It Was Fun While It Lasted

Word from the Legislature is that Senate President Tim Bee has indicated to other Senators that Marty Shultz’s plan for across the board tax increases to pay for transportation improvements is DOA. Kudos to Senator Bee for putting a stop to this nonsense.

Of course, this isn’t to say that Shultz and other fellow travelers among the big government crowd won’t try and qualify their sales-gas-property tax increase plan through an initiative. But I get the sense that this maybe, just maybe, could be a tough sell to voters.


  1. Martin Shultz says


    Friends at Sonoran Alliance,

    Please check out your facts.

    The TIME press release quoted me but I did not say anything about a tax increase(s). Read it, please.

    Where did you get the impression I had a specific tax increase plan? Please advise.

    Once you get your facts straight, I will be pleased to discuss how to fund a comprehensive transportation plan for Arizona.



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