Illegal is not a race – sign the bill

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

We need this law



But the Governor has to sign it


There are multiple threats to our state and nation, and among them, is the chaos on the border.

The Federal government has abdicated its responsibility to protect us, which leaves the sovereign states as our line of defense. The Arizona House of Representatives has passed an excellent bill that will allow law enforcement to do its job, but will the Governor sign it? At the moment, Governor Brewer is being bombarded by open border advocates demanding she veto this important legislation. Every citizen who cares about the sanctity of law should contact the Governor, and urge her to sign this bill – SB1070. CALL and TALK to her office, not the switchboard.
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(STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX) – On Tuesday, the Arizona House of Representatives passed Senator Pearce’s critical Senate bill ensuring enforcement of federal laws against illegal alien, human smuggling and other crimes.


Strict enforcement.  It is time to renew our efforts to end ALL sanctuary policies in our state and our nation: Require officials to fully enforce federal immigration laws of the United States. NO MORE TAXPAYER BENEFITS OF ANY KIND, No Amnesty, No retreat, No surrender.  We will take back America one state at a time.   It starts here!!!!!

My personal background in law enforcement has given me a unique and in-touch perspective with the needs and hazards experienced by rank-and-file police officers and the threats to our citizens. Closing our borders is a must; however it must be coupled with interior enforcement. Attrition by enforcement.”

“I cannot stand by and be a spectator to the death, maiming or damage to another police officer, citizen or taxpayer by an illegal alien because we refuse to enforce our laws and fail to put America and Americans First.”

Simply enforce our laws and you will see less crime, lower taxes, smaller class sizes, shorter lines in our emergency rooms and reduce deaths, murders, maimings, drugs, home invasions, carjackings, kidnappings, protect jobs for Americans, reduced wages, an ultimately save the taxpayer billions of dollars. We cannot afford to “NOT” enforce our laws. Attrition by enforcement


Citizens have a constitutional right to expect the protection of federal laws which prohibit unauthorized activities by non-citizens and are denied equal protection by law enforcement, police departments or magistrates when they fail to enforce those laws.


This bill recognizes the huge cost to Arizona citizens in the cost to our citizens in crime, social services, jobs taken from American and the destruction of the rule of law.


Once the Senate approves the House’s modifications, Senate Bill 1070 will head to the Governor’s office for her signature.

“This essential, straightforward bill reinforces federal law by removing the political handcuffs placed on our law enforcement in protect our neighborhoods and enforcing our laws by empowering state law enforcement with tools it needs to address illegal immigration,”said Sen. Russell Pearce, the bill’s sponsor and a longtime champion of legislation protecting Arizonans against illegal aliens.  This legislation has the support of Arizona Police Association representing over 9,000 police officers, 9 of 15 Sheriff’s, Phoenix law Enforcement Association, Border Patrol Officers, Sheriff Joe, County Attorney Andrew Thomas, the Republican Party, Arizona Highway Patrol, Maricopa Deputies Law Enforcement Association, 80% of Arizona citizens and many more.


Called the “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act,” this bill secures enforcement of existing federal laws against illegal immigration and unlawful transporting, harboring or hiring of illegal immigrants. It also allows police officers to check a suspected individual’s immigration status given probable cause and to contact ICE or make necessary arrests.


“This legislation stops practices that hurt Arizonans, like sanctuary cities and ‘catch and release policies,'” said Sen. Pearce. “Illegal is illegal.” SB 1070 will not only save Arizona money in the long run but will help keep our state safe, Sen. Pearce added.


The bill’s passage came on the same day that senators and the Arizona Cattlemen’s Association called for stronger security for ranchers and their families living along the border, a need highlighted by the recent murder of rancher Robert Krentz by a suspected illegal immigrant.


“This bill protects Arizonans,” Sen. Pearce said. “It is a much-needed step in the right direction.”




  1. Will call……With pleasure!

  2. It sounds like she will sign, but I’ll call anyway. With all the open border people foaming at the mouth, it couldn’t hurt.

    THANK YOU Senator Pearce and the other legislators that help with this law.

  3. Stephen Kohut says

    As they did on all three 2nd amendment bills, we have to thank our representatives for a job well done.

  4. Illegal is not a race but we all know what 99.9% of them are..wink, wink;)

  5. Joe Says:
    April 17th, 2010 at 7:30 am
    Illegal is not a race but we all know what 99.9% of them are..wink, wink

    Who’s “we” – another lazy stereotype?

  6. dprosenthal says

    You’re right – illegal is not a race and while we do have a duty to stop the Hispanic invasion that is draining the country financially, it is more important to enforce the immigration laws in regard to the real danger – the Muslims who are quietly infiltrating the U.S. for far more sinister reasons.

  7. It sounds like she is going to sign, but I called anyway.

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