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Is Wil Cardon Outsourcing His Friends?

Is Wil Cardon Outsourcing His Friends?

PHOENIX – Wil Cardon, Arizona’s millionaire self-funding Senate candidate purports to have created hundreds of jobs. Perhaps he’s being modest in not counting the 5,398 fans that he has on Facebook.

Love it or hate it, Facebook recently changed its look. One the changes in the new Timeline feature allows people to view the “page insights.” Wil Cardon’s Facebook page insights reveal something interesting: the city where most of his page fans reside.

For Jeff Flake it’s Phoenix. Richard Carmona it’s Tucson. And for Wil Cardon it’s Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dhaka, Bangladesh? That’s weird.

See for yourself: https://www.facebook.com/wilcardonforussenate/likes

With a quick search on Google, it’s easy to find websites like “buylikes.com” and “buyfacebooklikesfans.com” that promise to increase friends, fans and likes, all for a fee. Of course, it may be impossible to know for certain if this is what Wil Cardon has done.

“Money can’t buy love but it can buy you likes,” said Andrew Wilder, Communications Director for the Flake campaign. “Perhaps his campaign simply resonates more in Dhaka than with the voters of Arizona.”

A screenshot of Cardon’s page, taken April 26, 2012, is attached.



  1. There’s something kind of pathetic about paying people to like you

  2. So are these the jobs Cardon said he created? Hiring people in Bangladesh to like him on Facebook? In this economy he should have at least hired American workers.

    • Chandler Right says

      This is insane. This guy has done nothing bet f’up with just about everything he has done since joining this race. Amazing what $5 on fiverr.com can get you though.

  3. Gee, now if only Facebook’s “insight” would split-out citizens versus criminal illegal aliens.

  4. Opps Jeff flake running as a Democrat, using class envy. He could only get 4 of you to post nasty comments about Wil. Sorry Jeff the Tea Party will not support you, go back to your Amnesty ways with Luis Guitterez and his other Chicago pals.

    Let me find all the good thngs Luis keeps saying about Jeff and how many state Jeff helped Luis turn from Red to Blue so I can go post them.

  5. This might be the most pathetic press release I’ve ever seen. This isn’t a campaign about who has more friends on Facebook. It’s a campaign to decide who the next person to represent the State of Arizona in the United States Senate will be. It’s about who has more support from Republican primary voters not about jealousy over who has the most friends on Facebook.

    Why is Jeff Flake’s campaign so worried about how many people like Wil Carden on Facebook? By crying about it, the Flake campaign looks like someone upset about losing the race for homecoming queen. Mr. Flake, we’re not in high school anymore. Republican primary voters have a number of very valid a “grown-up” reasons to not support you in your campaign to get a job promotion.

    Congressman Flake, you supported amnesty for illegal aliens for years. You opposed Prop 200 in 2004 that requires valid photo identification in order to vote in Arizona elections. You went along with the argumentso of a liberal race-baiters that requiring identification in overton boat was somehow resist

  6. This just shows you what a joke Cardon’s campaign is. I don’t what’s worse though, the fact that Cardon was a huge Flake supporter until deciding to run himself, or that there are so many gullible people on the right that buy his act.

    Zoo/LD 20, Tyler, ask yourselves: If Wil was so upset about Flake’s record on immigration, why max out to him? Why raise money for his campaigns? Why serve on his Steering Committee? Don’t be so naive.

    • Stop McRINO Now says

      Well Kevin, perhaps Wil was like a lot of us who use to vote and give money to anyone with an R by their name. Perhaps, Cardon wised up. Maybe you should wise up! It is the RINOs who are a JOKE!

  7. Cardon is a strawman for Flake, started saying it in September “Wil Cardon STRAWMAN for Jeff Flake?” Started to doubt it several months back, then Cardon’s ads started up (early) were the doubt grew. But today I’m back to thinking that Cardon is a distraction to usher Flake in and that feeling is growing.

    Cardon’s hits on Flake are lame, do no harm in the long run where the public will shrug their shoulders and forget about them in short order. The unexpected factor in this race to get Flake in is Clair Van Steenwyk, who has stuck a 4”X4” in the gears of the McCain Machine.

    Cardon started an early primary ad campaign 75 days before nomination petition signatures were due, 6 months before the August primary???????? The ad buy was $220,000 that went to $480,000 inside of 2 weeks, and now its suspect at $1mil as Cardon has loaned his campaign another couple million or so. What’s this ad buy about, to distract petition signers who know little of the process so they don’t sign, to deny others the ability to qualify for the primary ballot? And do no real harm to Flake.

    Do I feel sorry for Wil Cardon seeing he is being taken advantage of as people are using him because as they say, “he’s Got MONEY” where he has now bought into their hype that he can win? No.

  8. Dumbest campaign mistake in a long time. But when you try to buy an election with your own money it says a lot. If you can’t raise money from others, you can’t win. It is rare a self financed campign ever wins. Ever.

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