Introducing Bradley Beauchamp for CD-1

There are only a few Republican politicians here in Arizona who I think are both principled and entertaining – Senator Jim Waring, Senator Ron Gould and Representative Frank Antenori come immediately to mind.

Let me introduce you to Bradley Beauchamp a small town attorney from Globe Arizona.

Bradley is running for Congressional District 1 to replace liberal Democrat, Ann Kirkpatrick. He’s the real deal and he’s funny. But don’t let his sense of humor dissuade you from taking him seriously. He’s on a mission to take back CD-1 from the liberal Democratic special interest groups and return it to rural Arizonans.

But don’t let me try to convince you. Take a look at these series of video clips where he recently met with a group of citizens in Show Low Arizona. You’ll laugh and cry.


  1. Tucson Vice ( says

    Ugh. Ann Kirkpatrick is a liberal too?

    I guess if you aren’t a xenophobe, homophobe, bigot, bible humping evangelical or closet pedophile, that pretty much makes you a liberal these days.

    Also, you’d have to be pretty stupid and weak minded to cry at the stump speech of an unknown candidate.

  2. Now I remember this dude!! ( says

    This guy once was barfing outside of Mad Italian in Flagstaff in 1995- his girlfriend dragged him home.


    BTW- Regulating abortion is putting government into people’s lives, big time.

    Well, I think he wants to repeal social security, ’cause it was passed by them evil liberal Democrats.

    Quite rude, since Teddy is croaking.

    Bad standup. I can’t believe this guy is a serious candidate.

    Kirkpatrick will run ads stating that he wants to repeal Medicare.

    He will be dead meat.

  3. Veritas Vincit says

    Tucson Vice, why do you have to degrade without value? Use vulgar language and hurl labels at people? Are you not capable of an intelligent thought you can communicate on paper? Or are you being self-descriptive (since you come from a preacher’s family)?

    As for #2? No, he’ll simply cut funding to NAU and Flagstaff will return to being the cow town it always was.

    Gotta love it, Tucson and Flagstaff, two places of little consequence without the massive largess of public education.

  4. Conservative 2 the Core ( says

    This guy is our best hope? Can’t be true. I didn’t laugh, I did cry this guy is a boob. Even rural folks will see that. Isn’t there anybody out there who has a chance of winning?

    I am willing to bet this guy never raises more than $30k total. And my friends that is not nearly enough.

    I know i am always posting that JD Hayworth should run for Governor (i wish he would) but this is his old district maybe we could get him to run for Congress again?

    What do you say JD?

  5. Tucson Vice says


    You’re only getting the labels that you earn. If you’d stop eating the crayons that you write with and stop confirming literally every stereotype out there, I guess I would sing a different tune. Lucky for me, you don’t, so I don’t.

    Besides, this is anonymous. That makes it easy to write whatever slanderous thing I want to without repercussions. A lot like you guys do on this blog every single day.


    “Are you not capable of an intelligent thought you can communicate on paper?”

    In a nice stroke of irony, that sentence is missing a word. See if you can figure out which.

    “Or are you being self-descriptive (since you come from a preacher’s family)?”

    Uh….no. No, he wasn’t a preacher. I’m not sure where you’re going with that.

  6. Tucson Vice says

    Now that I think of it, I don’t think we have ever had a preacher in the family (our records go back pretty far).

    I guess it always just seemed a little too stupid and far-fetched.


  7. Yeah…not so much. I didn’t laugh either.

    And from here on out — spare us any future posts about how “libs” are “indoctrinating” kids in public schools. After hearing this dude talk about how he explained elections to his class, it makes me want to track his former students down and run them through rehab…and I’m a conservative!

  8. VV wrote:

    “…why do you have to degrade without value? Use vulgar language and hurl labels at people?”

    WOW! Seriously? Now I know who you are:

    You are a piece of work, VV.

  9. Gayle Rightwoman says

    WOW— AS a conservative educator, gov’t and history teacher, with one of my degrees from NAU, I just gotta say, I’m a Lumberjack and he’s OK. Over the top, but his point is important.

    Get Serious! You blue men are going to get upset that someone used humor as social commentary to point out the democrat machine allowed Kennedy to commit negligent homicide?

    Teaching politics is tricky, and I always valued that my students and fellow staff didn’t know my affiliation. Can’t claim that now with the blogging, but I know why Mr. Beauchamp did that.

    Liberalism is SO THICK in schools; ask your children with conservative values, how they feel about it? Do they feel shunned for speaking out against say Climate Change fraud, liking Sarah Palin, or being against sex education? Do you have any idea how hard it is for a 14 year old girl to say she believes in abstinence?
    Do you know how hard it is for a 15 year old boy to say his family are members of the NRA? I have seen kids drug into the office for mentioning the NRA during lunch, being labeled a threat to the school, and that was during the Bush admin.

    Is the presentation maybe colorful? Yeah. If I was the principal I’d tell him to tone it down and present it without clear bias. But then, I’d also tell the liberal NAGs in art class and on recess duty, to stop pushing sexual freedom as the only option, making girls discuss choices in class, and why abstinence doesn’t exist or is stupid. I’d tell the liberal teachers not to force kids to watch and Inconvenient Truth, or any Michael Moore film, without a balancing of it.
    To all of you liberals, sit in one week of high school government classes– look at the propaganda. I had many a discussion with staff regarding the need to be IMPARTIAL. It’s a job and politics stays at home even when teaching it. Nonetheless, I think more real people running for office who are not glad handers and good ol’ boys, with talking points homogenized to the point of lobotomy are needed.

    Why do you liberals think Sarah Palin is such a threat? She does not fit the model, she does not need any of the DC patrol, and she speaks her mind. Mr. Beauchamp, more power to ya. Though, tone it down with the kids 😉

  10. Gayle:
    It’s difficult to read your lecture on how “IMPARTIAL” you are as an educator when you are ranting about “liberals”, “climate change fraud” or teachers who are”pushing sexual freedom as the only option”. It makes you sound extreme to the point of being a bit of a nutter. If my kid was in your class, quite frankly I’d be a little concerned. And Beauchamp? I can’t believe you are trying to defend him at all.

    I’m no “liberal”, but I say Sarah Palin is a threat more to Republicans than Democrats. It isn’t the fact that she speaks her mind or isn’t from DC…it’s the fact that she seems to take great pride in not being informed. She loves soundbites and ideology more than statistics and factual information, and the fact that she would was (is) considered by some to lead our country scares the crap out of me. Seriously – she has her good qualities, but don’t you think that we could do much, much better ???

  11. What are ‘liberal NAGs’?

  12. Tucson Vice says

    Gayle, Didn’t Laura Bush get away with negligent homicide too?

    Palin is not a threat. She proved herself to be the single largest political liability in modern political history, not to mention the largest blunder as well. She is so wildly stupid and unelectable that we actually would LOVE for her to get the nomination in 2012.

    Sarah Palin fits the republican presidential mold quite well. She is shockingly stupid and ill-informed, she doesn’t read the newspaper, and she has demonstrated no understanding of foreign policy.

    What’s more worrying than her laughable inability to open her mouth without saying something stupid, is YOUR people’s willingness to put her forward as an actual vice-presidential candidate.

    She is what you get when you vote for someone that you think you can sit down and watch a football game with, instead of someone that can lead a nation.

  13. I am Chris K. says

    I thought Brad Beauchamp to be very entertaining and could tell he loves the constitution and is a true patriot. I am interested to see who else comes out of the woodwork in CD1. The fact of the matter is that Democrats won the West by promising fiscal responsibility and not even a term and a half has gone by and what has happened? Nancy Pelosi and her minions will be toast and CD1 will be the first to go.

  14. I am Chris K. says

    No really, My name is Chris K.

  15. I saw this guy speak and was blown away by the truth that came from this mans heart. The truth sometimes is very hard to swallow apperently for some Deomocrats. I am not wanting to bash any political parties with nonsence or show any favortism in what ever party he or she might be supporting. We are AMERICANS and should stand by this country with heart, devotion and truth. Mr Beauchamp clearly represents to me what I believe in. Please see this man talk, And then past judgement. He has given us a voice to believe in again.

  16. Show Low resident says

    I attended the Show Low event where Mr. Beauchamp spoke. Loved it! Loved his fervor. And since I love humor in everything it was right up my alley. He is dead serious about what he speaks of tho and sees things for exactly what they are. He doesn’t hem and haw on an answer, you know where he stands in about 30 seconds into the reply to a question he is asked. None of that, talk about a whole bunch of other stuff and pretty soon take another question without ever answering the last one. You’re going to get an answer, for some it might not be the one you want to hear, but they all suited my interest. Go Bradley!!!

  17. Darrin Fisher says

    In this climate it’s really tough to find a candidate who is “perfect” in all areas of their campaign. At least with Brad, you know where you stand. He may or may not be in line with everyone’s personal beliefs, but he is the only person I have met who is “what you see is what you get”.
    I would MUCH rather see the honest side of a candidate regardless of his position than the continued drivel from seasoned politicians who say what people think they need to hear in order to be elected.
    And if he really was “barfing outside” some Italian restaurant, that speaks more about the food than his position on the affairs of the people. Instead of seeing everything that is “wrong” with him, I prefer to look at his positives which include honesty, integrity, and an approach that lets people know where he stands.
    Agree with his politics or not… he is my candidate because he has his finger on the pulse of what Arizona NEEDS and not what Arizona WANTS.
    As for being the “unknown” candidate… GOOD.
    Because what I know of others makes me more scared for the future of this state.

  18. Slotback says

    If honesty is what you want, and hopefully you do, Bradley Beauchamp is not your man. This guy has a reputation as an attorney in Globe who will say anything and do anything to win. That’s probably why when he ran for the Globe school board he came in dead last, behind a person who had removed himself from the race, and that’s after Beauchamp had served one term (to which he had been appointed).

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