Is this the largest campaign brochure ever?

Here is a picture from Espresso Pundit of John Huppenthal’s banner at the Maricopa County Republican meeting.

The giant 8 ft. by 24 ft. banner lists six seperate legislative accomplishments — probably enough text to qualify as the world’s largest campaign brochure ever.



  1. Gee, all that real estate, and no “Paid for By…”

  2. Hmmmm…. I don’t know that much about the guy, but here are two quick observations:

    1. He just introduced a bill (SB1039) which would make school reporting much less transparent. Not ALL school reporting mind you, just the part about classroom size and funding. I’m tired of the current crop of politicians trying to just spin everything under the carpet.

    2. I can’t read much on that sign shown above, but I do see the “helping our Christian and Catholic schools” bit on one of his bullet points.

    What is he running for again?? The Superintendent of Public Instruction is hired to make good choices for our public schools. Period. It isn’t a position to further undermine those schools because you think private ed is the way to go.

    Arizona has loads of school choice options now…we don’t need another person campaigning on “choice” because it sounds swell. We need someone who can tackle the tough issues. I have a feeling that ain’t Mr. Huppenthal.

  3. I’m tired of people trying to divide the education of America’s children into “camps”. Every American child is getting an education somehow – government, private, homeschool or hybrid – our elected officials must represent them all.

    I support a politician who is smart enough to recognize that.

  4. Chris – also, what does he mean by Christian and Catholic? I that Catholics were Christian?

  5. Average Voter says

    That’s the same template as Mark Anderson’s congressional campaign signs in ’08.

    Note to designer: that template is ineffectual. It has too many words for a voter to even read, let alone remember, at road speeds. The font used for the candidate’s name gives off an amateurish feel. Also, the photo of Huppenthal’s family, while better than Anderson’s family photos on his signs, could use some improvement. He looks more like he’s in pain than running for Superintendent of Public Instruction, although perhaps the two are one and the same.

  6. I asked a Huppenthal volunteer this question at the meeting. Apparently, many folks use both terms, with Protestants calling their schools “Christian schools” and Catholics calling their schools “Catholic schools.” The banner just reflects that all those schools have been helped by the tuition tax credit, whatever they’re called. (Not that it should matter, but Huppenthal and his family are Catholic.)

  7. Average Voter says

    Todd: Catholics are Christians, and phrasing a bullet point on a campaign sign in a way that may inadvertently imply that Catholics aren’t Christian could well irritate or annoy Catholic voters.

    If he wants to keep all those bullet points, the campaign had better change that to “private schools” or “religious schools” or even plain “Christian schools” which would include those that are Catholic schools.

  8. Concerned student says

    What ever happened to the term parochial schools? I mean not to fly the ‘diversity required’ flag but there are Jewish and Islamic schools in the valley, even if they are really small.
    What was he planning to do? Hang it on the highway overpasses Ron Paul style?

  9. Second most overhead statement today….”Isn’t Huppenthal running for Superintendent of Public Schools and that sign is all about everything but public schools?”

    Most overheard…”$5 to vote? Does anyone think this straw poll means anything?”

  10. Huppenthal is a Catholic and his children attend Catholic schools. I think he knows that Catholics are Christians but just wanted to call them out for special distinction because their inner city schools have done so well at helping needy students.

  11. Not just Jewish and Islamic schools, but what about LDS schools. I would think they would get a nod too.

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