If You Can Raise Money At Christmas…?

santa-moneyMost fundraisers aren’t even returning calls, and candidates and incumbent legislators with events scheduled for January have stopped making calls, as raising money during Christmas week is all but impossible for most.  Not all, just most apparently, since LD11 Senate candidate Rich Davis is a couple of days from the end of his $10,000 in 10 days campaign.  You can follow his progress here, but we’re going to admit to being pretty impressed by a non-incumbent being able to raise those sorts of dollars this close to the holidays.  After all, most donors are trying to save their money to buy their kids the G.I. Joe dolls with the kung-fu grip.  If you don’t believe us, just ask Billy Ray.

Davis has been preparing for a primary that will exceed $100,000 and possibly an expensive general election after that.  So he’ll need to show strength in his January financial reports if he wants to attract more attention and support.  Anything less than $30,000 will send a bad message and encourage a primary challenge.  State Rep. Adam Driggs is still seriously considering a run for the Senate seat and had a reported fundraising haul of more than $30,000 from his Buzz Aldrin event, so Davis will have to keep it close, or Driggs may well give up his committee chairmanship and jump into the primary.


  1. PHX Conservative says

    I do have to admit that it is pretty impressive that a candidate can raise this sort of money at a time when a lot of people are still watching their pocketbooks and buying gifts for their loved ones. Very impressive! I continue to hear more and more good things about Rich Davis.

  2. **Davis has been preparing for a primary that will exceed $100,000 and possibly an expensive general election after that.**

    While this it is impressive that he is able to continue to raise the funds during the holiday season it is also absurd to think he needs to spend anywhere near $100,000.00 to win an LD race. Don’t bother I know the comparisons and comments you will make to that statement. All I have to say is “Yep, they were dumb-asses that didn’t know what they were doing either” Something more and more common in our lovely state.

  3. Very impressive. 100k seems like to much for a primary but maybe he is trying to send a message? Then I think, if I was him, I would go for it if I could. You can never raise to much! Don’t spend it if you don’t need it, but if you do its right there in the bank.

  4. That is impressive, Rich is definately on the right track. I hope Driggs stays out of it personally. Nothing against the guy but I think Rich would do a fantastic job and the last thing we need is more bloody figthing in the primaries next year.

  5. I Hate Taxes says

    I think the last time there was a primary for a Senate seat in that district, both candidates spent over $100,000. That was the big Leff-Gerard battle and the race ended up being very very close at the end. They each needed every penny. That isn’t to say it doesn’t look wierd to spend $100k for a $24k job, but there are multi-million races for Congress and that job only pays about seven times as much, so proportionally it actually makes more sense.

  6. The vast majority of the money in these races comes from donor contributions, not the candidate himself. So there is no logical connection between what is spent to win an office and what salary that office pays.

    Sometimes people do spend large amounts of their own money, but I don’t think that’s the case in the post here.

  7. MJinAZ is right on!

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  9. Where’s the true info here? “Driggs still considering a run for the senate?” … here’s a news flash – Driggs got up at a LD11 meeting and said he was NOT running for the House again. He has an exploratory and is raising bucks. I don’t think that is “considering” that is he is running.
    Why in the name of Wendel Wilkie does it take $100K to have a state legislative primary race – are we that divided? And there is no rumor of any Dem candidate for the office. Eric Meyer, who squeaked into office last year with barely more than 1% is running around telling everyone he’s doing another year in the state house and then will see what redistricting does towards a Congressional run. The real race will be the house, with four already in and Driggs not running. Jon Altman is filed again and runnning traditional – and rumored to have already raised some cash. Watch former school board ladies Bev Kraft and Kate McGhee, too. Whatever the outcome, Meyer is in trouble of keeping the seat.
    You want a real race, go look at LD8 house in Scottsdale – the real question is who ISN’T runnning there?

  10. Conservative First says

    Looks like he got there, at least according to his website. So I guess he’ll be having a Merry Christmas.

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