Israel, Mexico and all those “Peace Processes”

This past week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as the official representative to foreign nations of the current U.S. Administration in Washington, DC, “warned” the Israelis to get on the “peace process.” Vice President Joe Biden and his wife spent the week in an official diplomatic visit to Israel and growled to their hosts they weren’t doing enough for “peace.” Palestinians, seeing the scolding of the Israeli government by the very apogee of the current American administration, promptly began the stone throwing and lit the Molotov cocktails.  When pressed that this seemed to be a disturbingly undermining way to support an ally, President Obama stated to clarify this awkward situation in his interview with Fox’s Bret Baier that ,“Israel is an ally … but we can have disagreements.”

DRUDGE report posed the ominous question: “US Administration seeks regime change in Israel?”  What are we to think,  considering Obama’s stated position in the Iranian election People’s rebellion, while Iranian citizens were bleeding in the streets, that it wasn’t for the USA to “meddle,” yet his administration engaged in heavy-handed American meddling in Honduras’s political business to try to force the Hondurans to reinstall a president they’d determined by their own laws to have been acting illegally. Hillary Clinton was the face of the USA to Hondurans, jetting in to tell them how to read their own Constitution, and Hillary Clinton  about two weeks ago, was the face of the USA telling astounded and then disgusted ally Britain that they should “settle” the Falklands issue with Argentina.

How about we see some of these United States government officials prominently addressing the “peace process” that has been lacking in the growing Mexican Drug War disaster? Can not the same as laid on Israel that “Mexico is an ally … but we can have disagreements?”

How can Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pound the podium,  suddenly “tough” about demanding Israel get “serious” about the “peace process” while US State Department Consular staff are targeted, ambushed and shot in Mexico?
She’s was those people’s boss, until they were murdered.

Where’s the Secretary of State’s strong rhetoric to the Mexican government to get “serious about a peace process” with the drug lords? Where’s her rebuke to the Mexican government to take “concrete steps” about the lawlessness? Where’s the demand to account for the money and equipment the United States has provided the Mexican government expressly for enhancing their capability to fight the drug insurgency?  

America, and especially  border states like Arizona are continuing to be sucked deeper into this increasingly dangerous situation with absorbing fleeing people, unwilling host to well-organized drug gangs which continue to increase their establishment of their destabilizing mayhem into Arizona cities, including the state capital itself, Phoenix, while US Embassy and private American citizens become casualties on Mexican streets. But the US Secretary of State, representing the priorities of the current Obama Administration isn’t at any of our southern border states or pounding the podium in Mexico City. Our Vice President Biden and his wife are not visiting the burning neighborhoods of Mexico to demand something be done. Our Head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, isn’t seriously addressing the integrity of the international boundary between our two nations, despite one of the nations teetering on chaos due to illegal and vicious violence.   It is a fact of chaotic regional strife, from the Congo to the Golden Triangle that disorganized and ineffective  government control is always exploited for cover by other opportunitistic criminals and terrorists.  

Arizona is one of several states which would form literally the front line of a war zone if this deteriorating situation isn’t confronted with credibility and multi-level strategic competency in international diplomatic efforts, national security, regional and local policing and confronting the enabling corruption that degrades Mexican and American  institutions.  Institutions  meant to maintain societal and national integrity for the purpose of maintaining  genuine peace.

The commentator graduated from Thunderbird School of International Management and prior to returning to Arizona, worked  in humanitarian aid and emergency aid in nations in West Africa and East Africa, directly in or in conjunction with Peace Corps, USAID and the United Nations, including disaster relief  in circumstances of  ethnic cleansing, refugees, and internally displaced persons (IDPs).


  1. Kenny Jacobs says

    Wanumba, are you the author of the post?

  2. Let’s see. The US gives almost $3 billion a year to Israel in foreign military aid so maybe telling Israeli to stop building illegal settlements is a perfectly fitting course of action.

  3. If the US powers that be wanted to eliminate the mayhem that drug prohibition causes in Mexico it would legalize all drugs immediately. The current levels of rampant murders are not nearly rampant enough for the PTB in the US to care or enough American voters to notice.

    P.S. It doesn’t matter how many regional, national or international conferences, task forces, interdepartmental and intergovernmental efforts are launched to eliminate corruption because where there is a dollar (or $10,000) available for bribery (or guns) that money will find a way to deliver marijuana or cocaine to people who want it.

  4. Kenny Jacobs Says:
    March 18th, 2010 at 1:30 pm
    Wanumba, are you the author of the post?
    Yes, sir!

  5. …………………
    todd Says:
    March 18th, 2010 at 3:19 pm
    Let’s see. The US gives billions to Israel, er MEXICO in foreign aid so maybe telling Israeli… ah… MEXICANS to stop illegal criminal enterprises is a perfectly fitting course of action.
    Fixed that for ya.

  6. ………..
    Thane Eichenauer Says:
    March 18th, 2010 at 4:38 pm
    If the US powers that be wanted to eliminate the mayhem that drug prohibition causes in Mexico it would legalize all drugs immediately.
    That’s a popular argument. Would you legalize meth knowing how viciously addictive it is? Or the likes of LSD, given the long-term and irreversable effects on the brain?

    How would more widespead legal drug use impact on operating motor vehicles and heavy equipment and the safety of the populous?

    Just some thoughts.

  7. wanumba,
    Pretty sure the US is telling Mexico to stop criminal enterprises.

  8. I’d like to think so, but Hillary’s throwing her weight around everywhere else. It’s correct to specify her, because she IS the Secretary of State and she’s AWOL on these Embassy consulate murders. That’s her department responsibility.

    The US has provided Mexico with funding to help them and we don’t know what they’ve done with it, but we can guess since Mexico is perpetually duking it out with Nigeria for most corrupt status.

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