It’s ok for the GOP to take sides among Republicans as long as it’s a moderate position

Political consultant and former GOP state party executive director Nathan Sproul is quoted in the Arizona Republic today criticizing current GOP state party chairman Randy Pullen for being critical of the Senate’s proposed illegal immigration bill:

Republican political consultant Nathan Sproul called Pullen’s opposition as chairman to his party’s president and two sitting senators on such a key issue “absolutely unprecedented.” “I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said. Said Sproul, “As a party chairman, it’s his job to elect and support Republicans.”

Sproul apparently has a problem with Pullen criticizing Kyl and McCain’s position on illegal immigration. Well that’s funny. When Sproul was earning his $8.3 million from the national Republican party, he was surprisingly quiet about the national NRCC pumping thousands of dollars into the District 8 GOP primary race to defeat conservative tough-on-the-border candidate Randy Graf and aid RINO Steve Huffman instead. Apparently it’s only ok for the Republican Party to pick sides on issues if it’s the moderate side.

(This story was altered by the editors to remove a link to a questionable, leftist publication.)


  1. Ted,

    Come on! You’re being a little tough on poor Nathan. After his efforts in the Marriage Amendment fight and Munsil, he probably has a little too much time on his hands. His gravy train with the State Party has dried up and he needs something to stay relevant. I’ve always believed that if you want to collect signatures, Nathan is your guy, but when it comes to actually running a race, his success speaks for itself.

  2. I am always amused that the only articles cited to muddy Sproul are far left-wing periodicals. I browsed the website of the Baltimore Chronicle and Sentinel and found articles about Bush lying as well as anti-Falwell postings. If you have got some dirt on Sproul, fine, but let’s not dignify such trashy publications as the Baltimore Chronicle and Sentinel.

  3. Sproul has long been after Pullen and his friends. This is nothing more than a bitter political insider who lost a meal ticket.

    Expect more just like this from Nathan and his ilk. They won’t be satisfied until they control the party again, and given Sproul’s track record, that is something we must never let happen!

  4. Capitol Buzz says

    Kudos to Don Goldwater for his opinion in that article. He used a potentially divisive time to rally MORE people to the Republican Party. While Sproul practices the art of division, Goldwater practices the art of addition. That tells you a lot about those two.

  5. Randy Pullen is the Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, and in that capacity he is supposed to represent Arizona Republicans. The AZ GOP has passed numerous resolutions regarding the issue of illegal immigration, always by unanimous or near unanimous votes. Randy is right to be representing the Party on this. Well done Randy!

  6. Villanova says

    Randy Pullen is a bright light in the State GOP. Sproul started out as principled but left those principles in the sandbox in which he plays. His sole concern is increasing his image and wealth at the expense of the conservative Republican values he claims to support. But, talk is cheap. Watch people’s actions for the real gauge. Sproul actually supported a pro-abortion, FOJ (friend of Janet) state legislator over a solid conservative in the last elections.

    Everything he touches has fallen to shambles. Issues such as the Marriage Amendment and chucking the unClean Elections system should have been clear winners, but fell short under his guidance. We lost the last governor’s race by a previously unheard of margin–again with Sproul pulling the strings.

    Can’t imagine why anyone listens to or hires him. It makes sense that the AZ Republic would go to him for quotes. He’s their kind of guy.

  7. I’m sorry. But Randy Pullen does not speak for me. I don’t like the Immigration plan, but I can not justify calling Senator Kyl a traitor. HOTAZITGETS posted pictures from KTAR:

    I’ve never seen anything like this. Having a picture of Jon Kyl with his middle finger raised is disgusting and distasteful. This isn’t what our Republican party is about.

  8. I agree with Julie and was also appalled at those photos. The rabid attacks without as much as debate is hardly what I would call the conservative attitude. A traitor, hardly!

  9. Tired of foolish assumptions says

    Ann and Julie:
    It was not Randy Pullen who organized or endorsed the protestors in front of Sen. Kyl’s office. It was Michelle Dallacroce, the founder of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens. She sent numerous emails to Arizona residents with specific information about the march. Her photo is in the AZ Republic this morning (May 22, 2007)

    This is a link to her site encouraging participation in the march:
    On the right-hand side of the site, there are numerous video clips of her appearances on nationally televised programs.

    Please, ladies, get your facts straight before stating error as fact!

  10. Tired and Foolish:

    I’m sorry, please read the paper before you cite my facts as errors. Chairman Randy Pullen held a press conference yesterday in which he held up one of the signs that Michelle Delacroce must have made, and cited that this was how our party faithful are feeling about the Republican Party. (Link below and actual verbage is included in text):

    “To illustrate the point at a press conference, Pullen displayed a letter with a drawing of a fist and finger making an obscene gesture.

    To ensure that the message was understood, the letter’s author used a blue highlighter to color in the extended digit, and jotted the message, “Here is my middle finger.”

    “This basically is the outlook that many of our party faithful are feeling right now about the Republican Party,” Pullen said. “

  11. Julie,

    What you saw was a group of angry Arizonans, protesting an action of an elected official.

    There was nothing to indicate that they were Republicans. There was nothing to indicate that the protest was organized by the Arizona Republican Party. In fact, we know for a fact that the Party had nothing to do with the protests and that many in the crowd were NOT Republicans.

    Blaming that event on Republicans or the Party or Randy Pullen is simply unfair and inaccurate.

  12. John,

    thank you. Then why would Randy Pullen be holding a sign that has Senator Kyl with his middle finger raised? He said the following quote:

    “This basically is the outlook that many of our party faithful are feeling right now about the Republican Party,” Pullen said.

    All I am saying is that I am disgusted by this. I would never hold disavowing Senator Kyl with him giving an obscene gesture, and say that he speaks on behalf of me. Senator Jon Kyl is a good man, a decent man, and an honest man.

    If Randy Pullen isn’t attacking him, what exactly is he doing?

    If you are trying to tell me that he is supporting him, that is a real twisted way.

  13. Julie Julie Julie… Wow… Where to begin…

    You have made the leap to conclusion that because Randy received a middle finger AND there was a middle finger at the rally that A) it was the same middle finger or at least the same artist and that B) Randy was endorsing the finger and its sentiment. That’s hogwash. He made the point that the party had gotten the finger sent to it, which really isn’t a surprise if they’re sending the finger to the Senator as well. It is also possible in a state this size that more than one person was inspired to pass along a middle finger. Making the assumptions that you did and tying Randy Pullen to the finger is dumb.

    Then you accuse Randy Pullen of attacking Jon Kyl, when Pullen is simply stating the Party’s position with regard to the bill. Two important points in there. First, the Party has taken official positions and Randy is the chairman of the Party. As such, he may not freelance and make up his own positions, contrary to votes already taken. He is bound, if he is doing his job right, to speak on behalf of and champion the positions taken by the Arizona Republican Party, and that is what he did. Second, he criticized the bill, not the man. You claim he is attacking Kyl when he is not. You then try sarcasm to ask if he is “supporting” Kyl? Again, dumb… Kyl is a good man, the bill is a pile of crap. That happens in politics. It is our duty as citizens to communicate to our politicians when they are about to vote for a pile of crap.

    For me, I wouldn’t hold those signs or use the angry language that the protesters used. But if you read the press release that Pullen put out, you will find it well-written, in line with the Party’s official positions, and devoid of personal attacks. Good for him!

  14. Tired of foolish assumptions says

    Bravo John!!

  15. Hometown Guy says

    Double bravo, John!

  16. Is it or is it not correct that Randy Pullen held up a poster with the likeness of Sen. Kyl with his middle finger raised in what is commonly known as an obscene gesture? Did he make the statement that “This basically is the outlook that many of our party faithful are feeling right now about the Republican Party.” Who gives a rat’s you know what where he got the sign! He held it up as a prop for his position and the representative of the party to which I belong.

    If he is as eloquent as purported, he should be able to convey his thoughts without such inarticulate methods. It was pure and simple shock value and an effort to show his level of personal belief in his own superiority; what arrogance! He does not speak for me with such actions!

    How ironic, just this evening I had a call asking for my donation to the state GOP. Of course I said I would be sending in my usual contribution. Not now!

    I have tried to get behind him, even though I did not support him for the position he now holds. But this is not the way the leader of a state party should present himself, refer to our Senator, or represent the party. His actions are as duplicitous as any.

  17. The only bird I want to see is this one:

  18. As to the question of whether the protesters were identified as Republicans, the answer is yes. KTAR has a picture of Rob Haney (Chairman of LD 11) wearing a GOP hat and holding a protest sign. See it here:

    And, Haney forwarded the over-the-top Mothers Against Illegal Immigration email that called on Kyl to resign. In his commentary in the forward he called Kyl’s integrity into question and called him a traitor.

    That’s unacceptable behavior for an elected Party official.

  19. One again, Haney’s detest for McCain has had an negatively overarching affect into the representation of our party.

  20. Hometown Guy says

    As a longtime PC in Dist. 11, I can attest to the tireless dedication of Chairman Haney and his wife, Marne. They have been a positive force for the AZ GOP, working diligently in recruitment of PCs and manning the GOP County office. They are donors—of time and dollars to the party and numerous candidates. We need fifty more like them!

    Rob Haney was unsuccessfully challenged for his chairmanship by the McCain forces, running “big name” candidates like former Gov. Symington, who NEVER attended the meetings! Their sleazy efforts were supported by some RINO GOP PCs, many whose names showed up on the roster of Republicans for Janet, with funding from a pack of San Francisco liberals, using the deceptive name of Grassroots Arizona, and exposed right here on the Sonoran Alliance website.

  21. John,

    I will not sink to name calling, so please refrain from telling me I am ‘dumb’ for my comments. I didn’t realize that Rob Haney was at the ralley. Those signs were disgusting and deplorable, and I would be ashamed to stand any where near them.

    This hate must stop! The job of the state party is not to divide us a part. Our job is to elect Republicans. It seems that people these days are getting more joy out of trying to defeat our own than defeat Democrats.

  22. Observer says

    I agree with your positions regarding what the party functions are, however, I would also add that it is NOT the role of the party to be blind apologists for legislation on a major issue that represents such a fundamental deviation from what the party stands for. The party does not stand for blanket amnesty for illegal aliens. You can spin it all you want, but that is what this bill does. As Senator David Vitter (R-LA) pointed out a couple of days ago this bill is “pure unadulterated amnesty.”

  23. PartyGuy says

    No Ann, the picture of the finger was the only thing on the page. Senator Kyl was in no way involved in the finger, the picture or anything. Someone is whispering falsehoods into your ear just to stir you up.

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