Illegal Alien Shoots Texas Trooper


I invite you to view this horrific video on  (see link below)


We need to pray for all those in law enforcement!  The world is getting more and more dangerous for us- American Citizens – because of the element of evil illegal aliens entering our nation with evil intentions and lack of respect for authority and rules and regulations!  I was brought to tears in watching this!  You should be brought to a higher level of concern for securing our borders after viewing this.

Again, let me express that not all illegal aliens are from one nation or another.  Illegal aliens are coming from many nations – they are not one race of persons either – they are from various ethnical backgrounds and religions.  In the high numbers that are coming across our borders, yes, some are coming with wholesome dreams of a better future – BUT, let us not be neglectful of the fact that there is a number of those crossing (already breaking the law by coming here through the “back door”) along with their plans of further illegal activities.  Every criminal act hurts this nation and some acts hurt us more than others.


  1. AZPG, as a 27-year veteran of law enforcement in Arizona, I appreciate your urging of prayer for us who work in this somewhat hazardous occupation. However, I must take issue with your framing of illegal immigrants as “evil” or posing any more danger to police than citizens. There is no reliable research showing that undoc aliens are any more likely to commit violent crimes than are legal immigrants or native-born Americans. Your statement that “the world is becoming more dangerous for us – American citizens” is simply not true: violent crime in the U.S. and Arizona has been steadily declining since 1990, and we all know that millions have crossed our border illegally since that time. If the illegals were really more violence-prone as you imply, crime would rise congruent with the alien population, but it clearly has not (see for stats). What IS dangerous is the scapegoating of immigrants; it can result in bad public policy that ignores real solutions to crime and does unjust harm to immigrants and their families.

    I have lost several of my brother officers to violent death in the line of duty over the years. The majority were killed by American citizens. I have also dealt with numerous undoc immigrants during my career, and have observed that the vast majority of them are decent, hard-working folks who are assets to the communities in which they live. Articles like this that broad-brush all of them as criminals are expressions of ignorance and prejudice that embarass and demean the conservative movement.

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