Is JD Hayworth a Rino Hunter or Poser? Or should John McCain be given a free pass this election?

This in today.  There is to be a conference call in which the doctrine outlined in the Victory Plan Draf will be ratified.  This appears to be being done outside of AzGOP State Mandatory Meeting slated for next month.  Now who could be behind this nefarious plot?  Hmm… maybe the man who brought us President Obama by not waging campaign 2008 with the vigor he should have.  Thank him for the current POTUS.  Oh, and they’re doing it on the eve of the New Years Holiday so you will be otherwise distracted and wake up with this hangover come January 2, 2010.  Flush the John!

Attention Big Game Hunters - Target Sighed

Attention Big Game Hunters - Target Sighed

I have read the many concerns about the Arizona 2010 Victory Plan Draft.  I agree with all of them.  However, the most egregious part of the plan to me is the third bullet under overview and goals.  “Reelecting all current federal office holders”  The special deal “earmark” for federal office holders is a prime example of why the American voter rates the Congress , both Republican and Democrats, so poorly.  The hubris in the directive that we reelect all current federal office holders is unfathomable and hypocritical.  The back-up for it, “popularity of our incumbents” is just down right  untruthful.
Have the Stakeholders not read the polls indicating how out-of-touch with the Republican base the Republican voter believes our federal representatives are?   In essence, the stakeholders are telling us they have done away with the primary elections for our federal incumbents.   They believe the governor should go through a primary but not our special privileged federal office holders.   I know Campaign Finance Reform was an incumbent protection act, but I had no idea it would be taken to this length.
The Stakeholders like to proclaim that the Republican Party is a bottom-up organization.  This plan proves otherwise.  The Stakeholders have become like the Congressional Democrats they complain about who abuse their political power.
Rob Haney
Maricopa County Republican Committee


  1. nightcrawler says

    I have always maintained that JD should stay put right where he is. To call him a poser at this point would be unfair. Now a “tease” might be a little closer to the truth.

    Definition of a tease: “To arouse hope, desire, or curiosity in without affording satisfaction.”

    On a matter of principle, I find myself in agreement with Haney. No elected official, no matter who it is, should be given a free pass.

  2. Rosco P Coltrane says

    Ever go to and see who John McCain’s largest donors are? All big banks and too-big-too-fails who benefited from the bailouts. $26M in campaign funds donated by our true rulers. Who do you think McCain will be beholden to if he becomes senator again – you and me? Ha. Whose bidding do you think he would have done as president?

  3. Lots to say today…

    Poser indeed. JD will not run against McCain — especially when he couldn’t even win back his old district if he tried. He loves his fat paycheck and 5,000-watt soapbox WAY too much to engage in a fantasy Senate run. It’ll be fun to hear what excuse he employs.

    Note to the dopes at Sonoran Alliance: When you have multiple spelling errors in your posts, you don’t help your case. John McCain may indeed be less-than-reliable for us conservatives, but at least he can spell.

    PS, Haney, you don’t know me, but I’ve seen enough of you to say that you’re a clown, and, worse, one of the main individuals who has helped helm the current destruction of the Republican Party in Arizona. Go away so we can get back to the business of winning.

  4. And just think, just over a year ago, you were all “John McCain is teh awesome! We want HIM to be our President!”.

  5. I don’t believe JD is going to run against McCain either.

    While I would much prefer he did, I think he’s positioning to get his debt paid off and for a potential future run.

    Additionally, I think he’d kow-tow to pressure from the incumbant federal delegation candidates to stay out of the race.

    That said, to “Reality” above, you’re in fantasyland. This anti-RINO post was directed precisely against you and your RINO friends. And rightly so.

    You speak of victory?

    Victory for the GOP is simple. When Republicans run as REPUBLICANS, they win.
    When Republicans run a squishies, they lose.

    As a squishy yourself, your definition of “the business of winning” is far closer to accomplishing the Obama agenda.

  6. Reality, you are unreal!

    I agree with you that JD Hayworth probably won’t run, but I wouldn’t bet the rent money on it.

    Misspellings do create a bad impression. However, they don’t necessarily invalidate the message. Also, comparing blog entries to professional communications put out by McCain’s staff is like comparing apples to pears (closer than oranges, but still not the same).

    Your comments about Rob Haney are off base and incorrect. Not only do we want to win, but we want to have Republicans who will support our platform AFTER being elected to office win. If elected Republican office holders stood up for the Republican Platform sufficiently, then I don’t think Rob Haney would be a “problem” for them. Holding Republicans accountable to ensure they act like Republicans is not being a clown. In fact, if you really insist on bringing out the clown costume, I would think it fits better on a Republican office holder who does not support the party platform than a member of the party trying to hold him accountable.

    I think the destruction of the AZ GOP you wrote about has more to do with McCain supporters, including those McCain supported as REPUBLICAN precinct committeemen, being Republicans for Napolitano than with anything Rob Haney has done.

    Klute, most Republicans never thought McCain was awesome – just a better alternative than the totally incompetent President the country ended up electing.

  7. “Klute, most Republicans never thought McCain was awesome – just a better alternative than the totally incompetent President the country ended up electing.”

    Guess you shouldn’t have nominated him then – and with such a quality field you had too! I mean Mr. 9/11, Grandpa Fred, Mike “Cop Killer” Huckabee, Ron Paul – you were spoiled for choice!

    Can’t wait to see which awesome crop of losers you guys put up in 2012.

  8. Klute, you’re right. McCain should not have been the nominee. A fractured conservative vote allowed McCain to win winner take all primaries which gave him the nomination. It is unlikely a brokered convention based on proportional assignment of delegates would have nominated McCain.

    I noticed you didn’t mention Mitt Romney. Was that an oversight or recognition that he is actually a smart, accomplished person? He would probably have had a good chance against Obama. He still may in 2012.

  9. “I noticed you didn’t mention Mitt Romney.”

    At first I forgot about him, and then I decided it didn’t matter – which says a lot about my perceptions of Mitt Romney.

    I’ll give you “smart” about Mitt Romney. But other than being governor of Taxachusetts and buying Staples, I’m not sure what he’s accomplished.

    And besides, the teabaggers will crucify him for RomneyCare, so he won’t make it out of the primaries alive – especially if Caribou Barbie runs.

  10. alicia gegner says

    I am wondering if the AZ GOP wants to have a party anymore. The issue here is not JD Hayworth – it is a state party machine slipping in a scheme to get Repubs to support incumbents only, if they already have a seat in the federal government. Gosh, who could that be? The only one who is in serious risk in a primary is none other than John McCain. True conservatives are disgusted with his leanings and performance. The people want to get back to the Constitutional center, and Senator McCain is far from that point. He tilts so far to the left, the leaning tower of Pisa looks like a Marine drill sergeant by comparison.

    Repubs ought to make a LOT of noise at AZ GOP headquarters.

  11. I don’t think JD should run against mccain and I don’t think he will. What people never mention here is mccain has $20 million in the bank and ready to spend. JD has campaign debt he could never raise the cash to win the primary.

    He COULD however raise enough for a house race against Harry. He would only need about 350 k and RNCC help and you would have a really competitve race. I would not garauntee a win but he has a better chance than david schweikert any day…

  12. If Hayworth runs…especially if Napolitano creeps back into the picture for a senate run…he is going to beat McCain over the head hard and repeatedly over McCain’s glowing endorsement of Napolitano as Homeland Security Secretary back in January.

  13. I was amazed to see this support for the incumbents from the GOP. It just shows how out of touch they are with the average AZ citizen. Everyday I talk to people who say, “throw the bums out.” Then again, that is why the McCainiacs are pulling this stunt.
    Grassroots and TEA partiers don’t want to continue with the same idiocy that we have been subject to. Let the state GOP know we will not support incumbents who have no respect for AZ citizens.

  14. McCain knows his 20 million won’t work against his constituents who are sick of him being conservative when he runs and a democrat lite the rest of the time. If he wasn’t worried, he wouldn’t attempt something like this.

  15. McCain is a RINO. throw him out, if you don’t want the same thing as we have had.
    JD will beat him in the Primary, if he runs.

  16. Maximillian says

    JD Hayworth is not a conservative. He was part of the big speding Republican leadership in the House of Representatives that lost control of Congress. He was a pork monger who used his position on the Ways and Means Committee to funnel pork projects to his benefactors. Holding up JD Hayworth as a paragon of conservative virtue is an absolute joke. JD is worse than a RINO or a CINO. He is a phony, a liar and a hypocrite who is a conservative on the radio only.

  17. Always interesting watching how the party concept works in real life. Eight months of campaigning around the state tells me a whole lot more than any of the phony polling game being played by the media using J.D. and the party.
    Money won’t buy this election.
    Independents including firebrand Republicans will vote 40% for anyone on the ballot other than McCain in the primary. I will be on the ballot and certainly will not drop out if JD gets in.
    When you folks are ready to help we are
    simcox on Twitter
    Chris Simcox on Facebook

  18. McCain, until now has NEVER faced serious opposition. He had fractured opposition in his first ’82 run and since then has followed a path which saw him vote liberal on key issues, which persuaded the Democrats to field patsies against him and the mainstream Media to fawn over him.

    On the other hand, he could be relied upon by the “cheap labor uber alles” BananaRepublican crowd in their successful efforts to line their pockets as the middle class tazpayer’s expense!

    But people are waking up and I hope and believe that this is one John who’ll be flushed!

  19. McCain is not to be trusted at all. I find it
    ironic just how much of him we see during the campaign and how little he does when he is in

    He is such a phony! Time to dump him!

  20. Don Horner says

    JD should indeed run against McCain. The Republican Party needs “new” conservative blood and JD is just the guy to provide it. McCain showed in the last election that he cannot carry the Goldwater banner.

  21. NotBuyingIt says

    Helloooo! Re-read reply No. 17. Get off of the JD kick. Hayworth comes across as a “look at me” blowhard. Consider supporting Chris Simcox. You want something done about our open borders? Simcox is your man.

    Furthermore, I agree with Kathy. Boot out ALL incumbents (esp. federal) and keep on doing it until they get the message that they work for The People — or else they ARE GONE. When you hold office too long, you become part of the “good ol’ boys club.” And therein lies the problem. REELECT NO ONE!

  22. Political animal says

    McCain has been in the senate way too long. Time for him to go.I find it imposible to forgive his aawful campaign reform law, wanting amnesty for illegals, and his phony belief in a global warming caused in part by humans. These are reasons enough for me not to even consider voting for him ever again. I have however the greatest admiration for his splendid military service. That beig said, JD is the one we need in Congress,at least he has the courage of his convictions.

  23. McCain supports illegal immigrants, Napolitano and the Big Banks, he talks the conservative talk, but can’t walk the walk.
    Simcox has too much baggage from the past, too many skeletons in the closets. I’m not knocking Simcox for a noble effort to do something good for our country, but the press, and McCains crew will have too much fun in the mud-slinging contest.
    Jim Deakin seems to be the cleanest and most conservative. He is a true patriot, has strong conservative views about our country, and runs his own business. Running a business makes him more frugal and fiscally responsible than any other candidate. He may not have political experience and savvy, but it will come as he is just a regular guy like most of us.

  24. JD… put up, or shut up.

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