Is Raul Grijalva the “sleeper candidate?”

Here is a brief video sent in to Sonoran Alliance in which Congressman Raul Grijalva catches himself falling asleep during a candidate forum in Tucson.

This sorta gives new meaning to the term “sleeper candidate” which we believe actually belongs to Ruth McClung who is about to snatch this seat away from Raul Grijalva in the coming weeks.


  1. Go Ruth, Go!!

    Send Mr. “Boycott Arizona” back to his cave.

  2. Why are we surprised. Raul has been sleepwalking through elective office for decades. Unfortunately its been on OUR dime.

  3. What a burnout says

    Love it! Raul’s obviously either passed out and hung over or trying to quiety pass gas in either case he is a buffoon..and not fit to serve.

  4. At least Zapata, Huerta and Villa managed to stay awake when they robbed Americans of their hard earned dough….this guy can do it while aslumber. PATHETIC

  5. Blame it on the time zones, raising money in CA while campaigning in AZ.

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