In Arizona, Bloomberg Would Have Stayed

Interesting post at AZ Political Intel on how Bloomberg wouldn’t have left the Republican Party had he been in Arizona – because Arizona Republicans still stand for Republican values, unlike what’s happened to Republicans in Washington D.C.


  1. I am somewhat amazed at the premise of this story. Bloomberg was a lifetime Democrat who changed Party affiliation ONLY when he could get the endorsement of Giuliani, who has run the city like a democrat, and is positioning himself to possibly run as an independent.

    New York Republicans, the remnants of the Rockefeller RINO wing of the Party, are not now, nor have they ever been Reagan Platform Republicans. Actually, it is more likely that he would have never been admitted as a real Republican in Arizona than that he would not have left.

  2. Bloomberg’s planning on running as a conservative in red states and a liberal in blue states. But everyone knows he’s really just a fascist.

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