Interesting and Sad Observation on the McCain-Palin Association

We’ve been reading the comments on John McCain’s Facebook page related to Sarah Palin’s upcoming visit and it is stunning to read that many of McCain’s supporters speak directly to McCain arguing that it is a huge mistake to even associate with Sarah Palin. Here is an example:

McCain Supporters Despise Palin

We’re willing to bet that JD Hayworth’s supporters are more than willing to welcome Sarah Palin into his campaign. It only makes sense that JD’s people are the same as Sarah’s people.


  1. Let’s have a little honesty here… you clearly cropped the comments list and chose 3 Palin-haters to make your point. There were over 130 comments on this post and none of those were sequential. An overwhelming majority of them were supportive. Enough with the games already.

  2. Antifederalist says

    Clearly, not only are conservatives upset with Palin for supporting McLame, but some RINOs blame Palin for Johnny Boy’s loss and think she’s undeserving of respect. I think a divorce is in order. Palin doesn’t win with either side associating w/ McLame.

  3. As a conservative I wouldn’t want Palin to campaign for me now that she has compromised her values and will campaign for McCain. JD can do better than Palin. I had a lot of respect for Palin when I thought she actually believed and LIVED what she preached, but that has changed since she has shown her true colors with endorsing McCain. You can not be a true conservative and endorse or vote for McCain.

    I want people with TRUE CONVICTIONS, PRINCIPLE and INTEGRITY in office. I am sick and tired of hearing them say one thing and doing the opposite.

  4. Palin announced her support before JD even became a candidate.

    In addition, if it wasn’t for McCain, Palin would not have the visibility on the national stage she has today. Even though I do not support McCain, I totally understand why she feels the need to campaign for him.

  5. Is anybody really surprised by this? McLame supporters detest Palin and the tea party movement. They prefer to stay within the safety of their country clubs and posh homes. After all they are superior to the rest of us.

  6. Steve Calabrese says

    Uh, half of those names are fake.

    You’ve all heard the “joke” where someone calls into an airport and pages “Mike Kuntz”? It’s an obscene prank name.

  7. Thanks for directing me to Facebook. It’s interesting that McCain has 565,492 fans and JD has 4,906.

  8. You just proved your last statement wrong. See above comments. The posters on this blog demean Palin all the time.

    But this is how JD’s campaign has been all along: If you’re with JD, you can do no wrong. If you’re with McCain, you can do no right. That’s a ridiculous – and losing -strategy.

    The most important point is that Palin and McCain will do what they think is best. And they have.

  9. Mike Kelton says

    I’m voting for JD, but this post is a fraud.

    Candi Dates is acting like liberals with their phony claims of “racism” and hate-speech of “tea-baggers.”

    Really, we can do better.

  10. Candie Dates says

    The post is anything but a fraud.

    If you go to the John McCain Facebook fan page and peruse the comments on the entry regarding Sarah Palin’s visit, you will see these comments interspersed among the 140+ comments. These images are screenshots of those comments. One would assume that these are not “fake” people on Facebook.

    The sad observation is that these people are fans of John McCain but have nothing better to do than berate Sarah Palin and advise John McCain to distance himself from her.

    Simultaneously, the JD Hayworth fans would welcome Sarah Palin with open arms into his camp. Sarah Palin would be much more at home if she were part of the Hayworth team.

    Finally to “Joe,” John McCain’s fan page has probably been up since 2008. JD Hayworth’s fan page has been up since February, 2010. It’s blatantly obvious why there are more fans on John McCain’s fan page. More time = More fans.

  11. nightcrawler says


    You can’t honestly expect Sarah Palin will read this post and say to herself, gee, you are right let me switch sides to be with my people.

    If John McCain did not select her as his VP candidate and put her on the national stage, most people outside of Alaska would have not idea who she is. McCain made her a millionaire and an American icon. Ofcourse, she will be loyal to him, to be anything else would taint her legacy.

    You are correct that many moderates and independents don’t want McCain to pander to the far right, it will cost him votes in the general. But this isn’t the general, it is the primary so he needs to shore up as many GOP votes as possible.

  12. Really…140+ comments and you crop these out to make a blog post?

    Oh my goodness! You folks are really desperate. If the MSM did something like this, the perpetrator would be labeled every bad thing you can think of…but done in the name of the anti-McCain, pro-JD cause…all bets are off and so is any regard for integrity and honesty.


  13. I don’t care if they are fake. Most of McCain’s support and “friends” are from out of Arizona.

    I hope JD wins otherwise I vote for the Dem. Better to have an enemy you know than a friend that you know will screw you at the first opportunity.

  14. Sarah Palin allows all of us to see that a strong conservative does, in fact, support John McCain. It means that McCain isn’t “progressive”. Palin is a genuine conservative leader, I respect her judgment.

  15. Thirteen Facebookers hardly represent the voice of McCain supporters.

  16. You are right Roger. JD or no one. Any Dim will lie to us, opps just like John.

  17. ……………..
    Joe Says:
    March 24th, 2010 at 7:01 am
    Thanks for directing me to Facebook. It’s interesting that McCain has 565,492 fans and JD has 4,906.

    And Sarah Palin has 1,488,181 and nobody knew who she was just 18 months ago.

    McCain asked Palin to campaign for him because HE needs HER. Palin doesn’t need HIM.

  18. Sarah Palin actually genuinely likes John McCain. That’s why she is supporting him.

  19. Yeah, but McCain’s campaign was blaming Palin for the loss and leaking like a seive, so what is the public supposed to think? McCain bad-mouthed Palin nhidn her back or his staff bad-mouthed her?
    He’s either a crank or he has no quality control over the people who work for him.

    Which is it? He didn’t back Palin when she was being viciously attacked, so that was a huge failure in what should have been leadership and loyalty. If McCain was stunned at the attacks, then he was never up for the demands of POTUS – and isn’t up for the coming political battles. The Left is playing hardball, the GOP needs people who can fight, and most importantly take hits without folding.
    These are serious issues which have to be addressed when considering McCain for 6 more years. He’s not getting any younger and he already looked too tired on the campaign trail over a YEAR ago.

  20. Just as McCain threw Brewer under the bus over her tax increase bill, he’ll dump or have his staff belittle Palin once again after using her to save his butt!

    If you want to know where “The John” really stands, check out Cindy or Meghan on social issues and Lindsay (Lil’ John) Graham on the “big tent” issues such as amnesty!

    The core of McCainiac supporters have always been the country club liberal social climbers!

    And John has served their interests well for a quarter of a century. The party’s lower middle class rank and file are just “boobs” to be conned every six years!

    This time though the “boobs” are waking up!

  21. They’re both pro-amnesty so I don’t care for either McCain or Palin.

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