Is something wrong with us?

I’m sitting in front of my computer, just finished watching Wimbledon and now watching the Phoenix Police Officer play golf with celebrities on my HD TV mounted in the corner of my office. Hmmm…should we make homemade ice cream today or just take it easy?  Swim later for sure.  Steaks are marinating, nice bottle of wine in the wine fridge.  Fourth of July! I’m an American. Life is good.

In my net-surfing I go to the usual sites including Drudge.  The headlines spell disaster; North Korea test-fires 7 missiles, US troops die in attack in Afghanistan, WHO warns Swine Flu “unstoppable”.

Really, who knew?

Did you hear? Michael Jackson died.  Oh my, what a tragedy!  Tell me more.  Drugs you say?  Excesses and uncontrolled indulgences, people who wouldn’t tell him “no”.  No kidding?  So, sort of living in a fantasy world where everyone pretended things were great and life was good?  I cannot imagine that!

Oh…wait…what is that…?  Unemployment is how high?  What does a barrel of oil cost?  Are you kidding me?!  Hey, have you played Farm Town or Mafia Wars on Facebook?  Yea, they are really fun and addicting.  Just create your avatar to do all the work.  Time flies by.

Cap and tax, or is it cap and trade?  Who knows?  Have you seen that new movie, the one where Jesse James’ wife is well, not completely dressed?  I hear it is funny!  Lots of funny movies out right now.


Have we developed a pandemic case of what I will call “Celebrity Reality Detachment Syndrome”?  The number of celebrities (including politicians) who have totally detached from life, real life, creating an avatar to show up when the cameras are rolling and the lights are bright to “do the work” only to melt down and burn up in “real life” is amazing.  MJ is just the latest, and no doubt the most pronounced, case of taking the blessings of his life, the liberties of our freedom and perverting it to ultimate destruction.  I will not go near Sanford and Ensign….I’m still too angry. 

How different are we, in a pro-rated sort of way?   Have we extended are credit cards rather than saying NO to that purchase? Have we depended on the government, even calling ourselves conservatives, to do our bidding and then behaved liked spoiled children when we didn’t get our way?  Not particularly concerned with the realities beyond our own motives.  Have we allowed our society to be managed and accepted it as we deluded ourselves in trivialities that made us feel better and distracted us from what we do not want to know or think about?

Phew…..that is a lot to consider. 

Oh well, I think my crops are ready to harvest and I have some money to collect.  Is it noon, yet?  Hey honey…can you get out the ice cream maker? 



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