Is someone jealous?

     Pima County Supervisor Ann Day had some pretty harsh words regarding the news that Jan Brewer may soon be the Governor of Arizona. The tone of Day’s remarks was nasty even to use on someone of the opposite political party, never mind that they are both Republicans. Day summed up:

     “She does not have a positive attitude toward Pima County”

     We are not sure that is true but with comments like those from Ann Day who could blame Brewer for having a less than stellar impression of Southern Arizona. The questions arises – what was Ann Day trying to accomplish with her strident remarks. When and if Brewer becomes governor it is not likely that she will have much reason to meet with or listen to any concerns that Day has. Day did not really serve her constituents very well by lessoning her chances of working with Brewer. My guess is that the elderly and apparently spiteful Day let some old rivalry from her legislative days get in the way of her current mission – to work with all parties in representing the people of NW Tucson.


  1. If you look at the two pictures the one on the right is how Brewer would look if she didnt have all that work done…

  2. # 1
    Not exactly, Day is a couple a decades older than Brewer and Day has had alot of nips and tucks and sandblasting on her skin. If Brewer keeps up that pace with age interception techniques, by the time she is as old as Day she will look as bad.

  3. Looking for a date, Nick?

    It is how someone ACTS that counts with me, not how they look, not how they talk…just what they DO. I know Jan Brewer and she is conservative and has stuck her neck out on occasion to stand up for the laws in this state. She has done a great job reinforcing the law that makes certain that the vote of each citizen is not negated by a criminal voter. Just as it should be.

    She will be a great deal better than the Dictatress was as Jan knows how to get things done the right way. God knows what will happen to Homeland SECURITY???

  4. GOP Boomer Gal says


    Shame on you!!! Day does NOT look like a Vampire !!

    But she was WAY out of line with her remarks about Jan Brewer; she should be ashamed of herself.

  5. Maybe Sproul wrote that statement for Day.

  6. Vampire, no. Cryptkeeper? Yes. But I’d agree that looks are immaterial here. What matters is that Day is a long-time RINO and Brewer is a solid Republican.

  7. BOTH of these women are wrinkled up old bags. Jan Brewer’s picture is airbrushed. A Google image search can prove that right away.

  8. Duke the Dog says

    Who gives a rat’s rear end about how they look. The content of Day’s comments to the media are the issue.

    Now that she dodged the Higgin’s bullet her true liberal colors have come out.

    She’s also a bit jealous that after all of her time in the legislature, she ended up as a county hack and her (former) friend Jan is going to be the Gov.

    Her sister also outshined her.

    Sounds like a lot of sour grapes.

  9. Antifdederalist says

    Talking abou the women’s looks is pretty sexist in that if these were men, there’s little chance that we’d be talking about how they look. Their looks SHOUL Dbe irrelevant, like Duke the Dog says. What matters is their ideals and their ADHERENCE to those ideals.

    I’m skeptical that Brewer as Gov. will be good for the party. She’s loud and obnonious, and therefore will not attract the masses to vote for her. Granted, that’s superficial, but it’s going to be true come the next election cycle. She ran “clean” for Sec. of State and she’s supported electronic voting. Those who are skeptical of government will not trust her on those issues. IMHO, her only hope is that the conservatives elected to the state legislature attack government on every front, slash the budget, and Brewer quietly goes along with them. If she does so, she might be viewed as conservative and get elected. If not, I suspect the Dims in AZ will continue to make gains (as they have at the federal level).

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