It ain’t over till the last ACORN vote is disqualified

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for this tedious campaign to be over.  I’m tired of the focus groups, studying focus groups who are in turn studying focus groups who put out info-mercials shot at the old West Wing set trying to make their candidate look like something that he ain’t.  And I am really tired of the disembodied head of Harry Mitchell claiming to represent Arizonans when he is really a Pelosi pet voting to curtail our freedoms and rob us of what little cash we have left.  The Dems have always pointed fingers at the Republicans as the fat cat party, but take a look at the load of cash they have dumped on the Mitchell campaign.  So with the likes of Soros, Boxer, Pelosi, Rangle etc. sending money and creating erroneous ads, it is refreshing to see that the party of the little guys, you know the party that represents me and you, funded by small donations and an army of volunteers is still holding their own against such unprecedented odds.  Even more interesting is the news from the Club of Growth.  They aren’t giving up on David Schweikert either.  They are spending money here because they too are tired of Harry’s lies about his record on raising taxes.  They know that the truth will make a difference to you.  They want to give you a reason to keep up the good fight.  So if you have a few bucks support the Club for Growth.  Better yet, vote. 

Here’s a quote from the recent post by Evan Brown:

Club for Growth has put $50,000 more into advertising in the 5th Congressional District in support of Republican candidate David Schweikert, the organization announced Wednesday.

“It is important to run this ad so people in Arizona can know about the kind of high-tax policies Harry Mitchell has been supporting,” said Pat Toomey, president of the anti-tax organization. “Hopefully, they will call Harry Mitchell and tell him to vote for lower taxes.”



  1. While she did not discuss the subject in her comment, AzLipsticklady referred to ACORN in her headline, which reveals a certain lack of knowledge about that organization.
    To begin with: ACORN volunteers or employees ask people to fill out and sign registration forms. Some of those people will sign them Donald Duck or Mickey Mantle or whatever – ACORN does not fill out or sign the forms.
    Second: ACORN submits the forms to appropriate electoral authorities and has no authority to withhold any forms. However, ACORN regularly reports these phony forms so that the authorities will have the opportunity to investigate for possible fraud violations. In addition, what sane person (perhaps AzLipstickLady) would believe that a Donald Duck form could ever result in a person actually voting fraudulently? If you have never been a poll worker or watcher, try it – it’s a good education on the process.
    Third: No source – that’s right, NONE – has ever documented voting fraud that resulted from an improper ACORN registration form.
    Serious studies unanimously show that voter fraud is now almost completely extinct, and is never high enough to change the outcome of any election.
    However, ignorant media reporters, John McCain, and gullible people like AzLipstickLady eat up the rumors about ACORN with gusto, never bothering to check the facts.
    If you are concerned about the electoral process, particularly in Pima Counthy, you should focus your attention on measures taken to prevent certain classes of people – Arican Americans, Mexican Americans, older people without drivers licenses, new young registrants, etc. – from exercising their constitutional right to vote.

    By the way, AzLipstickLady and I do agree on one thing – I also dislike Nancy Pelosi and have contributed to Cindy Sheehan’s campaign against her in San Francisco.

  2. kralmajales says

    Yeah…this is total smoke. The whole voter registration fraud issue is itself fraud.

    They pay people to register voters and some turn in false names to get their quota…that’s it…done. Same thing is true when people get paid to get signatures for a ballot initiative…you get some false names.

    It is no different.

    Should they be prosecuted…YES…does this mean people are voting fraudulently and is it enough to sway an election…

    Hell no.

  3. It is so frustrating watching the campaign spend $22,000 in two weeks on makeup for Sarah Palin when that’s almost what are state legislators are paid in an ENTIRE YEAR. Certainly makes you wonder where the Republican party’s priorities are!

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