Introducing Ruth McClung, Republican Candidate, CD-7

I am pleased to introduce conservative Republican, Ruth McClung for Congress in CD-7.

Ruth will be taking on the very liberal Democrat and immigration activist, Raul Grijalva in the 2010 Election cycle.

I am very impressed with Ruth, her personal and professional background and especially her position on issues.

Yes, she has an uphill battle but that’s where you come in. She needs your help, your volunteerism and your financial support.

To contact the campaign, please visit her website at or view her YouTube videos online.


  1. Well, I am glad the Republicans will have a credible candidate in this district.

    How about someone trying to run in the 4th C.D. in 2010 instead of nutjob and three-time nominee Don Karg?

  2. She is a no hoper.

  3. @Richard,

    Hahaha glad I’m not the only one who thinks Don Karg has only one oar in the water. When I moved into CD4 last year I looked up the election history and “discovered” Don Karg. Needless to say, Ed Pastor is not going anywhere.

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  5. My how a lot has changed for Raul Grijalva in over a year!


  1. […] Last year in June, I was very excited to introduce our readers to a young lady named Ruth McClung. In April, I had met this bright-eyed brilliant physicist at a town hall I had organized as part of the Tea Party movement. She wasn’t even an announced candidate at the time and given my propensity to help young conservatives, I encouraged her and exhorted her to be bold in what she would be setting out to accomplish. Over the months as I watched her campaign continue to gain momentum, I met with her and her family on occasion helping out in any way I could. I could see she was no ordinary candidate but rather someone who was genuinely concerned and humble to take on the call to public office. Anyone could see that she was going to go the distance and run her race well. […]

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