you hate Russell Pearce or just dislike him?

    And when do you plan on launching the recall effort against State Representative Ben Arredondo?

    P.S. I knew this was going to get nasty when I saw Carolyn Cooper take shots at Matt Tolman by dragging his 16-year-old daughter into the campaign. I’ll have more to say about this later.

    • “call Scott Bundgaard a victim”

      “Never did.”

      Actually, he did:

      Arizona Republic, March 3, 2011

      “Bundgaard, 43, on Wednesday said that he would not comment until he had read the police report. But Senate President Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, supported him, calling Bundgaard a “victim.”

      “I know what is going on. I think he is a victim of this whole thing. I feel bad for him. He certainly has paid the price,” Pearce said, referring to the negative publicity.”

    • Shane, I don’t hate or dislike Russell Pearce. I don’t know him personally. I dislike his political agenda and policies. I dislike how divisive he has been in our state.

      1. I’m not trying to “bait” you on the racial issue – I just think it’s interesting that Pearce chose to go after the one Latino Democrat behind the recall instead of the several white, Republican Mormons.
      2. I AM saying that Pearce has caused significant damage to the state’s economy and reputation. I’m not alone. The Wall Street Journal, CEO of Intel, 60 CEO’s, and head of the state’s economic development counsel all have stated the same.
      3. Did you read my post? I gave you several examples of an extreme ideologically driven agenda. Birther bills, federal law nullification bills, immigration omnibus bills, guns in schools bills, turning down $60 million in unemployment aid for purely ideological reasons – just to name a few.
      4. I won’t target Jan Brewer. She had the good sense to veto or oppose most of Pearce’s agenda – it was too extreme even for her.
      5. The letter from the CEO’s was unprecedented. It was a total repudiation of Pearce’s agenda from the business community. Why do you think Pearce’s response was “I don’t listen to CEO’s” if it was such a pat on the back?
      6. He very clearly called Scott Bundgaard a victim. Several news outlets reported it that same day.
      7. He said he had paid for the Fiesta Bowl tickets and had the cancelled checks to prove it. He came up with a few hundred dollars in checks, out of the $39,000 in bribes, er, gifts, he received. Either he’s lying or the investigators of the Fiesta Bowl are.
      8. Pearce wanted much higher cuts to the education budget. Brewer and the more moderate Republicans were the ones who prevented even greater cuts.
      9. FAIR is listed by SPLC and ADL as a white supremacist hate group. On FAIR’s website they take credit for authoring SB1070.
      10. Carolyn Cooper was calling out Matt Tolman. Do you think it’s appropriate to post a picture of your 14 year old daughter’s rear end on Facebook? Yes or no?

      Shane, how do you respond to the fact that the Republicans in the very conservative LD18 don’t even want Pearce to represent them at the state party level? Those are the people that know him best! As a conservative, how do you respond to him using state resources to hold a fundraiser hosted by and attended by solely lobbyists?

  4. Noticed that neither progressive (above ) mentioned Arrendondo in their comments-the subject of the article! Hum!!! Arrendondo was a thug in Tempe politics and widely disliked/feared. Now he is on $$$ steroids in the AZ Senate. Recalling is for some alleged malfeasance in office which Arrendondo is a champion both at State and AZ.

    Pearce’s only mistake was to vote against your “religion”, which( unfortunately for you) went out of style in the ’60’s. Voters elected Pearce because of his conservative stance which is in the majority in Az. Maybe time to flee to Detroit, Chicago, or Los Angeles-the poster cities for progressivism and probably sanctuary cities. Please take Arredendo with you.

    Pearce is only being voted on recall because of a few Chicago-land leftists groups- La Raza (public statements of destroying whites) and union thuggery and lovely ACORN (!). The recall election will be about whether we preserve our freedoms or be under the control of these thugs.

    Once again the progressives attack using racism. Randy Parraz is just another Alinsky community organizer and union thug from the AFL-CIO and Laborers’ Union. He even had to PAY canvassers to gather signatures for the petition.

    The real people will vote to support Russell like they did 10 months ago and as they did in five prior elections. This is a shameful abuse of the election process and a waste of money for Mesa. The next regular election could have been used by his opponents to try a 7th time to defeat Russell.

    This is really about 1070 and Russell being the Senate President. Over 22 states have contacted Russell in order to write and design their own immigration reform bills. Several of these bills are tougher than AZ’s law, The majority of Americans and Arizonians understand what “illegal” means.The majority of Americans are in favor of 1070.

    Yes, some BIG BUSINESS have spoken out against 1070 because they have lost their cheap labor forced to work under inhumane conditions. I never understand the Left-you yell about corporations but then stand with them! Pearce is strongly backed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses-the Mom and Pop businesses of Arizona. Quote: “Russell is one of AZ’s most pro-small business lawmakers” on “15 issues vital to Main Street” Americans.

    But since you Chad and Craig are working for BIG BUSINESS, BIG LABOR, BIG GOVERNMENT , and BIG out-to-date MEDIA, we the little people will fight back against thuggery and attacks on law-abiding citizens and hard-serving legislator. We ARE taking our Country back! One election at a time!

  5. amattclarkson says

    I’ll agree with you, Shane. The recall process has been more about a dislike of Pearce’s policies than anything else. With that, it isn’t as if Pearce is squeaky clean (like Diogenes feels.) I will also agree with you, it seemed as if every legislator (Arrendando, Crandall, Brewer, et al) got caught with their hand in the cookie jar with the Fiesta Bowl mess, and so it’s not like we can recall the whole lot of them.

    I didn’t support the recall, but I can see how Senator Pearce has almost single-handedly polarized Arizona politics. With that, LD 18 has an opportunity for a regime change. Currently only Jerry Lewis and Russell Pearce will be on the ballot. Do we choose an Ex-CPA and current Educator or an Ex-Lawman and current Politician? Personally, Jerry Lewis’ small business experience is far more appealing than what Senator Pearce has had to offer for the last decade.

  6. @amattclarkson,

    We shall see. The voters will get to decide and hopefully make the wise decision. I wouldn’t put it past the recallers to target another legislator in 2013.

    • Agree. It’ll be the 2011 version of frivolous lawsuits. Frivolous recalls.

      Just like the way frivolous lawsuits have changed how people get through the day, it’s a damaging political bludgeon, draining budgets, distracting energy. CLoward-Piven overload the system until it can’t function. The Democrats will use it at every opportunity to harass Republicans while the Democrats don’t get bothered in return.

      • “…while the Democrats don’t get bothered in return.”

        No one’s stopping GOPers from participating in a recall, other than your own lethargy.

      • Speaking of frivolous lawsuits, how’s that lawsuit of Russell Pearce’s going? That’s right, the Superior Court judge DISMISSED it without even hearing evidence. Pretty frivolous.

  7. Chad, neglected to be truthful about HIMSELF and PARRAZ as recall co-chairs. Chad makes his money partially off illegal immigrants (but he won’t call them that), AND CHAD and his WIFE donated 3900 to the failed campaign of Parraz for Senate. Chad also says many non-conservative, non republican comments over on the New Times. Chad posted some emails he had with Capitol Police escorting Sen . Pearce. With the way some of these groups have been shouting, encroaching on personal space, and after what happened in Tucson, why should Chad not want the senator to have protection? Chad sounds pretty juvenile and snarky lawyerish in them.

    • Chick, if you were a real conservative, you’d be outraged that Pearce was abusing the power of his office at a fundraiser hosted by and attended by exclusively lobbyists. But your hatred of mexicans is so strong that you’re willing to look past the unsavory parts of Pearce.

      I like to see that, like most Pearce supporters, you can’t answer me on the issues – you can only call names.

      • It’s rather unsavory to accuse people of “hatred” of “Mexicans” every time there’s a disagreement. A bit extreme, to ASSUME hate. Sounds like anger management issues, deciding that if someone doesn’t agree with your personal opinion, that “hate” is the ONLY reason?

        Can’t negotiate anything with anyone if starting from that prejudiced position.

        • Can’t negotiate anything with someone hiding behind a silly screen name either.

          • It’s not silly, its African. Are you racist?

          • Sophia Tesch says

            Waumba is Swahili for CREATOR. I guess when you add that extra “n” in there it might throw people off from being an actual African name, though that was an unfortunate response it doesn’t change the point of the recall.

            The point is that no one forced the 10,000 voters in District 18 to sign the petition. They wanted to sign it. And although it is the tactic of Pearce and his followers to have the “Look what everyone else is doing don’t blame me,” defense it doesn’t fly.

            It was Russell Pearce that went to the ALEC convention and came back with SB1070. Written by the privatized prison industry as a “model bill”. In addition to it being poorly written legislation, what bothers me more is that he is part of a group like ALEC and he gives them more attention than he does his own constituents. That is one abuse of power.

            He has shut the people out of the process on several occasions.

            The next abuse was setting police outside the Senate meant to intimidate people. And having a list of people who are not allowed to participate in the Democratic process which is their right, and not his to take away because they are inconvenient to him. If that’s not illegal to do, it should be. I’m pretty sure it is because people have the right to petition their government.

            Also, what is this bill that allows the Governor to have her own personal militia? Why is that needed? And if we supposedly can’t afford anything as a state how can we afford that?

            Then there is the secession talk which he didn’t get constituent approval for, his vendetta against the Sheriff in Tucson where he wanted to hold back funding for protecting a border area. Which causes me to question what it’s all really about. If he’s about protecting borders why would he even try to hold back funding needed to do so because someone used their 1st amendment right to talk about their professional opinion after the Tucson shooting.

            What was Pearce’s response after the Tucson Shootings. What did he think should be on the agenda? Ways to make it easier for guys like Laughner to do what he did and an official State gun!

            Then there’s the waste of time Birther Bill, I mean the list goes on and on.

            Pearce also didn’t print out the budget this year. Only having private meetings with the Governor and a select few of his followers, yet again shutting Arizonans out of the process.

            Then there was the Fiesta Bowl ticket debacle–also illegal. But Pearce loves the gray area, that’s where he operates. Oh it wasn’t me, blah, blah, blah. So is that incompetence or dementia? Either way it calls his leadership into question.

            Pearce is the Senate President, much of this legislation was created by him, he decides which bills see the light of day, he holds power over the entire state and abused it.

            He and his team have intimidated local and State officials who do not go along with him. Taking them aside for “the talk” . The recall proves that people are tired of these types of tactics. They are ready to move forward to a healthier, more balanced, and more prosperous Arizona.

            That isn’t going to happen with Pearce. The Ben Arredondo recall is just another show in the circus of a legislature Pearce is running. More political gamesmanship on his part to distract, befuddle and deflect negative attention. The same game he’s been playing from the beginning. But this time people are calling him on it. Arizona can’t afford to accommodate Pearce’s games or ego anymore.

          • Sorry Sophia “wisdom”
            It is NOT “Swahili for Creator.”

            So with that wrong from the get-go, how’s the rest of the analysis going?

      • “I like to see that, like most Pearce supporters, you can’t answer me on the issues – you can only call names”

        He says…..right after he finished name-calling.

  8. Recalling Ben Arredondo:

    -Arredondo’s Fiesta Bowl skimmings are just the TIP of the iceberg.

    -Longtime Tempe residents consider him as womanizing lecher at night while influence-peddling by day

    -Mesa High classmates describe him as “thuggish”

    -As Tempe City Councilman, he pulled every union string to get the currently respected, fiscally responsible non-partisan Tempe City Manager fired

    -The council members said that when he walked into the room, the smell of evil pervaded the room.
    Even the Democrats fear this man including the super lib apologist Kuby who shudders at his looks to her.

    -His nightly philandering has been well documented as well as the fact that he carries a throw-away cellphone which people claims he trashes every 2 weeks so his outgoing calls can’t be traced

    -Owes $13,678 in university football tickets and Super Bowl tickets (cardinals/Steelers/2009)and even required the Fiesta bowl to pay for tipping the valets carrying his bags

    -Arrredondo embodies the absolute scum-bottom of pay-to-play politics (see below)

    -Per the “Tempe Cesspool for the Arts” website (author unknown)”:
    “Ben Arredondo is probably the most dangerous of these royal rulers. He is a true politican. I will vote for your pork, if you will vote for my pork.He will never say anything he believes because he doesn’t want to lose any votes.”

    “When Peter isn’t around he will always vote to have Peter pay Paul’s bill”. “You steal money from the person who can’t or doesn’t have time to complain and you give it to yourself or special interest groups that gave you money. Ben Arredondo works very well in this world.”

    “We should also call Ben Arredondo Ben “Nepotism” Arredondo as he has a lot of “nepotism” in him like the other Tempe City Council members….he helped shovel $24,000 in federal money City of Tempe was giving out to his stepsister and her husband who were NOT qualified to receive the money.” (from Tempe Town Lake Tiolet article)

    • Sounds like a bad guy. You should see if you can put together a bipartisan coalition of citizens to start a recall.

  9. Goldwater Institute 2011 Scoing of AZ Legislators-released 8/24/11:

    Methodology: “…Legislator’s votes expands or limits LIBERTY in Arizona”.
    Scoring: “whether a vote for (yes) or against (no) advances LIBERT through its fundamental components of LIMITED GOVERNMENT, FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM, AND “RULE OF LAW”.

    Ben Arredondo Scored for expanding (A) or limiting (F) Liberty in AZ:

    -Lowest score of any AZ legislators (only Gonzales and Alston tied for worst score)

    -Even much lower than most Democrats (Arredondo A++ Liberty hating) .

    -Even LD 17’s Progressive diehards “No” voting Schapira and Ableser squeaked out 30’s (F). Ableser is a “no show’ while he attends college except to vote his continual no but Nepotism Ben is worse!

    -Total Score F- at 25 (Pearce 73)

    -Education F- Constituitonal Governance F- Regulation F- Tax & Budget F-

    No wonder the La Raza and and union backed comments from Chad and Craig refused to comment on Arredondo. Even they are scared of Mr, Nepotism Philander Tax and Spend Mr No Ben.

  10. matt tolman says

    Chad, How many lobbies and immigration attorneys showed up st your last fund raiser at your office and who has donated to the recall effort. When are you going to disclose? I have from day one my funding.

    • No lobbyists, one immigration attorney. A lot of people from LD18. How many non-lobbyists showed up at Pearce’s last week? (I’ll help you answer it Matt – other than the two DPS officers that were there on the state’s nickel, they were ALL lobbyists). How many people from Pearce’s own district were there?

      Almost all of our funding has come from private citizens. Why do you want to know – so you can put up illegal defamatory signs about our donors as well? Problem is that your boy Pearce has been such a shill for monied special interests for so long that he just can’t understand the power of grass roots politics like Citizens for a Better Arizona. He thinks that big money is behind everything.

      Since we’re opening up to each other – when are you going to start obeying the campaign laws?

  11. matt tolman says

    Sorry should have been lobbyist

  12. Many Arizonans happen to believe that the policies being advocated by Arizona Democrats are Extreme in nature – especially since they will bankrupt the State of Arizona and lead to widespread social unrest.

    I’d call that “Extreme.”

  13. Since we can not talk about Arrendondo (why would the Libs want to discuss BA-they hate him too!)and only want to attack Pearce :

    Seeing Red AZ article today:

    Fat Cat Union organizer Parraz’s BIG BUSINESS, BIG GOVERNMENT backers are none other than the AZ Chamber of Commerce, Greater Phoenix Leadership, and the AZ Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. ( Association representing the little Mom and Pops support Pearce.) BIG Biz want cheap labor with no union pensions or strings. Why not! The PU are destroying us, Mr Union Guy!

    The only reason Arizona has lost some hotel business is that the Tax and Spenders in Washington have systemically destroyed our country and our jobs. In a hostile regulatory environment of this Adminstration, companies are storing cash and hunkering down against the onslaught. Only 963 new regulations last month from the golfing or campaigning President. Scary to think what will happen when he returns to work. So companies do not send employees to seminars.

    Consumer confidence is at a low since the Carter years-oh, yes, we are in the Carter years!

    State and local governments are not able to send their unions to boondoogles any more since the Bailout money has stopped.

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