Is he ready for Congress???

Let’s talk about it…


  1. Oh SHOOT! All that media training and practice in front of the mirror and this is the best I could come up with??? God my hair looks good!

  2. Is he ready? Dunno. But consider the job demands.

    Is he worried that Guam could tip over if next Saturday everyone there decides to go fishing?

    All he has to do is hit the “NEA” button every time a Democrat proposes any legislation whatsoever. If he can’t do that, then “NO” he’s isn’t ready.

  3. Foolish boy….politics are for grownups!!!

  4. azlipsticklady says

    We have a crisis in leadership–the inmates are running the asylum and pushing the country to the edge of annihilation. We have tried one rookie in “hope of change” and we got burned badly. I say we need someone with a keen perception and even-handed temperament coupled with strong experience at the local and federal level. Vernon Parker is the only choice for CD 3.

  5. Julie Ann says

    I honestly can’t believe this kid is running for Congress. What an enormous sense of entitlement that he thinks he can jump to the front of the line like this. How about trying a smaller office on for size since you just got out of law school? What has this kid accomplished in life so far? Because his dad was an embarassing gaffe factory for the Bush ticket, he’s now somehow entitled to be a Congressman right out of college?

    There are several quality candidates in the Republican primary for CD-3, Benji Quayle isn’t one of them.

  6. The “potatoe” doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  7. TrueAZConservative says

    This whole thing is disappointing. Why, just because his father is a former VP, does he think that he is qualified/ready to push conservative values for CD3?! This guy hasn’t even voted in an election in Arizona, yet he wants us to trust that he will vote and lead on the conservative values that are most important to voters in Arizona? If the people are smart, and do their homework, he will have no chance of winning. CD3 should be sending a true conservative to Congress, one that will fight for lower taxes, limited government, privatization, 2nd Amendment rights, etc. Former State Senator Pamela Gorman has been doing this for years here in Arizona, and she is the one that can be trusted to continue her streak of conservatism in Washington. She is a true conservative, a leader, and will help fight the liberals that are in control now. Pamela Gorman is the real conservative voice in CD3!

  8. Kenny Jacobs says

    Let’s see, an edited video posted by a pseudonymous “person” drawing from an un-attributable youtube account. Republican politics is a character driven process, obviously.

  9. TrueAZConservative says

    Video aside Kenny Jacobs, have you ever heard of Ben Quayle before two months ago? Where does he stand on the issues? How can you be sure how he will vote? These are important questions! Coming from a rich family does not make him qualified to run for Congress, but his non-existent voting record in any election in Arizona makes me think twice!

  10. The true conservative in this race is Sam Crump! He’s the ONLY one who’s endorsed J.D. Hayworth and isn’t a McRhino!

  11. Seedy Three says

    Seems not quite ready for prime-time. Waring’s looking like the strongest candidate for sure.

  12. Quayle has been outpolling everyone except Waring.

  13. Papa Quayle is amateur hour next to the Democrats:
    57 states
    At least he knew which states were adjacent to his home state
    “This is about NATIONALIZING … er uh, uh uh aaaahhhh, aaaahhhhhh … taking over your companies.”
    “… And she asked him , “Where are you from?” and he replied in Creole, aytadninni!”
    “Uhhhh, that’s above my pay grade.”
    “With Guam, 12 miles .. uh uh long and narrow 7 miles um… well, I am concerned that it might tip over into the sea.”

    I’ll take that lonely “potatoe” 1000 times over the greedy ignorant idiots we have now representing us … or rather NOT representing us in Congress.

  14. Ive said it before and Ill say it again, every time I hear this guy he sounds (if this is possible) like a deer in the headlights. I don’t think he has any clue about what is going on. Look I know your father was in politics but that doesn’t mean you should be.

  15. The real shame about this guy is not that he is cashing in on his parents good name, plenty have done that.

    The problem is that he acts like he is Prince Charles. Have you seen him at events being led around by the nose by his handlers, but unable to formulate a coherent sentence.

    This guy will have his potatoe moment for sure, and will embarrass all of the power elites who are trying to elect him and pay back his daddy.

    A simple question: If his name was Ben Crump or Ben Gorman, would anybody care who he is?

    Being born with a silver potatoe in your mouth, acting like a drunken fool on the Scottsdale club scene, and not having done anything substantive with your life are not qualities we need in a Congressman.

  16. PC in LD6 says

    Let’s stick to the candidates who have a consistent conservative voting RECORD and stood up publicly against a tax increase, instead of talking about who they endorse, who they have dinner with or what they “say” they’ll do. Good grief, we need to use our brains here.

    Oh wait, that’s ONLY Pamela Gorman. Hmmm, I guess the rest of them are just talk.

  17. Kenny Jacobs says

    Uh, “TrueAZConservative,” you have a real name?

  18. kralmajales says

    Is this guy 12?

  19. Veritas Vincit says

    How old is he? Does he even shave yet?

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