Is this the end of Michael Lacey’s career?

Thanks to Red State Arizona for getting up the letter the publisher of Philadelphia City Paper wrote condemning Lacey. We don’t see how Lacey has any choice at this point but to step down – there is no one left defending him unless you count the KKK. He needs to do the right thing for the good of the Phoenix New Times, the Village Voice, and all alternative newsweeklies and resign. By staying on, he allows the perception to remain that alternative publications condone racism. It is arrogant of him to remain and drag down the newspaper.


  1. George of the Desert says

    This is typical of an uber-liberal like Lacey. I watched a good chunk of the video and he comes off as someone who’s so cocky about his status as a provacatuer that he can get away with anything. What’s a little use of the “n” word among fellow liberals? They all know he can’t really mean any harm because he’s done so much for the liberal cause over the years that he’s above reproach. You can almost see that thought running through his head. H’e just another weasel and the sooner he hits the beach, so to speak, the better. He’s richer than Croesus, so it’s not like he needs a job anymore.

  2. SonoranSam says

    Hey guys…

    How do you STEP DOWN

  3. SonoranSam says

    Sorry about the previous post….my finger slipped.

    How do you STEP DOWN from a publishing corporation THAT YOU OWN?????

  4. What a jerk! From his dress to his language he clearly is much more impressed with himself than he is with the rest of us.

    The story he tells, his words and attitude insults those in the room and is demeaning to everyone in it but him; or so he thinks.

    He clearly uses profanity and inappropriate language so easily as to have become desensitized to the reality of his speech.

    Slimeball loser. Official term, of course.

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