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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                        November 1, 2007

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Former Maricopa County Treasurer Announces Candidacy for Congress

(Scottsdale, AZ) – Running on a platform of congressional reform, fighting for tax relief to help Arizona families, reforming healthcare, and committing himself to securing the border, former Maricopa County Treasurer David Schweikert made his bid for Arizona’s 5th Congressional District official today as he addressed the more than 160 people in attendance at the monthly meeting of Republican Professionals in Scottsdale. “As a conservative, let me be clear. Reducing taxes is fundamental,” said Schweikert in his announcement.

“The practice of earmark spending must come to an end…,” continued Schweikert. “I pledge today that if I am elected I will never pursue earmark spending…,”

Schweikert will be following his announcement with the addition of a web-based video on his campaign webpage,, in the coming days.

No stranger to elective service, David Schweikert has served as Maricopa County Treasurer since 2004. While as County Treasurer, Schweikert enacted several key reforms making the Treasurer’s office more efficient, while saving the taxpayers of Maricopa County millions of dollars.

He previously served as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives from 1991 to 1994, representing Scottsdale and Fountain Hills. Known for his innovation, responsibility, and reform minded thought, Schweikert was selected by his colleagues to the position of Majority Whip. While he severed in this capacity, Schweikert helped guide two of the shortest and most successful sessions of the Arizona Legislature.

Schweikert holds an MBA from the ASU WP Carey Executive Program and received a BA from the ASU School of Business with a focus on finance and real estate.

Schweikert resides in Fountain Hills with his wife Joyce, where they run a real estate business together.



  1. Mr. Conservative says

    Schweikert can win the primary and I believe he will go on and beat Mitchell…

  2. BrassBalls says

    I hope so. Even being a Democrat Mitchell is a disaster. It’s not difficult to see he has risen above his level of incompetence.

  3. Hm… A battle of N. Scottsdale and Fountain Hills versus Tempe and S. Scottsdale… Chandler and Ahwatukee will decide this one.

  4. Grassroots girl says

    This is a funny line… “While he severed in this capacity, Schweikert…” I’m guessing it’s a typo, but if not, it would be interesting to know what (or who) he severed.

  5. I was at the announcement last night and am very excited that we have a candidate with his knowledge base! His platform and ideas are refreshing and seeing what he did at the Treasurer’s office only re-enforces that he can do the job and is absolutely the candidate of choice for our district.

  6. Once a tax collector, always a tax collector. What was the Freudian slip about ‘severing’? The guy is 0 for 1 in issuing a press release passable in a Junior High English class.

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