It’s time now for MCCAIN to do the right thing and drop out

With Huckabee’s nearly 3-1 win over McCain in Kansas, compared to McCain’s win in say, more liberal Washington state by only a 2 point margin, McCain needs to do the right thing and drop out. His ascension to the #1 position was purely by accident, because of Huckabee and Romney splitting the conservative vote. The Republican base can’t stand him, and a certain segment of them will never vote for him. If he stays in and becomes the Republican nominee, we will have a repeat of 1996, when moderate Bob Dole lost to Clinton. Not only is McCain as liberal as Bob Dole (Dole’s lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union was 82, the exact same as McCain’s), but McCain has deliberately said rude things about conservatives; he’s even more disliked by conservatives than Dole ever was. A friend of mine who used to work in one of McCain’s organizations said he was purged along with another conservative by McCain solely “to get rid of the conservatives.”

The argument that McCain is the only one who can beat Hillary in the polls is meaningless because the polls aren’t any good at tracking votes 6 months down the road. Look what happened to Giuliani’s lead in the polls; he was leading for most of the presidential race until January when he was forced to drop out. We saw in Iowa and now Kansas that evangelicals are a powerful voting block in this election, and they don’t like McCain because of his verbalized disdain for them. Without this large crucial block of voters – who will just sit out instead of showing up, which unfortunately tends to be their pattern more often than not, McCain can’t possibly beat the Democrat candidate. Democrat voters showed up to vote in the primaries like never before. And if Obama is their candidate, that will strip away the independent voters from McCain, his base. It may take a miracle, but here’s praying that McCain will see the writing on the wall and drop out to give the GOP a real candidate they’ll actually support. How can he continue when his core base in the GOP despises him? In Arizona, for example, he didn’t even break 50% of the Republican vote, unlike Romney in Massachusetts or Huckabee in Arkansas. The arrogance.


  1. I am curious as to why you think that Huckabee is more conservative than McCain. Prior to all this, Huckabee was considered to be moderate/left on welfare and fiscal policies, and right on social policies. So, really, all you care about is 1/3 of the base?

  2. Frank, your post is so funny. Let’s give you the benefit of the doubt. Okay, mccain is more conservative (har!). Then we would be expected to vote for mccain. Very logical. But you see, we want to be like John. We’re not betraying our brethren, we’re just…..mavericks!

  3. Um, so no answer then? I consider conservatism to have to do with more than just abortion and same-sex marriage. If all conservatism is to you is those two issues, then yes, Huckabee is more conservative. But fiscal policy? Foreign policy? there is a reason that Limbaugh and Sean Hannity both hate Huckabee as well as McCain. While I personally could care less what those two think, the people that write and frequent this site seem to generally care. I really just don’t get it.

  4. Gee, and just yesterday I was told that the writers on this site had “calmed down.”

    Huckabee would need to win 83% of the delegates not yet elected or not bound to another candidate to win the nomination. His nomination is “not plausible.” These are not my words; Karl Rove said them this morning on Face the Nation.

    McCain IS the GOP nominee. Deal with it. Decide whether you will support him and try to have some leverage over the VP choice and the platform, but quit fantasizing. Huckabee’s chances will be even more slight after he gets his ass kicked in Maryland and Virginia on Tuesday.

    By the way, PLEASE DO exert influence over the platform and VP choice. It will be incredibly entertaining to watch the self-proclaimed maverick, “Theodore Roosevelt Republican” and “straight talker” try to maneuver with the ideological straitjaket he will soon be fitted for. If he resists it too much, you folks will get mad. If he shrugs and goes along to appease the Right, he offends the voters he needs to win the general election.

  5. Walt Stephenson says

    If Obama isn’t picked by the Dem’s super delegates the Democratic party will fracture. I project that they will compromise with Clinton as President and Obama will accept VP. That blocks out the next 16 years of our lives with social welfare and socialized medicine programs that we can’t even imagine, not to mention their picks for the Supreme Court.

    I don’t agree with McCain on a number of his positions but I will work hard for him and go to bed every night praying that John McCain is our next President because Clinton-Obama is unthinkable.

  6. Rex is right. McCain is your nominee…but it is making for a big big mess. I can tell you that it is more than shocking to me that McCain could not win Kansas and Lousiana yesterday…it is even more shocking that in a state like Washington, he barely wins and the vast majority of votes were against him (Huck, Paul, and Romney totalled over solidifying behind McCain).

    What is staggering is that he has essentially picked up the nomination and has virtually no momentum.

    I will say this. If Huck goes the distance and starts catching up…it will be as interesting a convention as the Dems is shaping up to be.

  7. Haha. That post was funny. Thanks for injecting humor into this blog.

  8. Democratic leaders and some misguided and sorely confused conservatives such as yourselves have a serious problem understanding the terrorist threat
    that faces us here and abroad.
    As recently as this week we’ve all watched a Democratic party that impugns and
    dishonors the integrity of men like Senator McCain and General Petraeus.
    Democrats have been sending increasingly disturbing signals of weakness, doubt,
    division and fear. Their tactics are deplorable and their only aim is power for
    themselves not protection for the American People. Our country is at War in
    mores ways then one. The Democrats and other fanatics are attempting a hostile
    take-over of our very way of life. They force feed us their propaganda , their
    defeatist ideals and their policies, and then tell us it is what all Americans want.

    I believe most Americans feel as I do. I believe most Americans are looking for
    real Leadership, not just partisan victories that will leave the nation
    polarized, unprotected and still in a war that our soldiers are not allowed to
    win or leave. Not phony leaders built upon sound-bites and slogans passed
    around through their biased media friends, looney websites and blogospheres. I
    believe there can be no ‘maybe’ in our collective voice to defend our country
    and our allies. We don’t have time for a Presidency that is beholden to a group
    of elite fanatics which is fought for and won on hate and smear tactics. We can
    Not afford to wait until 2012 to try and get it right again. These are
    dangerous difficult times. This is quite possibly the most important battle for
    the Office of President we have seen in our lifetimes. There is very clearly
    only one man in this battle tested, proved and suited to be victorious. The
    current administrations inability to function properly throughout this
    in Iraq, has sprung the citizens’ doubts about its legitimacy. There is only
    man in this battle that has from the start and to this day unwaveringly stated
    clearly both his criticism and the course of action needed for victory.
    Here we stand roughly six years later realizing this man was right all along.

    History teaches us many things. Hindsight is always 20/20. In the summer of
    1954 a young man began his first year at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis,
    Maryland. In March of 1973 – That same young man and nearly 600 fellow POWs
    were released from the horrors of the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam, ending the
    longest wartime incarceration in U.S. history. In September of 2005 The
    Eisenhower Institute awarded that same man the Eisenhower Leadership Prize;
    recognizing an individual whose lifetime accomplishments perfectly reflected
    Dwight D. Eisenhower’s legacy of integrity and leadership! That man is our first
    and best line of defense in these battles our nation faces. That man rode here
    on a bus with me to rally public support before entering in yet another
    battle on our behalf . . . That man is Senator John

    In President Lincolns Second Inaugural Address he stated
    “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as
    God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to
    bind up the nation’s wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle,
    and for his widow and his orphan – to do all which may achieve and cherish a
    just and lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations.”

    History must be written of, by and for the survivors. If we are to be
    successful. If we are truly to be the survivors, it will be because men like
    John McCain lead us there.

  9. Well said Mad! Couldn’t agree with you more. Some here just can’t get over their hatred of John McCain; when you ask them 1 on 1 it’s always some personal issue or they feel they were slighted by McCain at one time in the past. It’s time to get over these petty differences and rally behind Sen. McCain as he becomes the GOP Nominee. These people don’t want Huckabee, they just hate McCain. So be it, they will never change. But as it was just proven in the recent Arizona election, John McCain IS the choice of the people.

  10. Huckabee is a conservative? How much Peyote did it take to come to that conclusion?

    John McCain will soon be your President. Start supporting him now, or support the horrid policies of Hillary and Barrack

    There is always a third choice. MOVE THE HELL OUT


  11. The Moronic Alliance. Sheesh One would think you dolts would be whistling a different tune after the recent events in Arizona.

    Never going to learn are you. That’s ok keep destroying your own part.

  12. Saw Karl Rove on TV prior to this weekend.
    He said that for Huckabee to garner the nomination, he would have to win 83% of the remaining votes. For McCain to win the nomination, he would have to win 40% or so of the remaining votes. He stated it would be statistically impossible for Huckabee to do that. Seems to me that if McCain understands math better than economics, he might be reluctant to follow the suggestion to drop out.

  13. You are a disgrace to anyone who ever considered you or any of your cronies republican you are not even a good excuse for republicans. Anyone who would rather sit out an election and hand it over to Democrats are exactly that, Democrats and I think that is the perfect place for you because I can tell you right now better them have you there with them than us Republicans have to put up with your treason here. With friends like you the Republican party needs no enemies and we are better off without you and you will not be missed. As far as I am concerned you are a Benedict Arnold and a disgrace to all that are exposed to you. The only reason that McCain is considered a maverick is because he is a leader not a follower. In other words the reason that he is disliked and considered a maverick and is opposed by both parties is because he is not a hand puppet and a yes man. But the main reason is because he wants to cut out all of that feeding by both sides of the isle at the community hog trough on pork barrel that the tax payers foot the bill for. So you sit here with your miserable little blog with it’s miserable little cronies and wallow in your self-pity and please do all of us real Republicans a favor and join the Democrats which you are already, all you like is the title and be happy with your Snoran Aliens.

  14. Pray that Obama wins. Mc Cain has been arrogant all of his life and that was before he had the kind of power he can wield IF he became president. There are rumors that he is unstable. Along with his well-known temper and his penchant for war, do you REALLY want his finger on the red button? But, hey, he is a REPUBLICAN. Well, so am I, but I am not willing to go up in smoke for John Mc Cain.

    What good is it to fight in Iraq, Iran and more if we open the back door even wider and before there are any war winners declared, none of us can communicate with each other in a single anguage (or two), nevermind having a cornucopia of laws to choose which for divorce, (stoning), which for theft (loss of one hand) OR?

    At my age, it is likely that I will have gone to Hell or whatever, long before that netherland is in place coast to coast.

  15. It’s well passed the time McCain should have gotten out. He was hand picked by the media as the Republican nominee and now they will all desert him for Obama or Hillary.

    He is a Republican, and if I must I will do as his mother suggests – “hold my nose and vote for him.” He is not a conservative however. You can tell by the people who support him – Vicki being a fine example. Conservatives have far more class and decorum than Vicki exemplifies, evidenced by her personal attacks on bloggers themselves rather than on the substance of their postings.

    As far as the war, we simply can’t allow someone to be president who won’t allow torture under any circumstances. I realize McCain claims that torture doesn’t work. Perhaps then he can explain why he signed a confession in Hanoi. Torture either works or he sided with the North Vietnamese. He can’t have it both ways.

    Someone asked where McCain is less conservative than Huckabee. Here’s a list:

    Stem cell research
    Fair tax
    1st Amendment
    2nd Amendment
    Life Amendment
    Marriage Amendment
    McCain sponsors bills with Democrats/Huckabee with Republicans.
    Campaign Finance…

  16. McCain is too arrogant and self-absorbed to get out of the GOP primary and there are plenty of Republicans in the prior primaries/caucases who now have voters remorse. Romney actually did the most incredible thing by dropping out because he could see how tortured and torn the GOP is and continues to become over McCain. Yes, McCain, short of some twist of fate or irony, will likely be the nominee for the party. But while conservatives have a voice, they will shout it through the campaign of Mike Huckabee. Some like Tony GOPrano believe we all “hate” McCain but he fails to mention that McCain brought it on himself. Time after time, conservatives have tried to sit down and reason with McCain but he has refused to work with us. And now, at the time he needs us the most, it is coming back to haunt him – even while the momentum among Democrats grows. I’m not sure if/how I will vote especially considering the manner I’ve been personally treated by Senator McCain. But given the oncoming battle and what is at stake for the future of this country my vote for John McCain will be akin to taking a bullet to a limb rather than taking a bullet to the head by voting for a Democrat. At least I can hope that the wound won’t be fatal.

  17. Statistician says

    Prudent man,

    There is another statistic that is important. Huckabee AND Paul only have to get 60% of the remaining delegates to keep McCain from getting the nomination. Some think that is more important than that Huckabee actually get the votes for nomination prior to the Convention.


    The only people who call McCain a Maverick are the MSM. The people who know him best call him a b******, a foul mouth jerk, a turncoat or a traitor. He is a leader – just leading the wrong way.

  18. Sour Grapes DSW. You and your cabol just can’t get over the fact that John McCain is going to be the next President of the United States. Please DON’T Vote for him DSW. Vote for Hillary Clinton. Join your pal Josey and go NOP!

  19. kralmajales says

    This is going to be such an easy win for the Dems in 2008.

    Let’s be honest folks…

    How can you defend Iraq? There are far many other and better ways to protect us against terrorism…they cost less money…they don’t entail attacking and killing people…they don’t entail trillions of dollars in deficit…they don’t entail losing 4000 young men and women…they don’t entail sending those alive back over and over and over again…they don’t entail the countless injured in this war…the seperated families…and the incredibly poor job this administration has done taking care of those who did us this service.

    How can you defend the deficit that your party created? You now say “earmarks” when your party went earmark silly and when even getting rid of every earmark, I bet, wouldn’t even add up to 20% in change in compared to what has been spent on the war, policing the border, and the and military.

    How can you defend the incredibly poor ethics of your party that has frankly done in two Congressmen in this state alone…and has touched representatives in every state in the nation.

    Finally, and I could go on and on and on…but I have to end with the economy stupid. The last eight years has been the biggest fiscal irresoponsibility of any party in history. Billions of taxes to the rich…trillions spent. Job losses, mortgage fraud perpetrated by lax enformcement of our law (called regulation by some of you), and now we are in a recession.

    What planet are you people on? How can you even dream that anything you can give us would be worth most of our country voting for right now? How can you even think that you have a chance in this election or that anyone should trust your party…for a long long long time?

  20. TonyGOP,

    Oh, I’ll probably vote for “your guy” because I don’t want to see the country go over a cliff AND I will admit that I was wrong about McCain’s viability. BUT I do believe that this whole election process has been a disaster. It started way too early and people voted early ballots before their candidate dropped out of the race. As I mentioned, I believe there is a whole lot of voters’ remorse and a whole lot of people who are ignorant and don’t know the real John McCain. Our focus here has been to let the American people know that what they see is NOT what they want but at this point in time, we are out of time and the nominee is likely McCain. I hope to God that he wins the Presidency if he becomes the official nominee AND more important, I hope he proves me/us wrong about being a good President but until now, the John McCain I know/we conservatives know, is a great American, a lousy Senator and a terrible Republican. I hope he proves us wrong.

  21. CD 5 Conservative says

    How about renaming the site badpoliticalanalysisalliance?

    McCain is ahead by something like 500 delegates, he’s roughly 300 short of where he needs to be to win the nomination, and polling way ahead in Virginia.

    People who are going to win tend not to drop out. Is this the first election you have ever watched?

  22. My office has a pool going. By what date will mccain’s amnesty plan create (at least) 12 million freshly minted democrat voters? We have guesses running all the way from December 1, 2008 to January 1, 2009.

  23. kralmajales says

    Thank you for getting rid of the post that WAS above this one.

  24. nightcrawler says

    Huckabee has every right to continue to run, as does Ron Paul. Both men speak for voters not represented by McCain. Having said that, John McCain will be our nominee. The writing is clearly on the wall. The amount of brain damage one wants to endure chasing fantasies is a personal choice. The Sonoran Alliance is a conservative blog and not only has the right, but an obligation to report on and cheer on conservative candidates. It is to be expected.

  25. Am I getting Alzheimer’s? My brain is adamant that Pat posted a piece here that McCain’s only chance of winning was an Obama nod with Janet Nepolitano as VP, all bent out of shape because Janet is known to be gay. The notion of a black president, female and gay VP proved too much for Pat’s synapses.

    This original post (and some of the thread) is just as nuts. McCain should withdraw?!

    Haaagh!! Huwaaaagh!!!

    What Tony GOPrano and some others get is that the GOP should be thankful McCain prevailed. He is your strongest candidate. He has a good shot at Hillary. Romney or Huckabee would implode instantly as the general proceeded.

    Those of you wailing against McCain enjoy a February tantrum. Come March, the pragmatic elements of the GOP that don’t want to lose the presidency will insist you grow up or hand you your hat and show you the door. By all means, take your pansy a** vote with you.

  26. “hand you your hat and show you the door.” I doubt that will happen but if it did how would they go about enforcing that rule?

  27. I read this post earlier and at first, thought it had to be satirical. Then when I read it and some of the following comments in the thread, I was so insulted by the idiocy of the foundation I could not even begin to attempt a comment. That anyone would honestly believe such a post would be seen by anyone with half a brain as anything beyond a lunatic rant is beyond me. Short of McCain suddenly dropping dead, Huckabee will be the also ran.

    To use the percentages as a bolster to why he is not the accepted candidate and attempt to diminish his victories if he didn’t have over 50% is to say every single president ever elected since this system began was elected falsely. Everyone, unless the primary was 2 man race from the beginning, faced the same thing. It is a preposterous stretch.

    I spent the day with my family, we were gathered to say goodbye to my nephew who is being deployed to Iraq for the second time. He was injured in his first deployment; has had two surgeries, is not fully recuperated but will go back anyway. Of course, talk of the election was a big part of the afternoon. I asked him, what he really thought about the candidates, as an active duty soldier, having been there once and knowing he would be there again within the month.

    He said, smiling, it would be great if Hillary or Obama were elected because he would get to come home. But, then he said with a much more serious tone, what electing one of those two really means is we will just have to fight them here because they will follow us home. He said that he would rather fight them there and try to stop it where it is rather than have his little sister, mother, or grandmother face the dangers of what they will bring to our soil. He had no doubt about the reality of their intentions.

    He is voting for McCain. He said he hopes all the people who call themselves conservatives figure out there is a lot more to think about than political posturing. If we are in a war, on our home soil, will we really care about the “Gang of 14” or McCain-Feingold? He said he cannot imagine what it will be like to serve under a President Clinton or Obama. The group was mixed Dems/Reps; it was unanimous. Folks who said they had no agreement with the political leanings of “conservative” were willing to put that aside, take what may come no matter how it went against their personal view on the issue, to be sure our country was safe. They all agreed…McCain is the one. There were pro-life, pro-choice, charismatic Christians, Methodists, NRA members, union members, teachers, police officers, health care workers, early 20’s through mid-70’s. All voting for McCain. It was amazing!

    They also got the idea of bigger government and change for the sake of change with no idea of what that meant other than a catchy phrase. No one disliked Huckabee, he is just too green for the job as it is right now. Maybe in another time, but not now.

    Unity beyond party lines. It may threaten some, who fear losing the majority or control within their group, but their security must not be based in anything of substance or it would not be seen as so easily fleeting. During WWII did anyone give up their identity as an R or D? Of course not, but we were all Americans first.

    This “true conservative” vs. liberal fight is a bunch of garbage created by those who know they just might be seen as shallow or weak if challenged to prove their worth.

    This time last year we had just gone through a battle over precinct committeemen who appeared on an internet site with their names endorsing Janet for Governor. What I see on this internet site; people with known positions within Republican organizations calling for the victory of a Democrat. It is no better. It is a surreptitious attempt to flex your muscles without having any obligation to accept your actions.

    So, go ahead and rant. Go ahead and prove your ignorance one post at a time. While you’re at it; prepare for the highest taxes ever, health care that serves everyone while serving no one, and hope it is not your relative that is serving in harm’s way under a president that is unprepared and ill equipped for the job they seek.

  28. W Phx Activist says


    For a person who could not even begin to make a comment you sure epostulated a lot.

    Since we both have family deployed, we share something. The war against Islamic Jihad must be fought and it is best that it be fought there. It is incredibly important for the safety of this country.

    However, it is at least equally important (I would argue more important) to protect the homeland by fighting against the illegal invasion while we are prosecuting the war abroad.

    McCain will do the former, while he will sell out the homeland to the invading millions simultaneously. McCain/Feingold and McCain/Lieberman can be overcome, but McCain/Kennedy put into law will be the cancer that destroys us without any recourse.

    The members of my son’s detachment, unlike your nephew’s group, have evaluated both situations and, given only the choice of McCain or a D would vote for McCain, but they are united in wanting a President that will do both.

    Now they are potentially saddled with a choice of losing two wars or losing one war. That is relly not a choice they want to make.

  29. Ann,

    If my candidate could only win Washington with 26% against Huckabee and Ron Paul I would be a little more contrite. McCain may end up the nominee but he showed marked weakness on Saturday.

    Who is ranting? Some of us write pithy remarks, other go on forever.

  30. War battles have been and will be on our soil. We have been at war “on foreign soil” for 6 years. And all this time our borders have remained porous. The terrorists are in the U.S.A. They’re here. The question isn’t whether they will strike, the only questions are when and how. mccain’s lack of initiative to secure our borders speaks volumes against the military prowess argument. I’d rather take our chances with Huckabee than go with the demonstrated failure of mccain’s policies. mccain is beholdent to illegal immigration profiteers. Don’t look for any safer America from “damn fence mccain.”

  31. I obviously stewed all day, under some serious circumstances, and let it all out at once. By the time I had developed my thoughts, there was so much to respond to. The chipping and snipping had taken 26 posts.

    As for Washington, it is hardly a measurement to be used for anything. The caucus is only half of the process; they split the way they choose delegates. They will also have a Republican primary on the 2/19. Crazy. There is no way to know if the Huckabee folks made a push in the caucus, as did Paul, or if the voters will do the same thing on Tuesday.

    And yes, you can take part in both. Sounds like Chicago to me.

    Here’s my prediction:

    Huckabee continues on, makes a name for himself as a great speaker, a natural leader, and a true American treasure. His story is the stuff that makes us all believe we can be more than a work-a-day schmuck with nothing but death and taxes as certainties in life. He will be taken seriously and people will love him. But, they will not want him to be the president. Not now, anyway. He will get a good amount of votes because no one wants to see him crash and burn, but not enough to make a difference.

    He will not be a part of the McCain White House but, will be a much respected GOP big name and highly demanded speaker. He will go across the country and continue to build his position as a person of recognition deserving of all he gets. In churches and secular stadiums across the country, the stage for him to affect our country, the world, in a positive way will be wide open. He will help restore the credibility to Christian conservatives that has taken its hits, and hard ones, in the last few years. He most certainly will have his day. (As a Christian of the Kenneth Copeland sort, I truly hope for this!)

    McCain will be accepted as the only true contender and go on to the nomination. The words of George Will at CPAC will lay way for the Limbaugh’s, Colter’s, Hannity’s, Levin’s, et all to make amends and rally on for the R’s.

    HRC is imploding but sometimes the energy of such a disaster produces much energy. Obama can only talk of change and generalities for so long before he has to give some specifics. It won’t be change but real dollars then. They will fight it out to the end.

    In the meantime, the “come-together” of the right will be mounting an effort to win and we will. Money, people, time, and energy will all be able to focus on the general and not wear it all out fighting for the nomination. June to November is not that long and we will have a head start!

  32. When did torture become a core conservative principle?

    It was funny to read someone read Sen. McCain out of the Republican party for being against torture and then someone else admiring Gov. Romney for withdawing to avoid “torturing” the party.

  33. Those Republicans who are upset with the way the nomination contest is going should consider trying to change the rules, as the Democrats have, to avoid winner-take-all primaries.

    If the Republicans had the kind of proportional representation we Democrats use, Gov. Romney (and Gov. Huckabee and others) would have received a lot more delegates rather than essentially being shut out of states like New York, California, New Jersey and Mississippi.

    And if we Democrats followed the winner-take-all rules of the Republicans, Sen. Obama would not be able to catch up with Sen. Clinton.

    One cannot blame Sen. McCain for the fact that states like New York and New Jersey were winner-take-all.

  34. I would just like to start off by quoting Tony Snow, “would you rather have President McCain who you fight with 20% of the time or President Hillary you fight with 90% of the time?”
    Sure the President holds a lot of power but what about all the fiscally irresponsible jackasses elected to congress? They are a HUGE part of the problem. At least McCain wouldn’t be afraid to veto bs bills.
    To all the “suicide” republicans, grow up & get real. McCain is our nominee. The RNC, White House, political genious Karl Rove, Newt Gingerich & many others are behind him. Since most of you are sheep who only do what hannity or limbaugh tell you to, listen to them. Get your behinds out & vote for mccain, stop dividing the party, get in line & work to see this election thru to victory.
    Otherwise, none of you will have a right to b*tch when we have a liberal, a TRUE liberal in the white house.
    Ps-Huckabee picking up a few delegates on saturday isn’t really going to change the fact that he still needs 83% of the delegates up for grabs (don’t forget, NONE of the delegates in LA are committed to him)-and mccain only needs 20%. Huckabee may be into “miracles” but I don’t think he’s going to get one.
    Get real.

  35. Iris Lynch Says:
    February 10th, 2008 at 1:24 pm
    Pray that Obama wins.

    First it was Ron Paul now Obama? Have you gone off your rocker Iris? I used to respect your posts, but pray that Obama wins, am I praying for the destruction of America too?

  36. New American Rebel says

    Dr. Don Devine of the American Conservative Union Foundation has suggested that Republicans losing has been good for them. When they lose, they return to REAL conservative ideology. It was Goldwater’s loss that paved the way for Reagan’s wins. We’ve been in power too long and have long forgotten Reagan’s and Goldwater’s lessons. I think we need a good stiff kick in the teeth to wake us up. We need to lose…especially if John McCain is our nominee. We’ve been told to “calm down”, but this is exactly what the Big Government Republicans and the Dems want. If the REAL, paleo-conservative, small government crowd follows McCain like lemmigs, we end up with bigger government, no matter if McCain or the Dem nominee wins. While unlike Coulter, I ain’t gonna vote for Hillary, I’m not voting for McCain in the general either. With a Dem win, it should polarize the people and re-ignite the conservative fire, just like when Goldwater lost. It’s the only way to attempt to halt the advancement of socialism because John McCain surely isn’t going to stop it. I’m willing to suffer a few more years in the wilderness in the hopes that the conservatives will rise again.

    As a tangentially related point, Coulter is patently wrong that McCain is as liberal as Hitlery, BUT, McCain’s ACU ratings have taken a complete nose-dive since he first was elected to the House. As he gets older, he marches further and further to the left.

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