It’s Time for Mark Mitchell and Greg Stanton to Come Clean

With the Tempe runoff election rapidly approaching, talk amongst Tempe’s political insiders is that Democrat mayoral candidate Mark Mitchell has lawyered up pretty heavily. Mitchell’s dive into a legal bunker may very well have something to do with what’s actually not happening in Tempe’s western neighbor, the City of Phoenix.

Recently elected Mayor of Phoenix, Greg Stanton, an endorser and high dollar fundraiser for Mitchell, may be stalling on the release of a report revealing a police investigation of the mayoral aspirant that was triggered by an anonymous victim’s email to the entire Tempe Council. The report is rumored to contain damning allegations that junior engaged in behavior so vile and disgusting that it would likely end his political career if not result in legal action. That investigation was handed over to Stanton’s top law enforcer in order to avoid a conflict of interest.

Early voting is already underway in Tempe. One would expect local media would be hot on the trail of any police investigation especially one that involves a mayoral candidate. Or better yet, that the candidate himself would feel obligated to disclose to the voters whether or not he is under any type of investigation.

And what does this say about the character and political motivations of Phoenix Mayor Stanton who appears to be dragging his political feet on an investigation of his political peer and ally?

Something has to give. We just hope it’s not the trust and confidence of Tempe and Phoenix residents who deserve better from their candidates and elected officials.

Both Mark Mitchell and Greg Stanton should stop this political game of avoidance and obfuscation and make an effort to show some real leadership. Mayor Stanton should step aside and allow Phoenix detectives to acknowledge and even release any findings. But even more important, if there really is no there there, Mark Mitchell owes it to his fellow Tempeans to publicly denounce any such allegations if he truly wants to exonerate his name.


  1. This is a pathetic smear by the Monti camp, and frankly it speaks well for Mitchell’s chances.

    What kind of horses**t is this?

    “talk amongst Tempe’s political insiders”

    Who? Name names.

    “may very well have something to do with…”

    “may be stalling…”

    “The report is rumored…”

    Who wrote this? Captain Vague-man?

    No allegation named, no names, no proof. This is Michael Monti’s desperate attempt to not have to back to shilling overpriced beef on Mill Ave. He better enjoy second place during the 1st election, because that’s as high as he’s ever going to get.

  2. Buster Hafeen says

    why don’t you ask your boy Mark if the claim is true. why is mayor Greg sitting on the information?

    • What claim? All I’m seeing a smear. Whoever the Monti staffer above is should have just claimed Mark Mitchell is a practicing homo sapien and his sister is a thespian, because there’s equal amounts of respect for the audience’s intelligence with the post above and these smears above.

      Whomever posted the above is gutless coward.

  3. Here is the cure:

    Mark Mitchell: “There is no investigation by Phoenix police regarding me.”
    Greg Stanton, “There is no investigation of Mark Mitchell by the Phoenix police.”

    Get a klue Klute. Something’s up when neither of these statements are forthcoming. Calling names and pitching a fit is not proof that there is no investigation.

    My money is on the fact that there is an investigation. This is too easy to refute if it were not true.

    • B******t.

      Should Mitchell also confirm for us when exactly he stopped beating his wife to satisfy you right-wing droogs?

      Perhaps Michael Monti needs to confirm for us that his restaurant doesn’t use bovine spongiform encephalopathy infected beef at his restaurant. I’ve heard USDA insiders have heard rumors that Monti’s La Casa Vieja might have used possibly infected BSE meat. It’s just a rumor, probably not true, but Michael Monti should put a statement confirming that, just so we all know for sure.

  4. Buster Hafeen says

    Klute, spewing obscenities and pitching a fit won’t settle this. A simple statement from Mr. Mitchell will. If there is no investigation then Mitchell should say so. If there is an investigation then Mayor Stanton needs to do the right thing and disclose it. This doesn’t have to be so complicated

  5. Stop McRINO Now says

    Tempe is crap-hole thanks to the likes of the Mitchells and that gay McRINO mayor they had back in the day.

  6. Shorter Buster Hafeen: Why won’t Mark Mitchell take the bait and sink into Michael Monti’s sewer.

    Still no word on whether or not La Casa Vieja serves mad-cow beef. Monti owes that information to the Tempe people.

  7. I agree with “The Klute” as far as the post itself is concerned. He is on his own as far as his descent into flinging poo is concerned. [The Klute, I know you can do better] Mark Mitchell hasn’t been convicted of anything. Nobody and no name has been mentioned relative to any undescribed action. I prefer Michael Monti. No supporter of Michael Monti with half a brain would publish such an article about his opponent.

  8. Thane,

    Whomever this Monti flunky is, he lost the right to have me treat him with any measure of respect the moment he tried the hackneyed “Oh well gee, the innocent have nothing to hide hyuk hyuk hyuk” argument.

    Perhaps Buster and The Phoenix ought to re-read and thus time perhaps this time understand the 10 Commandments… Especially the part about bearing false witness. Or perhaps their faith is like a puddle, mile wide and an inch deep.

  9. Klute, apparently your self-righteous indignation is a bit too hasty. It’s Mitchell and his supporters who are bearing false witness. (See blog entry above.) Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?

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