Independent Redistricting Commission Snubs Mohave County

CONTACT:  Mike Philipsen

(STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX) – The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission hasn’t even had its first public hearing, and already the Commission is creating controversy over the way the hearings are handled. Sen. Ron Gould of Lake Havasu City discovered today the Commission may send only one of its five members to the sole IRC hearing in Mohave County. Previous meetings in Phoenix and Tucson have been attended by all five members.

“I guess the rules are different outside of Maricopa and Pima counties. In the IRC’s mind, the full Commission doesn’t need to hear the concerns of Mohave County residents. One member is just fine. That’s an insult,” says Sen. Gould.

The public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, July 26 at 6 p.m. at Bullhead City Council Chambers.

“You’ll have people coming from all over the county to Bullhead City for this meeting. These people care about the process. It’s a real slap in their faces,” says Sen. Gould.

The IRC is also now the target of a probe by Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, over accusations of violations of open meeting laws and procurement laws.




  1. LEO IN TSN says

    I’m glad to see that Sen. Gould has finally “discovered” that this Independent Redistricting Committee is a stacked deck. Up to today, he and some conservative blogs and organizations seem to have been MIA in this controversy, which has been broiling for months. The IRC is supposed to be comprised of two dimocrats, two republicans and one independent—for political balance. How does it really look?

    It is no secret now that the “independent” fifth member seriously mis-portrayed her true political roots during the application/selection process. She described herself as a former republican, while failing to disclose that she is a far-left activist, and that her husband has worked on the campaigns of a leftist dimocrat politician from Pima County. It is also reported that she failed to disclose that she and her husband have been financial supporters of various leftist dimocrat candidates in the past.

    Since its inception, the IRC has been manipulating the meeting times and locations to fool republicans and conservatives and keep them from attending the meetings. The “independent” fifth member has taken loud and angry exception to anyone, including reporters, who question her history. Then it becomes apparent that some members of the IRC had been negotiating with a mapping consultant who, from his own website, is an admitted and enthusiastic member of the Obama campaigns and an activist for the Dimocrat National Committee. Then, when public outcry starts to mount, the IRC, by a 3-2 vote, hurriedly issues a contract to this mapping consultant in violation of state procurement rules. Many thanks to Attorney General Horne for starting an investigation of this IRC and its activities.

    Hopefully now Sen. Gould can educate the other members of the Republican Caucus at the state house and in the governor’s office to what is going on. Hopefully now they, with help from the conservative blogs and reporters and other organizations around the state, will keep this issue in the public eye for continued scrutiny. Arizona has become a national—nay, international—target for the leftists because we DO stand up for America. Let’s make sure that we can maintain our fight by continually speaking of the dangers and the issues, and by continuing to be a model other states can follow.

    God bless America, especially Arizona.

  2. Senator Gould is right on! Maybe we should ask the BOS why we are not being represented by an impartial Commission. Where are the Supervisors on this? I haven’t heard them protest the insult to Mohave County.

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