Is Senator Jon Kyl getting senile?

Hear me out. This is not some attack piece on Kyl, it is a valid question given recent events. Mark Kimble at the Tucson Citizen wrote an October 16th story in which he quotes Kyl as publicly and demonstrably criticizing the Tim Bee campaign over it’s characterization of the financial rescue package as pork laden. Here is an excerpt from the Kimble story.

“They clearly should have known better,” Kyl said of House members and candidates who sent out such statements. “Either they were grossly negligent or misinformed.”

Kyl said he heard about Bee’s statement and moved to knock it down. “His campaign guy had been quoted as calling it ‘pork,’ ” he said of Bee campaign manager Tom Dunn. Kyl said he called one of his staff members in Tucson “and said we need to straighten him (Dunn) out.”

Dunn is the campaign spokesperson or communications director, not the campaign manager. I do not know if the mistake was made Kyl or Kimble. Bee’s campaign manage is Meg Econ. She ran Senator Kyl’s 2006 Southern Arizona campaign. You would think Kyl would just have called her directly and in person to issue the rebuke instead of whining to Kimble. Does Kyl not even remember his own allies from 2 years ago? Dunn also worked very hard for the Senator’s reelection efforts and has always been a faithful fan of Kyl. This is how the senator repays his own allies?

If that had been the extent of it then maybe the story would not be worth further mention. Yesterday, Wednesday, October 22nd, Kyl spent most of the day in Tucson in support of … Tim Bee! He was publicly slamming his campaign only 6 days earlier? Kyl was on the John C. Scott Show and then appeared at a fundraiser in the Tucson Country Club with Fred Thompson. Senator Kyl is certainly entitled to support or correct whomever he wants but his back and forth actions are curious at best.


  1. Stupid post. How do you get “senile” out of that? Making up silly stuff to post hurts your credibility.

  2. Really? Nowhere in the Citizen’s story did Kyl say he wasn’t supporting Bee or was actively working against him, so campaigning for him is not so out of the ordinary.

    Yes, he made statements criticizing the Bee campaign’s comments about the bailout, but Kyl has a vested interest those criticisms, as he voted for the bailout bill. I would wager that Kyl didn’t tell the paper he was trying to “straighten out” Bee’s staff — rather, the reporter probably heard about it from people close to Bee and he then called Kyl on it.

    I also think it’s pretty obvious the incorrect title for Dunn is the reporter’s error. There’s nothing indicating Kyl erroneously promoted the communications guy when he spoke with the reporter.

    And there’s nothing that indicates Kyl suddenly forgot who Meg Econn is. For all any of us know, he had his staff call her and explain why he didn’t like what Dunn was saying and why he thought it was wrong. He didn’t detail how the interaction between his staff and the Bee campaign happened, and to just assume to know how it happened only serves to make you look foolish.

    I suspect the real issue at play in this post is that there is still some anger at Kyl for his support of the immigration bill last year that caused some otherwise normal people to decry Kyl as a liberal, despite facts to the otherwise.

  3. Sonoran Alliance says

    ohbrother how do you explain his behavior? If he is not senile then why did he run to the media in order to deliver a message to peole whom he knows well and are some of his strongest allies within the party?

    skoora you are correct that Kyl did not say he wasn’t supporting Bee. He just delivered a very public rebuke instead. Is there is big difference? If you think we are motivated by lingering anger then how do you explain Kyl publicly going after his buddies.

  4. Silly post. You can criticize someone and still support them. Grow up for crying out loud. Bee’s lack of understanding of the rescue embarrassed him and his supporters, and Kyl was right to call him out on it. That doesn’t mean Kyl thinks the guy shouldn’t win, or that he’d rather have a Democrat win. The senility here is with the author of the post.

  5. Again, you are assuming he “ran to the media” to communicate somethign with Bee’s campaign insteand of calling the “people whom he knows well” directly.

    Do you have any proof of this? Or are you assuming that, because you first learned about it in the paper, that’s how Bee’s people learned Kyl was unhappy?

    Tom said it best: You can criticize someone and still support them. Kyl seems to be demonstrating that perfectly.

  6. This blog gets kookier every time I visit.

  7. Sonoran Alliance says

    skoora do we have any proof that he ran to the media? THE ARTICLE BY KIMBLE!

    If Kyl called the Bee people, and he should have if something bothered him, why also talk to unfriendly press about the matter?

    It doesn’t matter whom he talked to first. There was no need for the Senator to put this kind of story out there to the Tucson Citizen.

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