Isn’t there a job opening in Seattle?

Talk about an embarrassment. Benson shows a total lack of taste in marking the passing of former Governor Evan Mecham.

Montini shows some respect for the departed. It is sad that a major state newspaper would allow Benson’s distasteful remarks on the passing of a former governor to remain on the Internet.

Benson forgot to mention this little historical event.




  1. I’ll always remember Evan Mecham as the man who inspired Public Enemy’s hit: “By the Time I Get to Arizona”.

  2. I never thought I would ever say anything positive about Montini, but he actually showed a lot of class in his article. Benson, however, is a disgrace.

  3. I didn’t watch it and have no intention to give Benson one minute of my time. He lost all sense of relevancy years ago. Looking at his metamorphosis from a very conservative BYU grad full of talent and promise with an LDS pedigree to the angry, caustic, and disturbed person he is today renders his work more of a public display of his personal inner demons than anything else.

  4. Ann,

    While I have no beef with the Mormon church, I think a line could be drawn from the very conservative BYU grad full of talent with the LDS pedigree to an angry, caustic, and disturbed person.

    And what is art but the expression of an artists soul? The artist does not create for the public, the artist creates for his or her self, and if the public likes it, bonus.

  5. The Klute,

    That’s a highly naive perspective. When people are paid for their art, they do it to appeal to the masses (or their employers). It’s no accident that art trends follow the money people are willing to pay. The same goes for musicians, etc. Just watch how their art changes AFTER they make it big. That’s when they truly produce for themselves.

  6. nightcrawler says

    Yes, I totally agree that this video is shameful and without taste. The editor who allowed this to air at a sensitive time should be held accountable.

    Having said that, Klute has a point. If you don’t like the artist, don’t buy his/her work. The artistic expression itself is but one opinion, that of the artist.

  7. azAce,

    I guess I should amend that statement to say “the true artist”.

    In Benson’s case, he’s obviously writing/drawing to express his own opinions – and he’s doing what the artist hopes to do – draw out a reaction.

  8. If you want to call Benson an “artist” fine but the real question is should the state’s largest paper support this kind of spiteful work after a person has been laid to rest.

  9. az gnat,

    Tell it to Mark Twain, who wrote “Fenimore Cooper’s Literary Offenses” after Fenimore Cooper had died – and granted that was more of a literary than political criticism, but attacking dead people is long standing artistic practice.

    Another one I remember off the top of my head is Salvador Dali attacking another artist (I think it might have been Goya) by actually scribbling on the other artist’s work in crayon saying “__________ is nothing when compared to Dali”.

    Would you prefer insincere crocodile tears?

  10. Sonoran Sam says

    I wasn’t a Benson fan when he was a right-wing loon, and I’m still not an admirer now that he takes pot shots at Rs as well as Ds (anyone see his snarks about Hillary?)

    To reach into my bag of Udall quotes, the guy is a legend in his own mind.

  11. Benson wasn’t conservative for long. He has mostly become an angry, cynical potshot artist. I wonder if there is anything he really values anymore.

  12. Disturbed does have a connotation of mentally unstable. However, it can also mean knocked off center and a little bit shakey. He is disturbed.


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